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Jeff Conaway's Cause of Death

Heart Problems, Pneumonia

9/30/2011 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jeff Conaway Cause of Death
Jeff Conaway died from multiple causes, from Aortic valve problems to pneumonia ... this according to the L.A. County Coroner.  And, the Coroner says, his death at 60 was an accident.

Among the causes

-- Septic Emboli ... an infected arterial blockage
-- Aortic Valve Endocarditis ... heart valve infection 
-- Coronary Artery Disease
-- Pneumonia
-- Encephalopathy ... brain disorder resulting from drug overdoses



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Joe Boo    

It's all about Cali Swag District. Think about it. He shots dem. Dey dead. He dead. Harvey is gay. Still gay. TMZ is gay. Still gay. All gay. MJ gay.

1127 days ago


In other news, JC was a druggie who died from drugs and any and all other health problems were a direct result of substance abuse. This has been a real people media truth announcement. You may now return to Big Pharma's natural cause blame game damage control BS.

1127 days ago


Well I can sleep better tonight, thanks for the update people.

1127 days ago


he went to the same dentist has charlie sheen

1126 days ago

lost grrl    

Love the armchair docs floating around here! I am not going to say that Dr Drew doesn't have some issues but it was not Drew who did the autopsy, folks. Unless you are trained as a pathologist and examined Jeff's body you have no business claiming that you know better.

1126 days ago


He was an annoying, whiny, selfish ******* on celebrity rehab.

The world is a better place without him.

1126 days ago


Many drugs was the cause of his dead PERIOD!

1126 days ago


Rest in friend were a great actor!!! you will be missed...

1125 days ago


WHY ARE PEOPLE CRITICIZING DR. DREW? What does this man have to do with Jeff Conaway's death? NOTHING! How dare people act like it's his fault. WTF? This is outrageous. Drew couldn't help Jeff... neither could anyone is evidenced by the fact he never got better and eventually passed away.

I find it disgusting that people are willing to point the finger at someone as genuine and caring as Dr. Drew. It's obvious just from listening to him that he has a good heart and truly wants to help people. Sure, Celebrity Rehab might not be the best place to seek treatment if you are facing a life-threatening condition, but it's still a rehab nonetheless. And what about the people who DID get better there? And those who DID heal from Dr. Drew's advice and care? Take a look at Mackenzie Phillips. She was one of the worst cases and she is now getting certified as a drug and alcohol counselor. Bottom line - Dr. Drew TRIED with Jeff Conaway. Some people can't be helped. The guy isn't superhuman... stop acting like he is!

1116 days ago


To the people who r saying **** like thanks, I can sleep better now or who cares about this druggy!.... **** off. He's a human being. If you know someone who struggles with addiction (and chances are you do), you should know better than to minimize the effects of this disease on one's life. This man obviously had demons, and battled them throughout his entire life. He was a miserable soul, and the only reason his death would make me somewhat happy is because he's probably at peace now. All you people who say thank god this junkie is dead, he was a waste of life, etc etc.... you are the pieces of ****. The world would probably be a better place without YOU. And when someone you love suc***bs to this terrible disease, maybe then you'll feel bad about your heartless, ignorant remarks.

1116 days ago
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