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Kelsey and Camille Grammer

Face Off in Court

First Time Since Separation

9/30/2011 9:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kelsey Grammer and Camille Grammer just showed up in court to do battle in their custody case, and it's the first time they've seen each other since they separated.

Now get this ... Kelsey walked into court with his newest wife, Kayte -- smiling, hand-in-hand.  But when it came time to call the case, everyone other than Kelsey, Camille and their lawyers were thrown out -- including Kayte.

And Kayte then walked into the hallway, sat down and teared up.



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I am a fan of Kelsey, but bringing his current wife to this hearing is so way not cool. His wife has no business in this issue. Very tacky Kelsey

1120 days ago


I hope for the sake of their children, both parties can put their differences aside and work out a settlement that's favorable to all parties. Not residing in the same state can be problematic but where there's a "will" there's a "way"!!! These kids need the involvement of BOTH parents.

1120 days ago


Of course Kate was not allowed in. Only family are allowed in family court. I went to court with my hubby for his child custody case and had to wait outside. I didn't even enter the court room since I knew I would not be permitted in for the hearing.

1120 days ago


It seems so many are to quick to spurt out that she is a gold digger, classic gold digger is someone like Taylor Armstrong, marry a man with money hurry have a child so your future is secured when you divorce, thus your financial future is secured through child support and alimony. Camille didn't do that. She helped/supported Kelsey through his drug/alcohol addictions. She invested his money to keep his finances solvent. Then helped him again when he had his heart attack. Her thanks for helping him through the hardest times of his life, to be publicly humiliated while he took up with some floozy. The real gold digger is who he just married.

1120 days ago


I see no problem with this. Kelsey and Camille are the children's parents and this only involves them. Besides, I'm sure Kelsey will tell Katye what happened. As fpor all the gold-digging stuff in regards to Camille: Kelsey was a broke drug addict when they met and he didn't suddenly get clean and suddenly gain financial smarts all by himself.

1120 days ago


While I agree that Camille is superficial and annoying--she didnt just get that way. Kelsey Grammer was fine with her until she got old/past his hotness-expiration-date. As an actor I like him: but I have no respect for how he treated his ex: he had an affair, married a younger model and wanted to have custody of only one of their children. Ridiculous: and the new wife should've stayed away from the divorce proceedings anyway.

1120 days ago


I'm no fan of Camille's, but she shouldn't have to fight for custody with the slvt that helped herself to her then-husband hovering over her. And it's just further proof that Kelsey Grammer is a Class-A *******.

1120 days ago


I'd rather TMZ follow this case. Michael's dead. Kelsey only looks

Whose the judge? None of the ones featured here

However for stalkers - there's a new, option. Thank God.

1120 days ago


camille, who cares what happens to you. you broke up his previous marriage. so what goes around comes around. you have more money you will ever need and that is at the hands of kelsey..i wish him and kayte all the best in life. you made fun of him when you were married to him so why try to come off as the wounded party.

1120 days ago


If she really teared up when she had to go out in the hall, then she is nothing but a frickin' child herself. I which case, I guess he has a while to go yet before he trades this model in......

1120 days ago


The only reason she teared up is she was denied her chance to show Camille that he was HER MAN now, and to pose for cameras with him and get some of the attention.

1120 days ago

stupid hater    

All u idiots need to shut the hell up. Camile is gorgeouse an sexy as hell and made so many smart investments--Kelsey is an ugly pig who keeps going for younger girls.

1120 days ago


Kelsey is sort of an idiot. Why would anybody want the baggage he brings with him--he'll leave his current wife in a few years, too.

1120 days ago


I cannot believe Kelsey's lawyers didn't advise him not to bring his wife. What a stupid move!

1120 days ago
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