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Kelsey Grammer

Gets Kids Next Week

With Strings Attached

9/30/2011 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer Custody Battle
TMZ has learned Kelsey Grammer just won his battle with Camille Grammer in custody court, but it comes not only with strings attached, but the possibility of an explosion of tempers.

As we first reported, Kelsey and Camille were in family court this morning -- the first time they've come face-to-face since they separated.

Sources tell TMZ ... the two were at an impasse, because Kelsey wanted to take the former couple's two children for 6 days, beginning Monday, while he's in L.A.

We're told Camille, who is repped by Neal Hersh and Judy Bogen, did not want Kelsey to take the kids because Kelsey would not agree to take them to their regularly scheduled activities, which includes dance, sports and therapy. 

With Kelsey's lawyer, Lance Spiegel by his side, we're told the judge allowed Kelsey to take the kids for the 6 days, but under the ruling he must also take them to ALL of their scheduled activities.

Now here's where it gets interesting.  We're told up to now Kelsey has refused to attend any of the events in which his kids participate if Camille is present -- and she's been to pretty much everything.

And, our sources say, Camille will attend ALL of the scheduled activities next week.

Stay tuned for fireworks.


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This behavior is selfish and disturbing. Their children are in therapy...doesn't that say it all? Both parents need to put the children matter how difficult.

1084 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Of course he doesn't want to take them to their activities; he just wants to do the face-value dad stuff so it will look good to the court & the public, & she's putting her foot down. On top of that, he just really wants custody of the son, & maybe wants to see the daughter when he feels father-daughterly. Prick.

1084 days ago


what a waste of time and money over something so small. people are dieing in the world and these two go to court over who will get the kids four 6 days. little people with little problems

1084 days ago


Hate to tell you this, but in Camille won big. She had no objection to him taking the kids, as long as he adhered to their kids. Exactly what the judge ruled.

1084 days ago

writenow schedules. Sorry. Camille still won though. Actually the kids did. Hope someone tells Kelsey to man up and act like an adult.

1084 days ago


Poor kids are probably overscheduled and in too many activities anyway. Is this saying that they can't take a week's vacation with their dad?? And besides which, WHY, when both sides have been so cruel to each other publicly, and clearly can't be in each others' presence, must she be there for ALL the activities throughout the week.

I say let the kids choose whether they want the lessons, practices, games, classes and all the rest for that week. Let the kids BE KIDS!!

1084 days ago


Sounds like the parents are children too. How about the kida go to someone who is not a child themseles?

1084 days ago


Most family judges are AGAINST too many scheduled activities for children, they KNOW it's because the 'wounded' spouse will use it as a way to hurt the childrens ALONE time with the other parent. This is what camille is doing, she does NOT need to fill their days with so much crap, nor so MANY times during the week. She is a freak, thats evident just seeing her on camera. She KNOWS she came off looking too real during the 1st season of RHW, and her tantrums afterwards were evident of it. She was NOTHING before she met Kelsey and the ladies all called her on it: she's revelant only because her last name became Grammer. She was a porn plant for gawds high class is that! And Kelsey did NOT want to NOT take the children places, but rather NOT have to spend time near or see camille - and she made it clear she WILL be there, and hopefully the judge ordered she stay away during HIS week with his children.

1084 days ago


Camille has a handsome guy. Kelsey has Kayte. Game.Set.match.

1084 days ago


This is a perfect example of why you should figure out how to get along either before the divorce or after. Once you have children, the parents lives are intertwined with the children's lives and the adults owe it to the children to not only particpate but to behave while doing it. Simply put, the divorce is done. Now it is time to parent and you lead by example. Kids need a stable life and scheduled events they count on and they need responsible parents who are not fighting in the media with them in the middle or being hauled to court over a 6 day visitation.

1084 days ago


All the Judge had to do was watch RHBV to see that a NUT CASE and how delusional Camille is and if I were him I would had those kids right over to Kellsey. Especially with friends like that Allison chick. But at least she'll always be able to tell Camille where they are and when they will die. She said she laves that about herself.

1084 days ago


They both need to stop acting like the children and do what is best for their children, try to get along for their sake. The poor kids already have to go to therapy because of the way the adults have acted.

1084 days ago


Kelsey ruined his reputation with the public when he cheated on his wife and failed to call his kids on Father's Day last year, or at least be available to take their calls.

1084 days ago


Dad needs to take his kids to where they are scheduled to be and actually participate where he can and mom needs to be there doing the same.

For the lunatics who are claiming that Camille needs to grow up and stay away, you need to grow the frick up! Both parents need to support their children in everything they do and that includes both parents being there.

1084 days ago


What a selfish selfish man!!! So are you going to forgo your children's graduation, marriage, all important life events because their MOTHER is there? Sounds like they are better off WITHOUT you!!!! Camille seems to be the more stable person and loves her kids without strings. That comes with being a parent, you may not like the other parent but you do what is best for your KIDS!!! Trust me I despise my exhusband and IF he were in my kids lives I would suck it up and just do what I have to do to make MY kids happy!! And trust me they are MY kids, my ex has NOTHING to do with them because his new wife hates them

1084 days ago
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