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People vs. Dr. Conrad Murray

Paramedic Testifies

We Could Have Saved MJ

9/30/2011 10:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Richard Senneff -- Firefighter/Paramedic #1 Testifies
Updated 9/30/11 at 8:45AM

One of the paramedics who rushed to save Michael Jackson's life at 100 N. Carolwood Drive just testified ... if Murray had called 911 immediately, Michael Jackson's life might have been saved.

Richard Senneff said Murray told him he called 911 the second he realized MJ was in distress, when in fact there was an approximate 20-minute delay.

According to Senneff, had Murray called earlier there was a good chance EMTs could have restarted Michael's heart.

Senneff also claimed Murray never mentioned Propofol while he was on the scene -- in fact, Senneff said, Murray patently denied MJ was on any medication whatsoever. Eventually, Murray claimed he had given MJ a sedative, Lorazepam.

Senneff said MJ was already dead when he arrived at the scene -- but they tried to revive him for 47 minutes to no avail. He said Murray refused to let them declare a time of death.

When he returned from the ambulance to pick up his equipment, Senneff said he saw Murray picking up "items" off the floor.


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Jeane Aguiar    

olá...estou aqui no Brasil acompanhando tudo pela internet..vocês do TMZ estão de parabéns pela cobertura.

1117 days ago


Jesus, these hosedraggers are really full of themselves, aren't they??

You could have saved him, could you Mr. Hero?

Give me a break. If he didn't die on that day, he'd have died on that tour.

Go back to sleep, hosedragger.

1117 days ago


trolls, trolls, trolls..DO u losers have anything better to do with your lives besides prance around Mj articles with your stupid comments?

1117 days ago



1117 days ago


Senneff said had Murray called earlier there was a good chance EMT's could have restarted Michael's heart.

Senneff said when he hooked up the EKG machine onto MJ, there was a flatlined.

* Senneff said 911 call came in at 12:22 pm. He arrived at MJ's house 4 minutes later.
* When he walked into the room, he saw Murray, MJ and the bodyguard.
* Senneff said Michael was wearing PJs and seemed underweight.
* MJ was being moved to the floor as Senneff walked in. He said Murray was "frantic."
* He noticed an IV stand with an IV bag hanging on it.
* He asked Murray what the patient's underlying health condition was three times before Murray said there was none.
* He said that didn't make any sense... there was an IV stand in the room and other equipment.
* When he asked what medications he was taking, Murray told him he wasn't take him anything... then said he did give him a little Lorazepam.

So murray is innocent? It sure doesn't look that way,not only did he LIE TO THE PARAMEDICS,HE ALSO LIED TO THE POLICE.

1117 days ago


Either the doc is innocent or he killed a pedophile. Either way, it's all good so stop wasting the taxpayers money!

1117 days ago


Thanks Phantom. "I Like the Way You Love Me" is so romantic with a smooth beat. Nice! Thanks Again!

1117 days ago


WOW! :O Michael Jackson died?! When? How did I miss that?

1117 days ago


After about 4 minutes without oxygen, the brain deteriorates.
Occasionally people come out ok after a longer time but there is no way they could have gotten to the house fast enough.

The paramedic couldn't find a vein for the needle, how was that Dr. Murray's fault?
The medic should have made a cutdown instead.
But most likely, Jackson was immpossible to revive.

1117 days ago

Trevis Miho    

ALL this bullsh*t that CLEARLY rings that Murray is guilty..and all he'll do is a max of probably 2 years behind bars. At least the details are coming out. He'll be looked at as the man who killed MJ for the rest of his life. I sense a suicide watch coming within the next 5 years, and time FLIES.

1117 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Paramedic god, when GOD wants someone, he will take them even if you think you can save them. It was his time. What could you have done besides broken more ribs and made him look like a punched bag? Dr. Murrays actions, albeit not all professional had no intent on giving anything to take MJJ's life. He did not want the children to see MJJ like that according to the cook. MJJ was given something and someone who thinks they have it made knows exactly what was done and made Murray a scapegoat. It matters not what the court say or what the extreme fans say about Murray, God makes no mistakes and that punishment will be correct and eternal. I have seen Doctors use cpr on a bed with one hand behind the patient's back the way it is done on a small child or elderly patient, whether they remain laying flat or elevated. People want someone to pay so bad for what happened and cannot see past the Doctor. Wonder why the paramedics took their ever loving times getting out of MJJ's yard? If they were professional, they would have run over flowers and grass to get him to the hospital. They claim they did not reconize him as MJJ, what difference would it have made? It was a human being.

1117 days ago


TMZ if you're going to do 'play by play' at least get the facts right. It's not the prosecutor who asked the last couple of questions, it was the defense attorney. Sheesh...

1117 days ago


I have a strange feeling murray will take his life rather than go to jail he knows how to use propofal in a deadly way!

1117 days ago


all these MJ fans blasting murray.know good and damn well they wouldnt have told their pedo god no stop acting like what murray did was so bad.he only did what MJ paid him to do.and thta is to say yes to drugs.

1117 days ago
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