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Paramedic Claims

He Could Have SAVED MJ

9/30/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


SHOCKING testimony in Dr. Conrad Murray's trial today -- a paramedic claims he could've saved Michael Jackson's life if Conrad would've called 911 immediately ... and Harvey says it had "huge implications" in the case.

Plus, the dumbest lawsuit ever is filed against the producers of "The Black Swan" ... aka that movie where Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis' makeout. And, we play "Who's the Douche?" in the Kelsey and Camille Grammer's custody battle.

Guess who lost?


(3:10) Richard Senneff, one of the paramedics that arrived on the scene and found MJ's body testifies today in court. He says there is a chance they could have re-started Michael's heart. 
(4:43) Harvey says the Associated Press missed the headline!
(10:00) A caller compares Dr. Murray to a drug dealer and Harvey says that's a little conspiratorial.
(21:30) Who's the biggest "d-bag" ... Camille or Kelsey Grammer?
(24:00) Kelsey is required by court order to attend all their kid's extra activities and Camille plans on being there as well. Kelsey can't stand being around Camille ... will they play nice?  Harvey thinks things are going to keep getting ugly.
(35:20) A caller who happens to be a divorce lawyer explains why scheduling is important for children with divorced parents.
(39:20) Wanna see two girls make out?
(46:01) Another entertainment show rags on the paparazzi ... then uses a picture taken by the paparazzi on their show. Hypocritical?

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Here's my theory on what most likely happened to MJ:

Murray gives Michael Jackson six different kind of drugs trying to get him to go
to sleep. They don't work, so then he gives him the propofol. This causes Michael to stop breathing. Any moron knows that giving someone that many pills and then topping it off with propofol is highly dangerous. Michael suffers an adverse reaction from the normal does of propofol mixed with the other medications, but such an adverse reaction would not have caused his death in a hospital setting because all the equipment necessary would be available at hand, but Murray didn't have this equipment. He knew he couldn't revive Michael so rather than calling for help, he decided to finish him off by turning up the dose of propofol. This is what caused the "acute intoxity"..Propofol doesn't show up in normal autopsies so he probably felt confident that no one would know the truth. This is why he deceived hospital officials about what he gave Michael and why he didn't want paramedics to pronounce MJ dead at the house and why he felt the need to hire a lawyer just 2 days after MJ died...

1119 days ago


was time of death ever established? Or did the room temperature affect that?

1119 days ago


MJ died of "acute propofol poisoning" according to the coroner. How do you know that the poisoning wasn't a result of the daily drip gave to him over a month or two month's time? How long does it take for this drug to exit one's system? Why are you so sure that there was 1 massive dose that killed MJ? Also, regarding the time of death, did the coroner give an estimate as to how long MJ had been dead? Was the body in early rigor when the EMT's were transporting him? Was the body still warm or was it cold? Also, I don't believe one can say that MJ died instantly from one massive dose because his eyes were still open; a lot of people die with their eyes open. Also, the bodyguard specifically said his eyes were partially closed, and I've seen people who sleep like that normally.

1119 days ago


LOL@all you ignorant people saying Michael Jackson killed himself and is responsible for his own death. Are you that biased? or are you just that stupid? The coroner ruled his death as a homicide, not a suicide. Michael Jackson was not the who injected himself with "lethal" amounts of propofol. Saying he is responsible for his own death is like saying the girl who wore the short skirt is responsible for her own rape. The man just wanted to sleep, he didn't want to die. If Michael said that he could not sleep without being knocked unconscious with a powerful surgical anesthesia, then as his physician, it was Murray's responsibility to get him into a sleep study to diagnose the problem and determine an appropriate and SAFE program to treat and manage his insomnia. Doctors are not here to do what the patient wants. Doctors are here to do what the patient needs, and if that were the case, then we wouldn't need doctors. We would just open up our own pharmacies and medicate ourselves to death.

1119 days ago

lil harvey    

Hey Harvey: What's your problem with Charles? You really are treating him like crap. You look incredible ignorant today. Lighten up. Charles you rock !!!

1119 days ago

fioo hoos    

In this industry when your worth more death than alive anyone will kill you for some money and power.I find it super interesting that after all these years and battles with the industry that MJ grew some for his kids and took the hit to stick the murder inc doctor kilroy in the headlights and off of his kids.The math of marketing said he was dead anyway and NO one can stop the system from killing for a living just ask harvey dexter.Whole corperations and millions of jobs ride on profits and that math will make you or break you for money or build`um and rip them apart as any child knows.MJ was ridden to death just as is standard SOP kill yaz or build yaz.HE KNEW and took the standard hit to save his mother and kids from the streets and kilROY~SS murder inc MD now stuck forever in the headlights and headlines jusr as MJ wanted it.He did what no one does in this industry he saved his own and he was peter pan again saving the day

1119 days ago


If Michael gave himself the fatal dose of propofol and died instantly, wouldn't the needle still be sticking out of his arm? Or lying on the bed/floor next to the him? Perhaps one might believe this theory if Murray hadn't been so eager to clean up the crime scene. Murray's actions made him look guilty; his own fault.

1119 days ago


I'm sexy and I know it!!!

1119 days ago


How do we know that Dr. Murray wasn't on drugs? Maybe he forgot the amount of drugs he gave MJ.

1119 days ago


if MJ kudda been saved? that iz sum BULL****! on tha realest of real, MURRAY needz 2 be punished, wudda **** FACE!

1119 days ago

Teresa Deafenbaugh    

Where was Michael's family when he was on all these drugs? Why did he have to support all of them? There is no way in the would the EMT could say for sure he could have saved his life. Speculation!!! Boy this is made for TV.

1119 days ago


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1119 days ago


bull****. when i was in high school there was a very nice girl (RIP) who died when she drank to much alcohol (she had a heart transplant when she very very young) well instead of calling 911 her friends called her sister. her sister called 911 and when the paramedics got there they said she could have been saved if they called 911 first rather than the sister. BULL****. how do they KNOW this? the DON'T. they cannot see into the future. either one of them could have been declared dead even IF the people involved called 911 first thing. so to make such a horrific statement is so cold and so un true and is a complete case of opinion that can never be supported by facts.


1119 days ago


Shame on you Harvey, shame on you. I knew you were not going to say anything about your kin Nash, instead taking a dig at Mel. Well we equally loathe you lot.

1119 days ago


Just my opinion but it pretty much looked like a hospice scenario without all of the needed monitoring devices. He over time slowly killed MJ by delivering the medication in the first place, Dr or not what he did was illegal. Propofol should only be administered from a licensed anesthesiologist period within a hospital facilty. Could anybody imagine being put to sleep by this drug during the night and then given drugs to have awake time during the day. Its crazy!!!! That would be allot of wear and tear on ones body. I think that in the end his body had had enough and with that last possible large dose administerd by the Dr shut down.I highly doubt that he was capable of doing it himself considering he had a catheter in place for urinary purposes. That pretty much tells all how incompacitated that MJ was at the time.

1118 days ago
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