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Paramedic Claims

He Could Have SAVED MJ

9/30/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


SHOCKING testimony in Dr. Conrad Murray's trial today -- a paramedic claims he could've saved Michael Jackson's life if Conrad would've called 911 immediately ... and Harvey says it had "huge implications" in the case.

Plus, the dumbest lawsuit ever is filed against the producers of "The Black Swan" ... aka that movie where Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis' makeout. And, we play "Who's the Douche?" in the Kelsey and Camille Grammer's custody battle.

Guess who lost?


(3:10) Richard Senneff, one of the paramedics that arrived on the scene and found MJ's body testifies today in court. He says there is a chance they could have re-started Michael's heart. 
(4:43) Harvey says the Associated Press missed the headline!
(10:00) A caller compares Dr. Murray to a drug dealer and Harvey says that's a little conspiratorial.
(21:30) Who's the biggest "d-bag" ... Camille or Kelsey Grammer?
(24:00) Kelsey is required by court order to attend all their kid's extra activities and Camille plans on being there as well. Kelsey can't stand being around Camille ... will they play nice?  Harvey thinks things are going to keep getting ugly.
(35:20) A caller who happens to be a divorce lawyer explains why scheduling is important for children with divorced parents.
(39:20) Wanna see two girls make out?
(46:01) Another entertainment show rags on the paparazzi ... then uses a picture taken by the paparazzi on their show. Hypocritical?

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You are wrong Harvey. It has been reported by the producer (Suzanne de Passe) of the Motown 25 special that Diana Ross didn't push Mary Wilson. Diana actually pushed Mary's mic away because Mary was going against the script of bringing Berry Gordy to the stage... Also besides you and maybe 25 others nobody believes the post-Diana Ross Supremes were better than with Diana.

1119 days ago


funny thing about the last story isn't the insider just a poperazzi show like really guys good job

1119 days ago


even if MJ gave himself the drug,that drug shouldnt of been there, and you wouldnt leave drugs in arms reach of an addict. as for why would murray give MJ too much that night, maybe he was tired got the dosage wrong, doctors make mistakes as their human too, but in this case murray made too many dont have to be a doctor to know cpr is done on a hard surface and to call 911 asap and to tell paramedics what the patient has taken. no matter what murray is guilty. shouuld be charged with murder.

1119 days ago


In regards to the delayed email....Kai the chef said that Murray told her GET HELP...GET SECURITY....GET PRINCE.... at 12:05 or so. I believe that he might have believed that someone else was getting help in calling 911. That is the headline in my opinion, not that he delayed the 911. It seems that many people that we told to call 911 that was personal staff of MJ's did not get help, I believe that they should have called, Dr. Murray should have been busy in trying to figure out how to keep him alive until the EMT's arrived.

1119 days ago


What I want to know is, did the Propofol come before or after the methamphetamine?

1119 days ago


What is the point for picking that more than inappropriate photo ?

1119 days ago


ANYONE would have done better ! ANYONE knows how to use a phone ! And Conrad Murray certainly does !

1119 days ago


I believe that what Dr Murray was doing regardless of MJ being a drug addict, that he was enabling him, going against any duty of care of a Doctor. He enabled him under dangerous conditions and was negligent in all counts. He should of had him at a rehab. Dr Murray also didn't have the correct medical equipment to monitor him. I also believe that he was dead 2 hours before Dr Murray did anything. He was scared cause he knew what he was doing was wrong and goes against Duty of Care As a Doctor.

1118 days ago
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