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Teen Bride Courtney Stodden

Look People, I'm All Real!

10/1/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Everyone's favorite teenage bride, Courtney Stodden, is tired of hearing rumors she's had work done -- so she took to the beach yesterday with her 51-year-old husband, Doug Hutchison, to pose for a series of pics and prove her doubters wrong.


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Mary P    

Pic 17 she has a penis. This "wholesome Christian girl" sticking her butt out, bottle blonde (not even a good dye job), romping on the beach with a duck face and a badly sprayed U around her belly button for her "all real" body. She's got clown face from all the make up with her awful spray tan and she's got the typical top half rounds and the center chest gap (common with thin girls getting too big of implants) with plastic surgery. If they are real, I wouldn't brag on them because for "real" they look gawd awful. Pic 12 looks like some scars under the arms which is also a typical spot for girls that thin to get them done.

1082 days ago


A bunch of haters out there...bang her til she wises da man!

1082 days ago


I find it hard to believe she's 16 or 17 years old, let alone believe her "girls" are real.

1082 days ago


I'm sure PARTS of her are 16 years old. The body, however, isn't.

1082 days ago


This broad is 15 or 16 and I'm Santa Claus...but oh hell yeah I'd tap it......I thought it was illegal to be banging anyone under 18 like on the show to catch a predator you go to jail and end up on one of those pervert websites so your neighbors can see. If this broad had work no way was it done by an anthem blue cross doctor

1082 days ago


If she looks like she is 35 now, what will her appearance be when she is actually 35? Enjoy it now honey......

1082 days ago


Disgusting. haha I will look like her younger sister or daughter, But i`m older then she. I`m 21 but looks on 14-16

1082 days ago


She is SO not a teenager. OR...if she IS...and looks forty at 17, good lord, at forty...ARGH!!!

1082 days ago


If this chick's 16, what kind of a life has she had? She looks more like 38.

1082 days ago


How on earth does this 40yr old hag think that bikini photos are going to prove she's real?
She could be hiding a huge tummy tuck scar under those bikini bottoms,
Breast implant scars under that bikini top,
Nose job under the tip of her nose,
Etc etc
Bikini photos mean nothing, and when people call her fake they mean her personality, not her body!
She always acts so ditzy, obnoxious and just plain spastic, I made the awful decision of watching one of her interviews on radar and I cringed the entire way through.
She belittled the husband so much that he actually stepped in and said "I don't cook and clean"
It was shameful and so awkward to watch!
She was mouthing off loudly and obnoxiously (with this horrible naggy voice of a 40 yr old!) that her husband cooks, cleans, and teaches her stuff, then he must have realized how pedo-filey that sounded, so he jumped in and basically called her a liar.
Yuck yuck yuck
If she wants people to stop calling her fake she should stop being so skankii and tryhardy
She think she is Pamela Andersen or something, wearing her hair like Pam used to 10 years ago,
That's not in fashion anymore hunnie! We've all moved on!
And those high waisted bikinis with huge bum covers pulled into a half wedgie is seriously so trashy and cringe worthy, no one where's bikini bottoms that big since the damn 90's!

I actually don't think she's had any work done, but it's like she wants people to think that by pushing her bra up with 3 bras so you see these huge boob shape in the shirt, but then this little pushed up cleavage at the looks weird a magicians trick gone wrong, look at these big hooters! But then look at her cleavage and it's 2 cup sizes smaller!

Then her nose. She clearly hasn't had a nose job, it's very bulbacious.

Then her stomach - painted on abs that actually make her look worse.
She's 16 (supposedly) why would she need fake abs? 16 year olds usually have tight stomachs already, looks like she's hiding something! (cough 40 cough) the fact that she did that to her stomach makes it even more obvious she's lying about being 16! She should have a good stomach alone, without paint
And that paint makes her tummy look like it has poo stains smeared all over it!
Her stomach looks mutilated, I don't knows whose stupid ass idea it was to do that! (most likely mrs fake Pamela wannabe herself!) but it's just damn stupid, especially because she's trying to establish she isn't "fake" when she clearly is, but not in the surgery department, that's all.

I actually think the photographer purposely did this to humiliate her! A professional photog would know instantly to never let those photos see the light of day! Everyone knows fake ab photos ONLY work from the front, side view completely blows their cover, and there was a fee side views released, which is how everyone instantly knew they were painted on.

Commence facepalming ...... NOW


1082 days ago


She's almost as real as Heidi Montag.

1082 days ago


Teen? She has a face of at least a 30 yr old. Really .. she doesn't look like a teenager at all. I think it's all bull.

1082 days ago


who gives a **** about these two sick media whores, go away already!

1082 days ago


Let's get this straight...first TMZ approves of racial slurs-because they just LOVE Mel Gibson even though he openly makes comments about Jews and repeatedly uses the 'N' word...then TMZ rewards the baby killer Casey Anthony for her many crimes by paying her $500K for some staged photos...and now, TMZ is promoting pedophilia! Way to go, TMZ!

1082 days ago


who gives a **** would be my question. I wish these two disgusting media whores would go away. GO AWAY!!!

1082 days ago
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