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Halle, Nahla & Boyfriend

One Big Happy Family

10/1/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Despite being in the middle of an ugly custody battle with her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, Halle Berry moved forward as her adorable daughter Nahla and Halle's latest boyfriend Olivier Martinez were all smiles in Mallorca, Spain on Friday.

Not even a bum foot can keep Halle down.


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Her new victim huh? He better not have kids with her if he ever wants to see them.

1115 days ago


What are the odds that Halle would allow that child the same closeness with a chick that Gabriel Aubrey is dating? Slim and none!!

1115 days ago


User and always a *victim* with Daddy issues. She uses EVERY MAN she is with and when it ends suddenly we hear she's been living through h.e.l.l. Goes back to that dentist she was dating in Chicago who sunk 250K into her career who found out they were over when he read that she and David Justice had gotten married. She and David Justice went to Chicago and got on the radio and made a big production of paying this guy back. Then suddenly years later David Justice had her living through hell too....remember the interviews of how so very very sad she was...what a user she is....Poor Gabriel, now he's going to go through 18 yes of hell.

1115 days ago

KAREN Christopher    

Vindictive bitch. Pretty on the outside but nasty on the inside. She had a nice run but this custody issue has taken the blinds off her true personality and shown what she's really like. Nasty

1115 days ago


Don't hate congratulate. She can flush... I mean divorced any shyte that is not up to her standards. Kick rock*****ers!

1115 days ago


Not true re: the married Chicago dentist who was having an affair with Halle when she was getting her start in modeling and acting in Chicago. Long before David Justice. James R. can't think of his last name, paid for fixing her teeth, publicity head shots, acting lessons etc. David Justice only came into play for paying her $150K legal fees for his then wife when the married dentist tried suing Halle for $81K for services rendered. Halle claimed she thought it was a gift. This all went down when Halle was in the Middle East/Africa filming Solomon & Sheba and Vince and David contacted her. The case was thrown of court. Check Celebrity Justice for the court transcript. Halle and David NEVER went on Chicago radio saying they were going to pay this guy back. RE: Halle's fights with David. Know for a fact she started some of them. Regardless of his abuse charges which Halle later changed her tune when Justice called her on her **** she put herself through hell. I don't care if DJ was on steroids or not. Who knows if he hit his other wife? Who knows if he ever hit Halle other in self defense. Gabriel is no saint and is no longer on Halle's payroll. Is Ollie? Probably. Could be wrong.

1115 days ago


No wonder the kid looks happy, she thinks it's Gilbert Godfried carrying her!

1115 days ago


Interesting how she plays the race card every chance she gets but ONLY dates white guys - hmmmmmm.

1115 days ago


Why do I get the feeling that Halle uses Nahla as a weapon against Gabriel. And try to hide behind the 'ol "it's in the best interest of my child, OR I'm protecting her. My question is who is going to protect Nahla from Halle.
Directors in Hollywood, Halle is no longer bankable!!

1115 days ago


Halle Berry is the worse. I feel really bad for her little girl and her ex. That little girl needs her father, and I can just see Halle being a huge B**** to him and taking their daughter away from him just to suit her whims. P.S. That is a walking cast. Someone trying to get some sympathy?

1115 days ago


She's such an a s s ! And such a bad mother! She has a narcissistic personality disorder!

1115 days ago


Just because your dad was absent from your life, doesn't mean that you should deliberately ERASE your child's father! You picked him, get over it!

1115 days ago


Halle needs to grow and do right by her daughter!!Let the kid spend time with her dad not her various man friends!!

1115 days ago


Good grief there are a lot of jealous people on here. The only thing anyone on here knows about Halle Berry is what they read. No one here knows her personally. You have no idea what Gabriel Aubry has done to her except for what you read. You have no idea what she has done to him except for what you have read. Do you really believe everything you read? God I hope not, because if you do then you are screwed. Yes she is a celebrity and unfortunately her business is out there, but her private life is just that "HER PRIVATE LIFE" no one has the right to judge her, just like no one has the right to judge you. She shouldn't have to try and please the public, she just needs to please herself and her daughter. There is not one person here that is a perfect mom or dad.

BTW Halle is Multiracial Black and White, just like her beautiful daughter

1115 days ago


no.1 why is she still drinking from that cup? Two why is she and many other children of stars still being carried around like babies,when they are definatly old enough to walk? Just asking

1115 days ago
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