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Halle, Nahla & Boyfriend

One Big Happy Family

10/1/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Despite being in the middle of an ugly custody battle with her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, Halle Berry moved forward as her adorable daughter Nahla and Halle's latest boyfriend Olivier Martinez were all smiles in Mallorca, Spain on Friday.

Not even a bum foot can keep Halle down.


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If you all did your homework, you'd know that Halle, Nahla, and Olivier are in Spain for a movie shoot. Halle is not trying to keep her baby daddy out of Nahla's life. She has been given permission by the court to take Nahla out of the country for this purpose. Gabriel gets visitation in the US.

1120 days ago


Nahla is just too cute for words!

1120 days ago


It's not right that she's parading Nahla around all these men. If they were going to be married, then that would be different. The same thing that she accused Gabriel of...How will she knowif this man is a pervert and is abusing her child.

1120 days ago


Who cares about Halle Berry, she's overrated, ugly and looks like a dude. Nothing attractive about that chick!

1120 days ago


Some of these comments are incredibly nauseating. Really? People are complaining about sippy cups and why the kid can't walk by itself. Seriously since when has it been a crime to drink from a sippy cup when you are 3, and what regular people don't carry their 3 year olds around?
As for all the comments saying that Oliver is ugly, Um should Halle only be dating people that you consider attractive? I honestly think its extremely sad that people can pass judgement about people that they don't personally know.

1120 days ago


Halle has had some real issues with men and now their daughter is going to be raised to have the same issues after having some many "uncles". Halle is a total Loon.

1120 days ago


for the kids sake, she needs to stay single for awhile.

1120 days ago


yeah, nahla shouldn't be drinking from a sippy cup at this age.... a normal drink cup/water bottle works too, if they're worried about spills...

1120 days ago


Can't Halle ever give it a break? Does she always need to have a man

1120 days ago


Wake up people! Halle did not break her foot - she finally had the surgery to lop off her 6th toe on her right foot. Its common knowledge here in tinsel-town. Now you're in the know!

1120 days ago


I like Halle a lot, but I am sick of seeing her in those denim shorts - I will like to see her some nice, tasteful clothes, e.g. mini skirt or dress. Also give the flip flops a rest!

1120 days ago


F U and your Herman Munster shoes.

1120 days ago


As a parent, this picture makes me sad for Gabriel. Nobody likes to feel replaced. I would cry if I saw my daughter like this with another woman dating my ex. You know it may happen, but you don't want to see it. She should be happy, but this is heartbreaking. I haven't seen any pictures of Gabriel with Nahla and other women. For all the rumors of his being a womanizer he at least has the sense to keep them separate from his daughter. People should wait longer before introducing new lovers to their children. Priorities. Really.

1120 days ago


Wow the majority of these posts are from angry,jealous, insecure,gullible,unemployeed haters who don't know- what truly is going on in someones life. Nice pic

1119 days ago


I so agree with most of the comments on here. Halle is a piece of crap. She's keeping her daughter away from her father because she wants to start a new family with this new man. Her poor child will have men coming in and out of her life and she will end up just like her mother. Halle grew up without her dad so why the heck would she do that to her daughter. I can't stand this woman and refuse to support anything she does. I'm more appalled as a Black person that she's claiming her ex used racial slurs yet she had a baby by this man and was on Oprah claiming how great he was. Now that she's done with him, he's a racist all of a sudden. Can't stand her!

1119 days ago
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