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Michael Jackson's Kids

We're Boycotting the Trial

10/1/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jacksons Kids
Prince, Paris, and Blanket Jackson have created a self-imposed blackout of Conrad Murray's trial  ... TMZ has learned.

Sources directly connected to the kids tell TMZ ... the Michael Jackson manslaughter trial is just too painful to relive -- especially for Prince and Paris, who witnessed the demise of their dad firsthand.

We're told Katherine is relieved the kids don't have the kind of curiosity that would drive them to the screen, especially after prosecutor David Walgren displayed the body of Michael Jackson in the first graphic during opening statements.

We're told Katherine was unhappy and disturbed the shocking photo was displayed at all.

It's unclear -- and unlikely -- the kids will be called as witnesses, but as we previously reported, Prince is willing to take the stand.


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@Marty from Modesto have you seen what am talking about?People like you are not suppose to be called human.Do you think before you talk?Do you breathe through your anus or talk through your anus?Lol everything you say is awefull oh please

1117 days ago


Whatever UnWell

YOu keep making crap up in that sick little mind of yours wee man. MiMi is a far cry from being fat.


1117 days ago


And just what is it you "personally believe in" Scott?

Just because UW says he plays golf that makes you and him instant buddies?

Hmmmm Ok, whatever....

1117 days ago


they all look JUST like him..... lol
i would bet all the tea in china not one of them are his biological kids. he could never get down with a woman.

1117 days ago


Thanks, Phantom. Loved the Jackson5 "Maybe Tomorrow". Video pics was nice. Keep doing what you do!

1117 days ago


Prayers for the Jackson family and Michael's children. May their bond of love keep them unified and strong.

1117 days ago


You haters are disgusting. Watch this video it shows unseen footage AND proves Mj is innocent. You guys are all monsters!

1117 days ago


Thanks, Phantom. The video of Michael's concert in Seoul was amazing. The snippet of his interview of speaking freely was a nice added personal touch along with the beautiful winter scenery. Thanks Again.

1117 days ago


It doesn't matter whose sperm produced those children. The name on their birth certificates is Michael Jackson. That makes him legally their father. Despite all the things said about him during his life, he was always praised as a good, loving father. He took his children everywhere with him and appeared to adore them. They certainly love him and they appear to be good children.

Whatever your feelings about him, please leave his children out of it. They've suffered enough.

1117 days ago


Keep MOOoooing UnWell

Maybe one day you will find a Bessie you can call your own.


1117 days ago


jermaine says mj saw only good things in people. lol
jermy adored having his brother's woman and her kids. too bad he couldn't pay their bills.

does the dead shemale realize that was pure stupidity?
poor mj now can't go on trial and learn lessons in prison. he would've loved cute male mates to share beds with.

1117 days ago


Barnum writes, he “would go farther, wait longer, work harder, and contrive deeper, to carry out a practical joke than for anything else under heaven.” A prank, large or small, like a good con, requires planning, diligence, and wit, and in a world in which brother fights brother for the upper hand, the practical joke serves as the core model for all other social interactions."

1117 days ago


I am pretty sure there are people out there who have 20x worse lives than these kids. I love Michael Jackson and his music and I am happy they are trying to put his murderer in jail, but really not trying to be mean, but I feel as if MJ's kids are trying to get unneeded attention. Just prove him guilty already and get this thing done and over with.

1117 days ago


"Wonder is the remnant of religious faith when religious doctrine has proved inadequate to a feverish wish to believe in something, anything. Suppose that prayer has not brought you your reward. You want to put your faith in a miracle. Where is that miracle? You have, after all, been taught to believe. About such longings, Barnum was very shrewd. He knew that spiritual peacefulness, a calm in the soul (we would also call it “self-possession”), was largely missing in the American experience and that this absence derived, as he notes, from “a practicalness which is not commendable.” The citizen has worked hard with little result. He cannot stay calm in the land of milk and honey if no milk and honey has flowed his way. Promises have been broken."

1117 days ago


I don't know why it would be so isn't like Michael Jackson is really their dad.

1117 days ago
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