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'The Young & The Restless' Hunk

I DIDN'T Impregnate

My Fan!

10/1/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Driscoll

Fear, betrayal ... and a $119 paternity test ... the key elements to a real life soap opera involving the dude who plays the devilishly handsome Chance on "The Young & The Restless."

Soap opera stud John Driscoll has filed for a restraining order against a 27-year-old female fan ... who allegedly concocted terrible lies about the actor that nearly destroyed his relationship with his fiancée ... and jeopardized his career.

According to court docs, obtained by TMZ, Driscoll claims the fan began telling people she had multiple sexual encounters with John ... and he even fathered her child. The "rumors" allegedly spiraled out of control -- so John resorted to drastic measures.

John claims, "To silence these rumors, to gain credit back from both colleagues and family, I willingly took and paid for the lab testing on a paternity test which knowingly came back negative with a 0% match."

According to the docs, John believes the woman "clearly is not rational" -- and fears she will harm either himself or his fiancee. John wants a judge to keep her at least 500 yards away at all times PLUS he wants her to pay him back for the $119 paternity test.

John was due in court on Sept. 13 -- but he missed his hearing .. so the judge tossed his petition.


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Rogue Warrior    

Typical Saturday night whore!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1118 days ago

She's baaaack    

I have no clue of who he is but when these fans get rabid they should be put down for the safety and the good of humanity, just as if they were rabid animals. No difference.

1118 days ago


Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, another want-a-be Oxysana. There will be a rash of them crawling out of the gutter. Hollyweid had just as well get ready for it.

1118 days ago

Sin D    

"I DIDN'T Impregnate My Fan!" Thats a Toby Kieth song ain't it?

1118 days ago


"According to the docs, John believes the woman "clearly is not rational" -- and fears she will harm either himself or his fiancee..."

Is English the TMZ writers' second language? It's "...and fears she will either harm him or his fiancee.." The author's writing makes the fan appear as though she suddenly became a guy.

1118 days ago


He shagged her rotten, baby yeahhhhhh!!!

1118 days ago


I think I saw this story line in 08.... lol

1118 days ago


sounds better, than whats happing on Y&R right now....... wow isnt that show boring right now....

1118 days ago


I guess the guys not THAT afraid she's going to harm him or his fiancee considering he didnt bother to show up to court to get the restraining order. Can whoever this guy is go away now?

1118 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

males, men and boys are such drama queens. if you would give women and females enough leverage and liberty to provide for a child/children INDEPENDENTLY!!!! THEN YOUR DUMASES WOULDN'T HAVE TO WORRY/COMPLAIN/LEGAL FILE COMPLAINT/CONTEST!! PATERNITY/CHILD SUPPORT ETC!! what a bunch of egotistical, self absorbed, self in love closet homos. yeah, males and femles sure are equal, aren't they? but no. ya'll need to make sure the ladies are at your feet, licking your boots at all times. only that seems to make you happy and feel full of life. bunch of losers.

1118 days ago


It sounds like he got caught cheating on his fiance and he's trying to cover his tracks. If you didn't sleep with the woman you wouldn't go willingly take a paternity test! Oh and he paid for it! John sounds like he's got something to hide. BIG TIME.
If this was legit he would have showed to the court date! I feel bad for this new mom.

1118 days ago


jake what part of negative 0% match do you not understand? It is just another case of an idiot fan, plain and simple. Does it make you feel better to try to make something out of nothing?

1118 days ago


lorree just because he isn't the father does not prove he never had sex with the girl. He didn't show to that court date and that alone proves he didn't have any evidence to validate his petition. It's so obvious that this guy is hiding something.
This is not the case of an idiot fan. This is a case of a cheating man. No one knows who this guy is. I agree with VictoriaGirl. Can whoever this guy is go away now?

1117 days ago


I casually know both these people and can say I personally saw them together on several occasions. There are pictures out there of them together as well, seen them too! He told her that he was broke up with his then girlfriend and the relationship he had with this woman lasted at least 4 months. About half way in to the relationship she realized he was lying but the damage was already done. The mother not wanting to put her baby through all this drama prefers to remain silent. After all "once a cheating man, always a cheating man"! We all know this won't be the last time we see his name in the news for this type of thing! And by the way, my best to the bride ;)

1117 days ago


They Should have a baby story with him and Chole vs Recast Bianca. But I feel bad for him and his Fiancee. I cant` belive fans would get that crazy! I jus*****ch the show I would never act that crazy , I would mind my own business . All I have to say is crazy!

1116 days ago
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