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'Big Brother' Shelly

From Bullied

To Anti-Bullying Spokeswoman

10/2/2011 5:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Big Brother" contestant Shelly Moore is looking to turn her experience of being threatened and bullied because of her antics on the show into something positive ... by working to become a spokeswoman for an anti-bullying campaign.

Sources close to Moore tell TMZ ... Moore wants to use her 15 minutes of "BB" fame to start a speaking tour for kids K-12 to discuss the topic of bullying. We're told Moore wants to address how hate not only affects the person bullied, but can affect their whole families.

According to our sources, Moore is reaching out to other "Big Brother" contestants to put together a PSA about bullying.

As TMZ first reported, Shelly's family received death threats after Shelly voted to evict fan favorite Jeff Schroeder. The FBI investigated the threats, but the threatening calls and emails stopped after a few days.


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Nobody cares what Shelly or any other BB HG has to say about bullying...there are already far more popular PSA's out there about it already. She should just go back to her job.

P.S. Shelly already said once on twitter that the FBI was never involved...check your facts...or maybe she forgets :/

1120 days ago


elphill..If this was just a person trying to do a good deed no one would have an issue with it. But this is a person who on Big Brother live feeds was a huge bully and attacked people on a very personal level, saying horrific things. All she is doing right now is trying to extend her 15 minutes. There is so much out there that shows this is not the right person to be teaching our children about bullying.

1120 days ago


A more appropriate job for far-right nutjob Shelly Moore would be Grand Wizard of the KKK, her denigration & bullying of the black gal on BB was unbelievable. Jeff Schroeder too, another racist bully that showed his true colors on BB. Eff both of them.

1120 days ago


People, please stop. It was a game, she usedno worse tactics than anoy other player before her. Try going into that house and not lying all season, see how long you last.

1120 days ago


She should stop the bully with that face she has.. She is ugly. That cracked up old hard face. Just cut her head off thats enough.

1120 days ago


I never believed that story

1120 days ago

go home!    

Wow. That is a joke. Hopefully shelly will look at the show and instead teach people how wrong it is to talk crap about others behind their backs. Her treatment of Rachel was worse than any of those "threats" that she wasn't even aware of. She should speak of her own actions and how she was a behind the back bully in her own way.

1120 days ago


Possibly one of the lowest forms of humanity ever on the show just trying to stretch our her 15 minutes of fame. Give it up - you were disgusting then, you are still disgusting now. SHe spent her entire appearance lying and conniving - now she wants to try to be a hero. Does she really think America is that stupid?

1120 days ago


I read that the threats were never credible so how can TMZ say that they stopped. By not being credible I consider that as being they never happened. I would not want this woman who was the biggest bully ever speaking to my child. Nothing this woman could say would I want my child to hear.

1120 days ago


Please, this woman was not bullied. She was the biggest bully in BB history. The only thing this woman could teach children is how to lie and bully. She must of lost her job to have this much time on her hands trying to stay in the public eye.

1120 days ago

Donna was not the lying or the game as she is trying to convince everyone it is about. It was her intense bullying to destroy someones life for when they left the house, her own words. This was on the live feeds of Big Brother, then Big Brother would edit them. You do not have a person who can not see they have an issue with bullying into a role to teach children. This is all PR, all a way to get her tweets up as she keeps talking about. The uproar was about her actions in the house. There is a far difference of people bullying and people speaking up due to their outrage. Yes, there are always a few who take it beyond what they should. But as the FBI had stated it was a non- creditable situation that went away as soon as Shelly Moore was evicted. This was not a situation of people bullying this woman, they were reacting to her horrific bullying tactics that went far beyond the game. She claims it was alright to bully because it was a part of the game, so what message is that sending our young people?? What she had done in that house was no part o*****ame, it was an personal attack on someone she did not like from the beginning.

1120 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

What up all you emotionally illiterate, Nancy Disgrace following, irrational, rode wet, mental midgets? FYI, MJ was a drug addicted pedophile who suffered from an identity crisis and took it upon himself to OD!
On the other hand, Dr. Murray is a good man who did the world a favor. Just imagine if any other average Joe had little boys over to his house for sleep overs in his bed and at the entrance of the room there were cameras to alert this average Joe of intruders. Yeah, average Joe would be in prison after getting thoroughly trashed by Nancy Disgrace and her followers.
A grown man has a secret compartment in his room along with security cameras outside his room to alert him of intruders. You have to be one emotional douchebag or douchebagette to think his sleep overs were "innocent"!!
Thank s Again for carrying out justice Dr. Murray, hang in there because you’ll be found NOT GUILTY,, NOT GUILTY, NOT GUILTY!

1119 days ago


Anti-bullying is a good cause. but for Shelly to be a spokesperson for it. that is not a good idea. anyone who watched Big Brother knows what she is all about. She was a nonstop liar, even if that meant people would get mad at a person for no reason. She had no loyalty to anyone on the show but herself. She pretended to care what her daughter would think 'if mommy had to do something bad', but for the 2 1/2 months she was on the show, she did everything bad. now granted i know this was just a show and everyone wanted to win money. i totally understand that. but there were certain ways people could have gone about doing things. her way was not the right way. i understand she had to get rid of jeff (seperate jeff and jordin) if there was a slight chance of her winning the money, but again, she lied non stop. for her to be a spokes person (self claimed I'm sure) for anything - people probably wont take it to serious. again, anit-bullying is a great cause. i just think it would be better if someone else was a spokesperson for it. not a person just trying to extend their 15 minutes. and if she said she is not trying to extend her 15 minutes and that this really means something to her... we wouldn't know if she is lying, because that is what she is all about.
oh, and as for her even being bullied. according to the fbi, it wasn't really bullying. some idiot probably made a phone call to her family. she didnt even know about the threats until a month later im sure. maybe someone who really actually got bullied some time in their life should be a spokesperson for it. that would mean a whole lot more.
i do wish her luck. it is a great cause. hopefully she isn't as bad of a person as she made herself out to be on big brother.

1119 days ago


This is a woman who (when it was suspected that Rachel was pregnant) said that someone should kick her in the stomach or push her down some stairs. She is trying to do damage control because everyone saw what an evil lowlife she really is. For her to be an anti-bullying spokesperson is the same as that slut hoe-bag Bristol palin getting pregnant then turning around and telling kids to not have premarital sex. It's a big f*ckin joke!

1119 days ago


October is National Bullying Prevention Month. I have developed a bully prevention show specifically designed for elementary schools. Highlights from the show can be seen here...

1119 days ago
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