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Amanda Knox

Monday Could Be Freedom Day

10/3/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amanda Knox could be a free woman if her murder conviction is overturned ... and a decision is expected to come down today.

Knox was sentenced to 26 years in jail back in December 2009 for the murder of her roommate, Meredith Kercher. Knox's boyfriend at the time, Raffaele Sollecito, was also found guilty and sentenced to 25 years.

Both Knox and Sollecito appealed and their appeals are being heard together.

The Perugia Court of Appeal in Italy could overturn the conviction and ... if that happens ... Knox would be immediately freed.

But there are actually three other possible outcomes -- the appeals court could uphold the original conviction and sentence, reduce the sentence, or increase it to life in prison.

Italy does not have the death penalty.

Knox addressed the jury this morning, saying, "I am not what they say I am. I did not kill. I did not rape. I did not steal."


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1. she was in the house when meredith kercher was being attacked, had her throat cut and bled to death.

2. amanda knox told police she was'nt at the house and was with her boyfriend of 1 week at his house which was found to be a lie.. and then she changed her story saying she was there and covered her ears when she heard screams coming from kerchers room.

3.Amanda Knox's DNA was found on the handle of the murder weapon.

4.Amanda Knox's bloody fingerprint was found on the tap of a bathroom next to kerchers room.

5.Amanda knox's boyfriend Sollecito's DNA was found on kerchers bra.

6.bloody footprint's found in Amanda Knox's bedroom.

7.An Albanian witness tells police Knox threatened him with a knife after he crashed his car and that she was with the two other suspects 24 hours before Kercher was killed.

8.Knox and Sollecito's lawyers started a pact so they could stand together against the 3rd suspect.

9.the morning the murder happened, amanda's boyfriend bought 2 large bottles of bleach 1 at 8am and the 2nd 45 minutes later.

I mean honestley it goes on an on, and to address the "contaminated evidence" all that means is at the crime scene the knife could have been moved by a police officer but that doesnt change the fact that Amanda Knox's DNA was found on the handle.

Is she guilty of slashing kercher's throat whether she was in the room or not? I dont know..

Is she innocent? Definatley not.

1116 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

If she's so innocent, why did she lie and tell the police another man did it and identified him?

1116 days ago


Wait, let's look at the facts: DNA, a pile of s**t in the toilet and sperm inside the victim found by the drug dealer and drifter Guede who immediately escaped and fled the country. On the other side no DNA by Knox, she casually hangs out with her boyfriend while the police are there and doesn't seem nervous at all. Hmmmm......
Guede never even mentioned that Knox and Sollecito were there until he got a deal to only get 16 years in prison.
You just have to read the whole story to know it was Guede and Guede alone.

1116 days ago


She needs her eyebrows shaped, and lashes done by someone who know what they're doing, a Lashologist , but like you said there's no death penalty in Italy! lol

1116 days ago

Jeff Dranetz    

Harvey will tell you, he being a lawyer, that our justice system is unique in its fairness. Something we take for granted. Our system, from the vikings, via Britain, employs the concept of absolute truth. Something said is true or it is not true, thus perjury. In Italy they have the concept of opposing truths, he has his truth, you have your truth, and a tribunal of judges is responsible for sifting through conflicting testimony and leading, dramatic, questioning, and monologues by attorneys that would , in a America, quickly stopped by sustained objections. They color, embellish, , they exaggerate, invoke emotions, imply guilt by the mere appearance of the accused. This was a horrible crime, so horrible that the press and public wouldn't be satisfied unless more than one person was held responsible. Amanda Knox is only guilty of panicking under interrogation and having an odd affect that may seem inappropriate, to some, especially to a culture that is used to demonstrative passionate responses. Cultures are diverse and have different accepted responses to certain situations. In America, Asian people tend to be inappropriately reserved. There was a case of a missing child where Nancy Grace, on television, may have badgered the Eurasian mother to the point she of suicide. In some cultures, truth is determined whether or not the speaker looks the listener in the eye. Yet, in some cultures, it's rude to "eyeball" the listener, where it's considered overly adversarial. To satisfy the Kerchers, and the rest of the world, Miss Knox should take a polygraph, no matter what this weeks verdict is.

1116 days ago


I hope this goes well for her , having read every thing I can find on this case I am certain that she did not do this crime..
The investigation was and is a mess much evidence has been lost but none of that matters because she was not there when it happened. Italy has the killer in jail .and these two kids need to go home.
her life is in tatters..she will never be the girl she was again she is a victim like Kercher except that she will have to live with this travesty every day of her life .
The prosecutors carreer is over ..he is finished and may himself be head to jail . I hope that she makes as much money fromthe ness sthey made of her life as she can is the least that can happen for her..
But this is a court of law and courts do not like to admit wrong so any thing can happen ..

1116 days ago


The boyfriend claimed he was at home, on his computer all night, yet the computer records show he was not on his computer at all that night.
Why did both Amanda and her boyfriend lie about their whereabouts that night? That's extremely odd behavior for people who are completely innocent.

1116 days ago


the case is so weak its embarrassing. How many times did they change the reason.....drugs, satanism, jealousy and now no reason at all. there is someone who said he was there....his dna, finger prints, foot prints, hand prints and semen are all over the scene, but he saw a silhouette that i'm sure was amanda so she must have done all happened while he was in the bathroom and then he went in and left bloody foot/hand prints everywhere and just left..anyone who believes that is mildly retarded.

1116 days ago


There is zero physically evidence.. She did NOT do this. The one dude ( who is already ) locked up admitted it. NO WAY this girl did it. SEND HER HOME already. Italy is horrible about justice anyway. Saw a 20/20 and they refused to give a child to their own father and put him in an orphanage took 5 yrs to get the boy home. SUCKS.

1116 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Americans are such hypocrites. If one of my Italian brothers or sisters had been accused of this in the USA, they would be done the same. Your judicial systems is no better than Italy, ie; Casey Anthony case.

Amanda and her boyfriend are guilty. She has the common cold lifeless stare of a sociopath and told too many lies.

1116 days ago


and if your life was on the line how would you look....happy, flirty, nonchalant??? just wondering since a cold stare after you've been accused of murder with bogus evidence apparently makes you guilty

1116 days ago


Guilty Amanda Knox is a twisted little freak. Let her rot in jail.

1116 days ago

Annoyed in MD    

No way she slit her throat but she is guilty of something. The American media is wrapped up with it solely because it sells magazines and news reports. People - if she were fat and ugly, there would be dramtically less focus on it. I know I will be hammered for my comments, but it is so true.

1116 days ago


What Amanda Knox is really guilty of is making us sit through a horrible lifetime movie with Hayden Panitierre in an even more horrible wig.

1116 days ago


Herpetic Hell Cat? Yes
Murderer She Devil? No
Victim? No
Skank? Yes

1116 days ago
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