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Amanda Knox

Monday Could Be Freedom Day

10/3/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amanda Knox could be a free woman if her murder conviction is overturned ... and a decision is expected to come down today.

Knox was sentenced to 26 years in jail back in December 2009 for the murder of her roommate, Meredith Kercher. Knox's boyfriend at the time, Raffaele Sollecito, was also found guilty and sentenced to 25 years.

Both Knox and Sollecito appealed and their appeals are being heard together.

The Perugia Court of Appeal in Italy could overturn the conviction and ... if that happens ... Knox would be immediately freed.

But there are actually three other possible outcomes -- the appeals court could uphold the original conviction and sentence, reduce the sentence, or increase it to life in prison.

Italy does not have the death penalty.

Knox addressed the jury this morning, saying, "I am not what they say I am. I did not kill. I did not rape. I did not steal."


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I must admit, I would love to have Casey Anthony and Amanda Knox in a threesome.

1083 days ago

melissa roberts    

hell no, she is innocent 100%

1083 days ago

I Chinee    

I don't know if this girl is innocent or guilty. But could you picture this if it was a black girl lmao. Italy would have requested they have the death penalty just for one day to give to her. lmao.

1083 days ago

Miz Val    

I can't believe people think she's hot. This Pippi Longstocking wanna be is as guilty as homemade sin

1083 days ago

I Chinee    

Lmao let this have been a black girl and Italy would have demanded they bring the death penalty there for just one day to give it to her. lmao. I'm mixed black and white but you wont never catch my behind in Italy, or any other countries with weird azz laws.

I have no clue if this girl is innocent or not. But some of the evidence I've heard other people state the Italian's have against her is ridiculous and all I can say is, are the Italians serious son...? Lmao. Like I said don't go messing around in other countries, people should just stay in their own countries.

1083 days ago

I Chinee    

well if she is innocent and the Italians keep her in jail, then karma is a b*tch and the Italians will have theirs one day. And if she is guilty and she is set free, then karma will get her azz one day. But if she is innocent, after all of this I highly doubt the Italians are going to set her free.

1083 days ago


Amanda was a ticking time bomb according to fellow students who knew her. She was arrested right before she left the US for disorderly conduct. There were several kids involved in a melee which police described as 'seriously out of control' where they were throwing rocks at innocent people driving down the street. She was the only one arrested and her only alibi was she was 'leaving to study abroad.' Her friends claim she was heavily into pot and alcohol and couldn't handle the restrictions of a dorm room so she got her own apartment near a row of frat houses. Apparently the parties she threw were so wild that they were described as free for alls with naked bodies draped everywhere and people just there to get drunk, drugged and have sex. One person who knew Knox claimed she said the main motivation to go to Italy was she was still under the legal drinking age in the US and would be legal there.

Her mother is also a wack job - a divorcee who got involved with a much younger guy in his early twenties and ended up marrying him. Friends claim she was highly competitive with other women and was sexually provocative around men all the time. It sounds like she had mommy issues.

The way she behaved after she was arrested was so telling. She tried to pull off the carefree innocent american routine but the italians could see right through it. She wasn't able to put anyone under her spell there.

Where were her parents while she was doing cartwheels in the police station where she was being held for interrogation? How about when she showed up in court on Valentines Day in a white t shirt that she wrote on in red lettering 'All you need is love." She also referenced her fantasy of a woman being raped on her facebook page. She's a disturbed individual and has been for quite some time. Her parents have no credibility to vouch for her behavior while overseas. She was stupid enough to record much of her escapades in Italy in her diary. She was a danger to everyone around her including Amanda Kercher who had to endure her bringing a string of men she barely knew into the flat at night. Amanda also accused her of stealing money from her. Maybe people should be worried more about getting justice for Amanda. Instead they're worried about letting a sociopath walk free because she's an american.

1083 days ago

The Neko Nation    

I hope the court sees through her fake tears. She is nothing more than a spoiled pot smoking murderer and freak.

1083 days ago


numerology for Amanda Knox (Monday October 3rd, 2011 trial conclusion and verdict):

1083 days ago


Unfortunately I believe her conviction will be upheld to save the Italian government from any more embarrassment.

1083 days ago


Charlie didn't do it either, he was involved. The poorly bleach cleaned apartment, bloody footprints, fake burglary, her multitude of lies with her boyfriend, she despised the victim, she lied about the bar owner, who has lost his bar because of her. Can't wait till she gets served with the $750K lawsuit from him. Yea, the cops were horrible, but they were not that bad. And she isn't that smart.

1081 days ago
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