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Amanda Knox

Released from Prison,

Murder Conviction OVERTURNED

10/3/2011 12:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An Italian appeals court has overturned the murder conviction of Amanda Knox -- and the judge has ordered her to be released from custody.

Knox burst into tears -- and was immediately rushed out of the courtroom by armed police officers.

Knox's family plans to fly her out of Italy and back into the U.S. as soon as possible.

Cheers rang out inside the courtroom when the ruling was read. Outside the courthouse, the reaction was more mixed -- with people chanting, cheering and booing.

In 2009, Knox was convicted for the 2007 slaying of her former roommate Meredith Kercher. She was also found guilty of falsely accusing her former employer of the killing. But Knox appealed the verdict ... based, in part, on new information related to the DNA evidence in the case.

While the court overturned Knox's murder conviction, it UPHELD her conviction for falsely accusing her former employer of killing Kercher. Knox was sentenced to 3 years behind bars for that crime, but since she has already spent 4 years in custody, Amanda will not serve any additional time.

The court also overturned the murder conviction of Knox's ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito -- who was also ordered to be released from custody. 



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Maybe Amanda and Cassey Anthony can get their own Bravo Reality show and call it "Sisters from different Misters" The story of two beautiful young women who were guilty until found innocent.

1084 days ago


When in a legal bind, blame the black guy. It ALWAYS works!!!

1084 days ago


That lying bitch blamed a black man that was her employer at a night club. THANK GOD he had an air tight alibi. Amanda ADMITTED she lied on him. She was doing cartwheels at the police station the night of the murder. What an inappropriate cavalier attitude.

1084 days ago


Do any of you actually follow the story or are you all just mad a white girl got justice!! OMG!! Did you not read that the REAL murderer confessed and they have his DNA. That is what ultimately set her free. He is still serving time. They arrested all 3 of them. The REAl murderer and Amanda and her boyfriend. New DNA evidence and his confession is what set the other two free. This is NOT Casey Anthony all over again. This was a great injustice done to this girl and its about time she gets to come back home where she belongs. Casey Anthony on the other should have been found guilty. The ONLY injustice done in the Casey Anthony trial was for poor little Caylee. Casey Anthony should be murdered and thrown in a ditch somewhere to rot. Unlike Amanda Knox, who was WRONGLY convicted and needs to come home!! Welcome home Amanda! Maybe we should have had Casey Anthonys trial in Italy!

1084 days ago


I'm relieved. Amanda should never had been convicted.

Moral of the story, don't go to Europe if your American.

1084 days ago


Oh, and let's not forget you're spending your time on an AMERICAN website. Yup, we're the morons lala!

1084 days ago


Thank God! Guede killed Meredith, of course the disgusting corrupt prosecution cut him a deal. This is what the Italians should be furious about.

1084 days ago


It must just kill Casey Anthony to see that Amanda Knox is going to be the media darling she thought she would be.

1084 days ago

I Chinee    

@Cujeaux: about an hour ago
More crocodile tears from a sociopath. Don't want to hear another thing about her now that she's free.

And I bet you and a lot of other people think Michael Jackson and Roman Polanski is were truly innocent. Lmao

1084 days ago


Great news- now get out of there and never look or go back Amanda !!!!

1084 days ago


First, let me express my condolences to the Kercher Family. Nothing will bring back your beloved daughter. Please take comfort in the fact that the guilty person is in jail serving his sentence. Amanda Knox and Rafelea were innocent bystanders in this terrible tragedy. A terrible wrong has finally been corrected and allowed these two to go free. Where is the Prosecuter who created this whole mess in the first place???

1084 days ago


Free at-last!! I was one that was skeptical of her innocence until I did some research & truly believe that justice was served today…finally the innocent a free. The guilty man has been behind bars & 16 yrs is way too light of a sentence for taking the life of a beautifully, young women that her whole life in front of her. The prosecutor in this case was was a complete moron & I believe he knew early on they had nothing to do with this but his EGO was so large he kept this spectacle going. Not to be forgotten on this day is Meredith Kercher who was tragically murdered…god bless her & her entire family!

1084 days ago

I Chinee    

@lalaland: 26 minutes ago
Oh, and let's not forget you're spending your time on an AMERICAN website. Yup, we're the morons lala!

I totally agree. How are you going to be visiting an American website everyday and use American things etc, yet sit here and talk trash about Americans. Where they do that at? Lmao.

1084 days ago


Surprise surprise. The American's think the American murderer is innocent.

1084 days ago

Rob Dean    

Where in Perugia are Giuliano Mignini ancesters buried? I want to go there to piss on their graves!

1084 days ago
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