People vs. Dr. Conrad Murray UCLA Doc: Murray Lost Track of Time

10/3/2011 11:47 AM PDT
UCLA Cardiologist -- Dr. Thao Nguyen Testifies
Updated 10/03/11 at 11:48 AM

Dr. Thao Nguyen -- the cardiologist who was called into MJ's trauma room -- said Dr. Murray was fuzzy on the crucial moments leading up to MJ's death, saying, Murray  "did not have any concept of time."

She said Murray couldn't remember when he administered Lorazepam, nor the moment MJ stopped breathing ... because, as he told her, he didn't have a watch.

But Dr. Joanne Pashard, a Houston doctor, testified that on the morning of MJ's death, she called Murray asking him about one of his patients, who was about to undergo surgery in Texas. She said Murray had no problem recalling detailed information about the patient.

Prosecutors then called on Antoinette Gille -- a volunteer at Murray's office in Las Vegas -- who said she talked to Murray at 8:49 the morning of June 25... and Bridgette Morgan  -- one of Murray's three girlfriends.  Morgan said she called Murray at 11:26 am on June 25. 

Prosecutors are trying to show Murray was distracted and inattentive in the moments before MJ went into serious distress.