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Amanda Knox

SPEAKS at Tearful Homecoming

10/4/2011 6:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Amanda Knox broke down in tears ... as she spoke to the public for the first time during an emotional homecoming in Seattle moments ago.

Amanda stepped to a podium setup for her at the airport, and said ... through tears, "I'm really overwhelmed right now."

Amanda thanked her supporters and also joked about remembering to speak in English after spending four years incarcerated in Italy.


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If I was 20 years old & living in a foreign country & I came back to my apartment to find my roommate raped & butchered, I sure as hell wouldn't be making out & groping my boyfriend at the crime scene or doing cartwheels. She is guilty as sin. Did she actually murder Meredith? Probably not. Was she there? Absolutely. Did she do anything to stop what her boyfriend and the other guy were doing to Meredith? No. When people act suspicious, there's a reason. A normal response to that would be to absolutely have a breakdown, go into shock, be horrified. Not stick your tongue down your boyfriend's throat. She is GUILTY. Stupid, conniving whore.

1080 days ago


Seeing she's as innocent as the day is long,with nothing to hide I have a suggestion for a TV appearance.A quick half show with only has 3 participants Knox,The Operator and the Lie Detector.

1080 days ago


truth is no one knows her involvement if she did indeed have any involvement...probably best to keep the comments accusing someone of murder to yourself if your not sure...and no one posting here as any damn idea how it happened and if she is guilty or not...obviously even the police have no idea which is why she was let go...america sure is quick to convict someone based on media stories...sure hope on of you are never on the news accused of something you did not do...THROW EM IN THE GLADIATOR RING, MUAH HAHAHAHA disheartening.

1080 days ago


Good for her, so happy that she is back in the US. It's a sin what happened to her in Italy. Mignini makes me ashamed that I am Italian.

1080 days ago


Something abt this with her no tears just reminds me of Susan Smith standing there "crying" for her kids to be brought back home. Especally the still image of her with her eyes shut. She could very well be innocent but to me her tearful home coming just seems forced.

1080 days ago


Let's not forget that whether guilty of murder or not, she tried to set up an innocent bloke. She is a truly vile character.

1080 days ago


"The head of Perugia's homicide squad Monica Napoleoni testified that all of Kercher's friends were horrified by the news of her murder as they waited to be interviewed at the police station.

"All were terrified except for Amanda and Raffaele. They seemed indifferent. They were making faces and kissing," Napoleoni told the court."


1080 days ago


Would absolutely love to see a new reality show featuring Amanda and Casey Anthony living together in an apartment. Personality wise, they seem like polar opposites, and it would make for spectacular television. Simply call it "Starting Over", and place it on the A&E network.
Oh, come on, . . . you know, you'd watch!!!!!!

1080 days ago


"Here's the smell of the blood still. All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand" (Macbeth, act 5, scene 1.
"The voice thy brother's crieth unto Me". (The Book of Genesis).
God's justice has no Court of Appeal. And nobody can escape to the punishment of his own conscience.
Be happy, Amanda ... if you can.

1080 days ago


OK - I watched as she "cried" not a single tear fell from her eyes. Amanda's DNA on the knife, his DNA on the Bra. It's very clear - Amanda walked in on her boy toy cheating. Amanda flew into a rage while she was stoned. I think she did it. Maybe her and Casey Anthony will become pen pals.

1080 days ago


So glad your home, we know you didn't do it

1080 days ago


Finally the only person whose "ate" more Italian than George Clooney.

1080 days ago

patricia murray    

What has she got to do with entertainment?!! Just asking.

1080 days ago

I Chinee    

Ilaria: 5 hours ago
Shame on Italy? Shame on USA: you have killed 20 peoples on Cermis and nobody have paied at all. You have killed Nicola Calipari but Lozano is free like a bird. You are dictatorial country that believes the sheriff of the World. A country convinced that it's always right and that the rest of the world is out of the law. That's Enough! You broke the balls with this presumed moral superiority. You are not in a position to make lessons to anyone.

HO sit down! You are in no position to talk either. Why don't you ask your Italian prosecutor and who ever else who butchered the case what happened? Idiot.

1080 days ago


Pic of Rudy Guede for all the race card players

1080 days ago
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