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Diddy Apologizes

"I'm Sorry for the Ignorant Way

I Represented Myself"

10/4/2011 6:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Diddy Apologizes
claims he "backslid and regressed" when he shouted racial and homophobic slurs at a clubgoer in Atlanta this weekend ... and now the rap mogul is begging for forgiveness.

Diddy went to his Twitter page a few hours ago ... and issued an apology to his fans for the way he acted inside Compound nightclub Saturday night ... when he threw ice at a clubgoer, threatened to fight the guy ... and then called him a "n**ga" and a "f**got."

Diddy explained, "I'm sorry for the ignorant way I repesented [SIC] myself ... I have backslid and regressed. Forgive me for my ignorance. Pray for me pls. I know better and I am better."

He added, "I have a responibility [SIC] that I promise I will live up to. And I'm more dissapointed [SIC] in myself than you know. I will humble myself and learn."

TMZ spoke to the man on the receiving end of the slurs, Ricky Parker, who tells us he felt "humiliated and disrespected" by Diddy ... and claims he will no longer support the hip hop icon.

Parker tells us he couldn't believe that Diddy would attack him so ferociously, simply because he was drinking Grey Goose vodka that night and NOT Ciroc vodka, which Diddy serves as a spokesperson for.

Parker tells us, "You won't ever hear me support him from this moment forward."



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P Diddy is only sorry for his rant being captured on tape.
Puffy sponsors bad vodka, Grey Goose is much bad than his piss water.
Diddy can't f'ing spell for *******..

1118 days ago


I think they need to do an APOLOGY WORLD TOUR. Kanye and Sean Puff Diddley and they can open up for Hank Jr.with comedy by Mike Richards and Katt Williams.

1118 days ago


He is a wannabe gangsta! You do not see any other supposedly respectable business man acting this way. He so wants to accepted as a black gangsta in a white man's world and he goes and does something like this! What an idiot.

1118 days ago


Of course Diddy would go after a little guy. Had it been a guy that could whoop his butt I bet he wouldn't have said a thing.

1118 days ago


Diddy thinks he is God, too bad that guy didnt knock his ass out. What a STUPID reason to yell the awful things he yelled. People are dying everyday, kids are starving to death and THATS what he is worried about? WOW...class act.

1118 days ago


Which persons in photo are the " n**gas " ?

1118 days ago


You can take the rat out of the hood...

1118 days ago


Look at the size of the guy he unloaded on while being backed up by a posse. I wonder how much he'd be talking if he was alone.

1118 days ago


His publicity people said "You'd better get out there and do some **** to get your face in the media like your competition." "Make it something good, too!" And here you have it. Do I feel more inclined to buy his music? No. Do I think he is a jerk? Yes.

1118 days ago


Diddy is an ass and there is no excuse for bad behaviour!!

1118 days ago


He's apologizing for that NOW?! He's been ignorant his whole damn life! Just cause he has money, doesn't mean ****. He turns me off. NEVER was a fan, NEVER will be. His BEST friend, who made him famous, got killed... and with all the money this piece of **** has, he STILL couldn't buy out a witness or help find the killer. Low life.

1118 days ago


Diddy's a product ho.

1118 days ago


Who cares? I'll tell you who cares, I DO! Who is Sean Combs aka P. Diddy anyways? It's obvious he's a ghetto unducated thug who thinks he can act however he wants.

People should ban his clothing and music. This type of behavior is not ok.

It's was clear Mel Gibson needed to be taught a lesson and now it's Sean Combs turn. This behavior is out of line and should be punished by law or by the power of the people.

This was a hate crime.

1118 days ago


Awesome pix. On one side... a man by himself holding his ground. The other side... Poppy seed surrounded by his babysitters making sure he doesn't hurt himself. How pathetic. Keep your head up Ricky.

1118 days ago


Macy's should drop him too!

1118 days ago
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