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Hank Williams Jr.

My Obama Comments Were 'DUMB'

10/4/2011 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hank Williams Jr.
is kinda, sorta, quasi backing off his horrible Obama-to-Hitler comparison -- calling the statements he made on Fox News "dumb" -- and apologizing for offending people.

Williams released a NEW statement on the matter -- saying, "The thought of the leaders of both parties jukin [sic] and high fiven [sic] on a golf course, while so many families are struggling to get by simply made me boil over and make a dumb statement."

He adds, "I am very sorry if it offended anyone. I would like to thank all my supporters. This was not written by some publicist.”

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Seriously doubt he meant to inflame but you never draw analogies to Hilter, 9/11, etc...Bonehead move, time moves on...Was kindof sick of that intro anyway.

1117 days ago


Don't like Hank Williams or whatever his name is. Never did. That being said; where was all the outrage when all the filth was and is spewed out about President Bush and his family. Oh thats right, the hpocritical liberals called that free speech.

1117 days ago


Let's see.. it was OK to directly and specifically call the former govenor of Alaska a "whore" but its not ok to merely insinuate that Obama is acting like Hitler? What's wrong with this picture? Fricken liberals that's what's wrong!

1117 days ago


Hank Williams Jr. isn't the only person in the world to say something out of anger, he's human. He's also not the only person unhappy with what the president is doing with the USA.

1117 days ago


Oh Harvey get your panties in a bind? Just because youre offended that someone said something about your liberal buddy doesnt mean that everyone is gonna be offended. libs have a reputation of being able to dish is out... they just whine and cry foul when its dished back at them.

1117 days ago


Lets see he never said which one he was referring to a*****ler??? all the people that think it is Obama shame on you for even thinking so.. give me a break!!!! he saying that how can two people that hate each other are playing golf together.. serious stand back and think about it.

paying these people more money, that any of us could ever think of having...

for what to go through motions and by god don't rock the boat cause you will be out of this cozy fraternity called politics..

1117 days ago


No need to be sorry. He is right. Obama is a the worst thing that happended to this country.

1117 days ago


I am just saying sorry hitler victums. But obama is the best speaking president and laziest , he should have been car sellsman. Bush is the only one worse. I was born in 87 and 24 and every president has sucked except clinton for while. No wonder generation x we got x out the box. people VOTE

1117 days ago


Madonna did not say that PRESIDENT Bush (either one) out for having dealings with Hitler. She said that about PRESCOTT Bush..the President Bush's father. It appears that Prescott was a U.S. Senator that was a director of companies which directly worked with and benefited from working together with the Nazis.

1117 days ago

Linda Brown    

Just another redneck running their mouth and trying to smooth it over! Usually when a celeb says something like this, they mean it and only when there is backlash, then it is all about coming out doing damage control.I love it when this yahoo who I have never really cared for to begin with, says that the retraction is by him and not some publicist, like this makes it real and OK? Huh if he is so worried about us poor folks why don't he fork over some of the millions he has made singing dumb redneck songs to help folks? And why is it so many people have it in for Obama?Christ you can't comment on a site without 100 people blaming Obama for everything? That clown Bush left this country in a ****ty mess and Obama is doing the best he can and to me getting Bin Wasted was the best thing he ever did as I lost my cousin on 9/11 and it means a lot to me that s***bag is dead and shark feces. Bush did not even try to find him, he was happy, he got his war and that is all he cared about was getting Sadamm as he threatened the old man so he had to get him somehow so why not allow Bin Laden to take out 3,000 of us, not mention the thousands that have died over there? Over 6,000? Sadaam is long dead, AQ is going down so why do we have to rebuild the countries? Let them towel heads rebuild their own countries!! We have hungry homeless Americans we should be taking care of FIRST!!!

1117 days ago


Comparing Obama to Hitler is totally and obviously ridiculous. Obama can't convince anyone to follow his silly ideas!! Well maybe Nancy Pelosi - enough said.....

1117 days ago


Pubic face.

1117 days ago


So Mr. Williams seems to be that you are always making dumb comments, like the time you played in Calgary and said " I only came here to see all the drunk indians, where are they?" Or am I assuming wrong? Could it be that you thought you were making an intelligent comment?

1117 days ago


wow you freedom of speech losers dont get it!

hank had the right to say what he felt as an american. DUH no ones saying he don't.

what they are saying is when you are a public figure you have to show some restraint on how/when you say it. AKA now read VERY SLOW maybe you will get it. WHEN YOU WORK FOR ANY COMPANY YOU CAN NOT MAKE COMMENTS LIKE HANK DID! its not freedom of speech its how he made himself look as the face of ESPN. hank got slapped like the dixie chicks did.

1117 days ago


Hitler turned Germany's economy around before WWII. The only thing Obama has reversed in America is "don't ask don't tell". So no there is no comparison between Obama and Hitler. Suck on that Liberal pukes.

1117 days ago
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