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Hank Williams Jr.

My Obama Comments Were 'DUMB'

10/4/2011 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hank Williams Jr.
is kinda, sorta, quasi backing off his horrible Obama-to-Hitler comparison -- calling the statements he made on Fox News "dumb" -- and apologizing for offending people.

Williams released a NEW statement on the matter -- saying, "The thought of the leaders of both parties jukin [sic] and high fiven [sic] on a golf course, while so many families are struggling to get by simply made me boil over and make a dumb statement."

He adds, "I am very sorry if it offended anyone. I would like to thank all my supporters. This was not written by some publicist.”

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.......it is no wonder Amerika is the nation it is NOT today! With all the ignorant/naive person(s) residing here?.....it matters NOT what Hank Williams said; says; will say...how MANY HW jrs are there out there WITH his SAME thoughts?...huh?...SMOKE/MIRRORS..........why don't those of you so SERIOUSLY concerned put THOUGHT into something just HOT OFF THE PRESS in regards to the story about NOBAMA and his support for the Black Panthers while he was campaigning back in '07 and the PHOTOs released today depicting same......WHAT?....you ask?......huh?......not a topic for DISCUSSION you say?....................just as I thought.....now HW jr is not such a hot commodity all of a sudden is he?....NEVERTHELESS......nobama is GOING DOWN in 2012!!..........and YOU can take that to the bank!!!

1080 days ago

Kevin Collings    

If he was a real Cowboy like he claims, he would stand by his words Right? Just come to show U that even Cowboys sell out.
P.S. Hawk Jr who got Osama Bin Liden Again! Not Bush

1080 days ago


Umm..It's called freedom of Speech. He has the right to do and say whatever he wants to.

1080 days ago


Anyone bashing Hank for his comments and saying not to forgive him are a joke and complete hypocrites. Look at yourselves and how you live day to day before you get on some type of high horse and look down on anyone else. People need to get over the PC nonsense. There have been many comparisons to Hitler from many people over the years, I guess it matters to some of you back wash who says it. Stop all your whinning and acting like you really give a S*it about this issue, you all could care less, you just love the chance to bash. Your losers.

1080 days ago

Preserve the Tiger    

Whatever happened to his FREEDOM OF SPEECH? He's entitled to his opinion! I have absolutely no respect for Obama or his wife! In fact, I have absolutely no respect whatsoever for any politican! They're all liars! There! I just voiced my FREEDOM OF SPEECH and I don't give a crap if you agree or not! It's amazing how people were stupid enough to vote for Obama in the first place, and to think there are even more idiots that will vote for him a second time!

1080 days ago

charlies balls    

Sorry charlie, no forgiveness. You suck.

1080 days ago

Elizabeth from Michigan    

Hank, you nasty azz hillbilly, you never apologized for calling the President of the United States the enemy. Get out of my country you piece of poop!!!! You're the enemy of the United States - LEAVE!!!

1080 days ago


Ugh, I am disappointed he is apologizing at all! How many celebrities had to apologize to the insults (including HITLER comments) made about George W.?? Aside from the Dixie Tricks who later recanted anyway, no one ever had to backtrack from comments made about Bush and they certainly didn't lose their jobs over it. Hypocritical Hollywood at its best.

1080 days ago


Hank Jr. has a right to his opinion. And he didn't compare Obama to Hitler, he compared the situation. He doesn't care for Obama, bu*****ch the clip before taking the meaning from the media, who only care for shock value.

Besides. If you don't like Hank Jr. you can kiss our a$$.

1080 days ago


i will not forgive that scraggely beard.

1080 days ago


Don't apologize, Hank. The very idea that you can't say what you want about our President reinforces your original statement. Since when is free speech a crime?

1080 days ago


Don't apologize, Hank. The very idea that you can't say what you want about our President reinforces your original statement. Since when is free speech a crime?

1080 days ago

montain man    

Why would u appologize? F**K obuma and everyone that was offended! white people get called crackers everyday by black comedians but they dont say they are sorry!Its just something else for black people to bitch about!

1080 days ago


Obama himself is not a friend of the Jewish Community, he has made some comments of his own, like when he "mistakingly" said that it was unfair to expect the rich to pay as much taxes as the jews, I mean janitors. How the hell do you get jews and janitors mixed up??? You don't! that just shows you what is in head and heart.

1080 days ago


People spouting 1st Amendment rights all the time really tests my nerves. They all seem to want to have rights without consequences. Yes Jr had a right to say what he said but ESPN had a right to not like and not want to be affiliated with him anymore. So all you first amendments screamers, walk up to a woman and call her a "B", a Hispanic a "S", Black a "N", Irish a "M" or an Italian a "D" and see if your rights protect you. I'll send flowers.

1080 days ago
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