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Hank Williams Jr.'s Son


Talk Politics

10/4/2011 6:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hank Williams III
Hank Williams Jr.
's son -- Hank Williams III -- doesn't think his father should have opened his mouth about Obama yesterday ... telling TMZ most musicians are "not worthy" of a political discussion.

TMZ spoke with HW3 -- and punk rock-meets-country singer -- who tells us, "The only person out there worthy of mixing political views and music is Jello Biafra."

FYI -- Jello Biafra is the original lead singer of the legendary punk rock band Dead Kennedys ... who is now a big shot political figure in the Green Party.

As TMZ previously reported, Hank's dad's famous "Are You Ready for Some Football" jam was yanked from Monday Night Football last night ... after HW2 went on Fox News and proclaimed that President Obama and Joe Biden are "the enemy."

When we asked HW3 about his political views, he told us, "I'm a musician ... not a politician."

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The real ignorance is being shown by the people jumping on HW2 for a comment that was misunderstood and over sensationalized. He used an analogy! The question was re: the golf game between Boehner and Obama with Boehner's name coming first. When he said them playing golf was like Hitler and Netanyahu playing golf, it was an analogy. Would people have assumed he was name calling if he had said they were like oil and water? And if he had been name calling, it would have been Boehner he was calling Hitler because of the order of the names.
People think for yourselves. Quit listening to secondhand info and repeating it as fact.

1060 days ago


Wow! You get canned for speaking the truth. Now that is what you get when government controls everything. They have a word for that type of society. You pick: Socialism, Marxism, or Communism. It's all the same.

1060 days ago


It is a shame that most of the commenter's are functionally illiterate and can not conceptualize his statements as what they are were, a comparison of two opposites on the same playing field pretending to be friendly when the truth is they are polar opposites. People are injecting too much of their own prejudices into their interpretations. As to ESPN firing him for these statements only shows their ignorance and political bias. ESPN is showing their political racism.

1060 days ago


It pisses me off to no end that idiots like Bill Maher and Janine Garaffalo can spout hate filled speech against conservatives and they are rewarded for it. Yet let a conservative speak out against the liberal leftists and they get sacked. Double standards alive and well in Hollyweird.

1060 days ago


Great response by HW3, people need to do their own homework and research on what is true and false about a politician (or candidate.) Don't decide based on your favorite celebrity's views.

1060 days ago


Ha. I knew some day I would eventually see Shelton on TMZ. Went to high school with the kid, and his dad treated him like crap. Hank Jr shouldn't be giving any advice on politics, parenting or pretty much anything.

1060 days ago


I agree with 3...

1060 days ago


Do the Dixie Chicks ring a bell with their remarks about Bush ???????? Where are they now?

1060 days ago


You can express your opinion, but don't get butt-hurt when it comes back to slap your nuts. That's the dy and age we live in now because people who are crying now supported this action when the shoe was on the other foot back in the day.

1060 days ago


Inappropriate remarks by Hank Williams Jr.? Why I can't believe it. It must come under the "Family Tradition" clause in his contract with the NFL. TV couldn't handle Hank even now in 2011. Amazing stuff. "Now are we ready for some football"?

1059 days ago


When making those comments, HW Jr. sounded and looked drunk or stoned or both. It is hard to care about what this bloated dreg has to say about anything. Typical red neck conservative.

1059 days ago


I think Hank Williams jr had every right to say what he did.What happened to freedom of speech.

1059 days ago


Every person has a right to free peach good or bad.

1059 days ago

cameron datzker    

I think we a coming of a new reality show, Hank Williams Jr.'s view on Democracy. I think that the whisky was really working and his comments made no sense at all.

1059 days ago

Fred Smith    

HW Jr. Is an idiot, he doesn't understand that you can't legislate from the Presidential office. You have to legislate via congress. The Congress is ran by the "Tea Party" They don't want to spend any money. You can't grow the economy without investing in it!!!If they in fact would pass Obamas' job bill, people would be working importing joblessness, to employed, the infrastructure would be restored the economy would grow and people would feel better about themselves. If you block Obamas plans for growing the economy and wait for someone else to run this country, the country would face a tremendous recession and a period in time which will equal the great depression!! You don't cut off your nose, to spite your face, if we do not stand together as a country, putting racism aside for progress, then we will fall like all the other world powers that held that elite position,,,,,,Rome.....Greece....Russia..Persia....etc internal confusion, the lack of understanding and the elevation of hate will be our down fall!!

1059 days ago
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