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Kim Kardashian Adds $325k Ferrari

to MILLION DOLLAR Car Collection

10/5/2011 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian Ferrari
Kim Kardashian
just dropped a cool $325,000 on a pimped out new Ferrari, TMZ has learned … and it may only be the SECOND most expensive ride in her MILLION DOLLAR auto collection.
The reality star picked up the super-customized, super-rare 458 Italia from Plantinum Motorsport in L.A. earlier this week ... the same place where she got that famous fleet of Phantoms for her wedding.

Kim’s new lightning fast car is painted white – which is shocking, ‘cause she typically prefers black speedsters.

Earlier this year, Kim picked up a BALLER customized Rolls Royce Ghost. It’s unclear how much she paid for that ride, but they usually START at $255k.

Kim also has a “super-charged” $115k Range Rover in her garage – along with several other cars she likes to drive when she doesn’t feel like showing off.

Hate yourself yet?



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Super customized? Every Ferrari comes with factory customization as you can add any color of leather to every possible surface with a host of wheel and paint options.

Super rare? Really? Is that why there are 56 new and used (none more than 2000 miles) 2010, and 2011 458's listed on autotrader nationwide?

It seems anyone with 300 grand could purchase Ferrari's standard mid engine V8 that is marketed as it's flagship.

TMZ: Next time do a little research before you take money from Kris Jenner to put out inflated press releases.

1111 days ago


I don't think Lurch will fit in that ride, unless the top comes off. She should take to twitter/facebook/her blog to thank all the teeny boppers for that new ride. She can't thank me b/c I've never bought anything she stamped her name to, not even Charmin. Yea, she stamped her name to that too.

1111 days ago


I'm good, I don'*****ch her or her any of her families shows...or anything she's guest starring on, I don't buy any of her crap. For those that do...and there's what like 2 million that do.....seriously? your life is that bad??

1111 days ago


Ugly American gluttony.

1111 days ago


I wish people would stop watching their show. I also wish they would stop taking pictures of them. Let them get real jobs just like in the real world. The place where they do not live.

1111 days ago


Nobody knows her, here in europe ... I hope it stays that way!

1111 days ago


They look like two hookers with a rental car.

1111 days ago

who dat    

Money can't buy class. She will never be happy with her life. Her peers don't now, nor will they ever respect her. I have the respect of my peers. Something she will never have. Guess that answers your question.

1111 days ago


come on Kim..Keep showing just how materialistic you are..Find it odd her friend is with her and not her husband.
Kim is nothing but a materialistic, sex whore, who believes she has to be flashy to be someone.

1111 days ago


That is not a California plate TMZ. In fact it looks like its not a plate at all. What's up TMZ are you sure she owns that ride? Don't the Kardashians have to register their vehicles like everyone else?

1111 days ago


Look what the "Twits" who follow her on Twitter have done.

1111 days ago


See people? Even you can parlay a sex tape into riches. But one, later on, has to say that one is multi talented, even though there is no proof otherwise, and that the afore mentioned sex tape is not the reason one is famous. (although we all know that isn't true)

1111 days ago


buying another car....i think she is just jealous of Tamara Ecclestone or the Ecclestone sisters..

1111 days ago


You gotta love the haters .... Kim K all the way ! Keep suffering haters, you all only have this corner to cry ! :D

1111 days ago


Nope don't hate myself, its just a CAR, you know, a machine to get from one place to another. There are more important things than to have the latest new toy. 1. Eating 2. Roof over your head 3. Saving GAS 4. Not getting expensive tickets just because you have a new toy. Want me to keep going? I REALLY can you know.

1111 days ago
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