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Kim Kardashian Adds $325k Ferrari

to MILLION DOLLAR Car Collection

10/5/2011 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian Ferrari
Kim Kardashian
just dropped a cool $325,000 on a pimped out new Ferrari, TMZ has learned … and it may only be the SECOND most expensive ride in her MILLION DOLLAR auto collection.
The reality star picked up the super-customized, super-rare 458 Italia from Plantinum Motorsport in L.A. earlier this week ... the same place where she got that famous fleet of Phantoms for her wedding.

Kim’s new lightning fast car is painted white – which is shocking, ‘cause she typically prefers black speedsters.

Earlier this year, Kim picked up a BALLER customized Rolls Royce Ghost. It’s unclear how much she paid for that ride, but they usually START at $255k.

Kim also has a “super-charged” $115k Range Rover in her garage – along with several other cars she likes to drive when she doesn’t feel like showing off.

Hate yourself yet?



No Avatar


I remember seeing a episode where she was visiting elderly grandad in a nursing home. Broke my heart with all that money they could afford private care but they just throw him away like a bother.

1076 days ago


People all you can do is boycott everything and anything associated with this vile disgusting family..they are what is wrong with this world...they are fake,plastic,and all riding on this porn stars pissed on back..eternally hate her

1076 days ago


"Hate yourself yet?" Whoever writes this crap is annoying. Hate myself because I'm not a sex tape whore who is over excessive? No, I'd rather be Betty White and drive a Pinto then to be this skank.

1076 days ago

nipples mugee    

Phone call to God,
Me : Why do you continue to give these people riches and fame when I struggle so much ?
God: She sold her soul long ago...

Me: cool .

1076 days ago


The car might be expensive, but the "women" sure do look cheap.

1076 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

Wow!What can you say other than the K's are the best in the business and are so giving that Kim should have anythig she wants.After all she is the best on the planet.If you don't believe me ask her and just look at her toys.You go Kim.

1076 days ago


Use your money to go to a third world country and help the kids there or something .

1076 days ago

Toasty J    

Please let her go broke, Lord, please, please, please let her go bankrupt...

1076 days ago


I'm sorry, but with the economy being as it is, and with so many ppl. loosing their jobs/home, **** like this is unnecessary. I am not a hater and if that's what she likes, then go for it. In saying that, that 325K could have helped 20 ppl. and that should be way more rewarding than driving a car of this statue. It's out of control, and it saddens me to read this stuff.

1076 days ago

the truth    

i dont care about them myself. buy i would not hate on someone for having something i dont. if it is there money they can buy whatever. no one tells you what to buy or not buy when you get paid.

1076 days ago


Would love to know what Hubby had to say about new car cause he come across as a little tightfisted when it comes to money!

1076 days ago


who dresses like that to shop for cars? ROTFLMAO! and what's up with her leather wonder woman companion?!

seriously, I'm dying laughing at these a-holes.

1076 days ago

karen dapello    

Could someone please tell me what this woman does for a living? These Kardashians are REALLY starting to annoy me. I'm sure people are SO glad to read that she can afford to buy another COMPLETELY RIDICULOUSLY OVERPRICED car...she's ridiculous.

1076 days ago


All of these butt head stars who want to flaunt these huge purchases in this economy should be shot. Classy rich people will make sure noone knows they are out buying super expensive things. The Queen of England makes sure to keep it on the down low and so should anyone else right now. People are starving and losing their homes.

1076 days ago

karen dapello    

My husband just remarked that she'd better enjoy that car while her ass still fits in it.

1076 days ago
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