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Kim Kardashian Adds $325k Ferrari

to MILLION DOLLAR Car Collection

10/5/2011 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian Ferrari
Kim Kardashian
just dropped a cool $325,000 on a pimped out new Ferrari, TMZ has learned … and it may only be the SECOND most expensive ride in her MILLION DOLLAR auto collection.
The reality star picked up the super-customized, super-rare 458 Italia from Plantinum Motorsport in L.A. earlier this week ... the same place where she got that famous fleet of Phantoms for her wedding.

Kim’s new lightning fast car is painted white – which is shocking, ‘cause she typically prefers black speedsters.

Earlier this year, Kim picked up a BALLER customized Rolls Royce Ghost. It’s unclear how much she paid for that ride, but they usually START at $255k.

Kim also has a “super-charged” $115k Range Rover in her garage – along with several other cars she likes to drive when she doesn’t feel like showing off.

Hate yourself yet?



No Avatar


So gross

1111 days ago


Total poser, famous for getting peed on, will be twice divorce in a year, and will be broke in 5 years. Famous for nothing but a sex tape.

1111 days ago


who is the hot babe with her...who gives a **** about the car??

1111 days ago


it shows what a loser country we are to make someone with no talent rich for being a slut on a sex tape.

1111 days ago


What a vapid wh*re. Donate that money to the hungry and needy you fat bitch.

1111 days ago


OMG, they look like HOOKERS! While the rest of the country is trying to pay their bills, this family is rubbing our noses in their crudeness. Please stop watching their reality shows and they will go away.

1111 days ago


im still confused..... what DOES THIS FAMILY ACTUALLY DO to help contribute to society???

1111 days ago


The rich crack me up, with people losing there homes and no food to eat, and we have a reality person (not a star), buying a car for her collection. What a self centered (BIG) a-hole.

1111 days ago


Ok now WHO THE HELL WEARS THAT KIND OF OUTFIT IN THE DAYTIME?? Only hookers would wear that. They both look like friggin hookers.

And, quite frankley, I'm getting sick of seeing that pompous and pretentious look on her face these days when the paps come around. She used to have to pay the paps and was always grateful looking, now, just like many celebs when they "make it", they have that look like they can't be bothered anymore. That's called paying the bills BITCH!! You couldn't shove that fat azzz of yours in front of a paps lense quick enough a year ago, now you're above it and annoyed??

1111 days ago

Second Opinion    

A lot of bitter and jealous people. It's actually pretty entertaining seeing people get so worked up over this. =)

1111 days ago


She was voted MOST ANNOYING REALITY TV STAR! Gee, I wonder why? She is self absorbed, and narcissistic! DISGUSTING! And I happen to be quite pleased with my life. I own a car, a home, work every day....and I got it all WITHOUT making a sex tape! Have at it Kim K. You act happy...but your insecurities are very obvious.

1111 days ago


Let the children suffer in Africa, Kim, you spend money on yourself, go for it.

1111 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Yea this is what everyone wants to see, a talentless whore trotting around in a $325k Ferrari.

1111 days ago

I am Spartacus    

and no TMZ i don't hate myself, i hate you for promoting this no talent loser family as much as you do.

Pari******on has pretty much disappeared. Lindsay Lohan has pretty much disappeared (except on this site when Dina pays TMZ to write something good). Why won't the Kardashians disappear? Who the hell actually watches their crap? What is entertaining about this family? Nothing.


1111 days ago


Raise the whores taxes ASAP!

Before she burns in hell for her actions!

1111 days ago
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