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Nancy Grace

We're 'Investigating'

the Mystery Fart

10/4/2011 5:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

-- Nancy Grace claims she's been FRAMED in the "Dancing with the Stars" fart mystery ... and tells TMZ an "investigation" is underway to find out who REALLY dealt it.
Grace -- who was doing a post-dance interview on the show last night when someone let it rip -- tells us, "As an ear witness on the scene, I can absolutely exonerate Tristan, myself and Brooke."

She adds, "However, the rest of the cast -- seated just inches away -- all remain under grave suspicion.  The investigation continues."


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I could care less about her farts. I care about her absolute horrid use of the station HLN. She advertises for herself day and night and we have to keep watchng her lame perfomance if we want to watch others on that station. Last night her leaning on the railing with her boobs pushed up when all the others were standing was a joke. I am so very tired of her self promo, which others don't have the ability to do. So very tired of her and both her sets of twins!

1118 days ago


Nancy Grace is so gross! She obviously farted and now covering it up and blaming it on other people. Doesn't she try to promote honesty on her show. Well, she obviously is a liar. Why do people even listen to her?

1118 days ago

Lynette Smith    

Who care, what you should care about is the joke this show is for keeping Chaz on who can't dance at all. The judges gave him 6's when he barely moved his feet. JOKE!!! ABC just wants Cher on their show.

1118 days ago


Nancy Gross IS A BIG FART!!!! Not only can't she dance she
can't ever shut her big fat ugly mouth. Now she is throwing evil on Amanda Knox, like this poor girl hasn't been through enough, Nancy is dumping on her. Gross is GROSS!!!

1118 days ago

My New Name    

TMZ - if I've told you once, I've told you a DOZEN TIMES:


In the world of legitimate members of the press and journalists, we are taught from the first year of journalism classes that "under way" is one of those hallmark mistakes that reveal which writers are true reporters and which ones are not trained journalists.

"Under way" is not the only telltale mistake that exposes someone who doesn't know what he or she is doing; there are others. However, because it is so frequently misused, how to properly write "under way" is so drilled into journalism students' brains, that if you see an author write it as "underway" then you know that author is not a trained journalist or is simply very bad at his or her craft.

Of course, there are other elements that go into making a good reporter than the technical part of the writing. But the technical part is the most basic part of being a writer.

If you don't know the basics, like whether a simple phrase is one word or two, there's not much of a chance that you are going to get the more complicated parts of the job correct.

Now, that's at least 13 TIMES I've told you that "under way" is TWO WORDS. Get it right next time and stop looking like rookies.

1118 days ago


She needs to invest in a new bra. Her triple z's are hanging at her knees. Forget Bloomingdales she needs to go to an welder. A bra made of Reinforced steel with titanium bolts and I-beams designed by a bridge engineer.

1118 days ago


As usual TMZ has the stupidest low-class comments because they obviously have nothing better to do. How about some quality reporting for a change you a** holes. You are a bunch of juvenile, idiots who should take a long hard look in the mirror before you say the stupid things you say. This is NOT a quality celebrity information site. Never will be.

1118 days ago


Technically when she opens her mouth it's considered a fart. She opened her mouth so she's the one who farted.

1118 days ago


We all saw the photos of CHAZ buying about 20 pounds of CHEESE at the super market. Cut the cheese?????

1118 days ago

I am Spartacus    

i am yet to watch an episode of this season but its clear that its fixed. I saw once again Chaz Bono had the lowest score yet wasn't in the bottom 2 and instead another hot chick gets voted off.

It seems they are keeping Nancy Grace & Chaz Bono hoping they will generate ratings and get them attention.

1118 days ago


Has anyone noticed Ricki Lake's blatently GAY fiance?!?

1118 days ago


Jimmy Kimmel just asked Kristin if she was sorry that she did not get a sex change operation? Kristin had a great attitude on the Jimmy Kimmel show.

1117 days ago


OK : somobody did it, period. now let's bring Elisabetta back! this show is becoming a joke. Fat people are the best and everything but I wanna look at some nice girl dancing if you don't mind: old(er) and fat please don't stand in front of me when I wanna watch TV.

1117 days ago


THIS JUST IN- Nancy Grace was caught sucking Chaz Bono's **** backstage!!!!

1117 days ago


nancy blows hot air from both ends. watch out for the explosive diaherra

1117 days ago
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