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Dr. Murray's Baby Mama

I'm Ready for My Close-Up!!!!!

10/4/2011 10:10 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

nicole alverez
There's no bigger stage for an aspiring actress than the Conrad Murray manslaughhter trial -- and today, the doc's 29-year-old baby mama is NAILING her biggest audition ever!!!

Nicole Alvarez
-- a former Vegas stripper Murray met in 2005 -- is flashing her BIG, GIANT, er, smile on the stand right now ... and during her testimony, she's proved she's got some serious emotional RANGE!!!

Just check out the pics below -- think she'll get a gig out of this???

nicole alverez expressions


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Jimmy jamz    

I like how she couldnt say where they met. Can you say strip club?

1113 days ago


This chick is totally ridiculous. Murray should be ashamed of himself.

1113 days ago


This chick looks like a crack whore.

1113 days ago


OMG you know the defense attys are going to go off on this Ho! She is really hurting Dr Connie. I do wish the prosecutor would be more aggressive when it is so obvious that the Ho is lying. That would really shake things up & the trial needs it. This is the first witness that has really hurt the defense and I giggle as it is Connie's Ho. Did you get the fact that this Ho was also hitting MJ up with jobs in showbiz? Defense stopped that but at least it still came out. Keep up the good work Ho.

1113 days ago

Don't Question Authority!!!    

I am glad she dressed for the occasion. What a whore!

1113 days ago


She is screwing Conrad in the worst way now.
She is so disingenuous in her every word. This stupid bimbo has made it clear to anyone that can see or hear, that she is A LIAR, no logical person could take her seriously on ANY level. Also, tried to check her on IMDB. Here you go Those "national commercials" you were doing, there would be a record of that.
No wiki either, Has this dumb **** ever heard of a little thing, they call THE INTERNET? What a mess, this guy is sooo screwed, I can't imagine what will ensue when they talk tonight. What a totally ridicoulous biatch.
But "You reap what you sow" Have fun in prison Conrad, and thank Nicole

1113 days ago

Bo Jangles    

I have to admit. I'm a Casting Director, and I looked her up through Breakdown Express. She has more credits than her IMDb page, but nothing really significant. A couple of co-stars that led to a guest star. She's trained with Margie Haber and other coaches. I will be shocked if she doesn't get booked for something after this. What that "something" is will be anyone's guess.

1113 days ago


I almost spit up my coffee when she said she has to keep her instrument tuned up. This chick is delusional.

1113 days ago


With the size of that mouth, and the fact that she is/was/may still be but we don't know for sure, a stripper in Vegas, she seems to be tailor made for at least one aspect of "acting". Just not in Hollywood. More like the San Fernando Valley.

1113 days ago


Some vocalists consider what they do with their mouth, their "instrument", and if they work with it enough, they may end up "stinking rich", no difference with her, but maybe slightly different.

1113 days ago


The killer of these women r puppets too..Shame on all!!!

1113 days ago


I can really identify with this buck-toothed chick. I loved being the center of attention at my trial. She obviously loves it too. Yes we're two of a kind...

1113 days ago


Hard to take her serious when she can't sit still and seems to want to practice her dramatic facial expressions while testifying!

1113 days ago


Next, a Conrad Murray sex tape will be hitting the net in 5..4..3..2..

1113 days ago


To me it looks like she has a very high opinion of herself. I also believe she is not being entirely straightforward. Her comments concerning what she saw of the employment contract between MJ and Murray seem to confirm that. First she saw it, then she didn't after all.

1113 days ago
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