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Tareq Salahi

My Groupie Slut Wife

Stole Over 50 Hotel Bathrobes

10/4/2011 3:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Tareq Salahi is selling off millions of dollars worth of bad memories this weekend -- including his wedding ring, some priceless art ... and over 50 bathrobes that his no-good, two-timing, "groupie slut" wife allegedly stole from hotels across the world.

The laundry list of Michaele-inspired items will hit the auction block this Saturday on a website called -- and Tareq tells TMZ, he hopes selling it all off "will help bring closure to this ridiculous situation I am in.”

As for how Michaele amassed such an expansive collection of bathrobes -- Tareq tells us, "As soon as we arrived [at the hotels], Michaele would call housekeeping and demand a bath gown saying that there was one missing. So when we checked out we would not be charged for taking it."

Tareq adds, "Looking back I know realize this is indicative of our relationship together, full of deceit, lies ... and bathrobes."

Some other items to hit the block -- bed linen, clothes, furniture, and two original sculptures with a combined value of $3.3 million. And it's all going to benefit charity. Everybody wins!  


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I think this guy is funny and now I quite like him!!! Who knew??!!

1084 days ago

Josh T.    

She would not have had to steal those if you weren't a bankrupt fraud and could actually buy her some nice things without them being taken away just a few weeks later. Just saying... F-R-O-D.

1084 days ago


Do these people realize the kind of people they're married too at the time or does it take a cheating wife to realize just how crazy they are? It says something about who people date and marry.

1084 days ago


$3.3 Million for stolen robes and bed linens? Talk about ill gotten gains! That's a lot of loot. Someone should tell Michaele so should can fake a reconciliation with Tareq; then steal the $3.3M dollars and continue screwing Shaun in hotels while touring with the band. That way she can recreate her "robe" collection.

1084 days ago


Not to mention pettiness, a big mouth, and a total inability to move on and realize that nobody gives a **** anymore except you.

1084 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Really, he just found out that they were stolen? No? Does he plan on returning them to the rightful owners? No?

What a piece of ch!t

1084 days ago


Seriously, this is all a joke. He's gay. They've been media whoring through their sham marriage. She fell in love with Neil Schon and didn't want to have to keep it in hiding, so they constructed this whole story as a way to extract the most publicity out of their "break-up."

Don't believe me? Just look at everything else they've done.

1084 days ago


He's hoping the robes that have Michaele's skid marks in them bring 20% more.

1084 days ago


Millions of Dollars worth of stuff??....He is still....Livin a Lieeeee....!!!!!

1084 days ago


Is it me....Or did the Groupie Slut look kinda of hot up on stage the other night....Could've been the lighting??

1084 days ago


It's ALL GOING TO BENEFIT CHARITY?!?!?! What CHARITY you may ask... Simple, Tareq Salahi's Personal Bank Account!!

1084 days ago


It's ALL GOING TO BENEFIT CHARITY?!?!?! What CHARITY you may ask... Simple, Tareq Salahi's Personal Bank Account!!

1084 days ago


In all likelyhood the hotel charged them for the missing bathrobes. The dumb@ss probably never checked his bill.

1084 days ago


If anyone believes this chronic, habitual liar is auctioning off artwork worth "$3.3 million" and giving it to charity, well, as Lewis Black would say, your f*ck nuts. This d'bag, like his winery, is bankrupt, which why his wife left him.

1084 days ago


Well now this all makes sense.....I have always believed this was a publicity stunt, but I couldn't figure out what they were gaining from it...but now I get it. No way the money from this will go to charity.....

1084 days ago
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