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Camille Grammer

Screw Kelsey

I'll Take the Kids

10/5/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Camille Grammer
's instincts were right -- that Kelsey Grammer would not take his kids to tennis, dance and other activities while he has the kids this week -- so she's now taking matters into her own hands.

We got Camille taking her son to a tennis lesson Tuesday, and she was more than willing to tell us either she or the nanny will be shuttling her kids back and forth this week.

Camille and Kelsey had to go to court last week because they couldn't agree on the custody arrangement while Kelsey was in L.A. Camille tried convincing the judge Kelsey would not take the kids to their pre-arranged activities because he didn't want to see her face-to-face, but the judge still gave Kelsey the kids for the week, provided they don't miss tennis, dance and what not.

But Kelsey has been a no-show at dance and tennis this week, and Camille has given up on him.

Remember how much in love they were, once upon a time?


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He only wants his kids on his terms I really don't think he wants his kids, I think he wishes he could have divorced them too but if he don't act like he wants his children people will judge him harshly (true) . He is a selfish deadbeat and only looking forward to the hoops for the new Misses to jump through. Fraser Crane huh, Doctor heal thy self.

1114 days ago


Is Kelsey that p-whipped that he has to put his kids last. sad.

1114 days ago


I just don't understand the negative comments about Camille. I have never watched her show. She was totally and completely screwed over by Mr Extremely Little Thing BIGTIME. She thought she had a good husband who encouraged her to do her show. Then he goes to New York to do a play and the next thing she knows, she sees her husband on TV announcing to the world that his girlfriend is pregnant. How many of you out there would like to find out your husband is cheating on you this way???? He did not even have the moral decency to tell Camille first. And for the record, his new wife has to be the most butt ugliest giant toothed homewrecker in the history of nasty homewreckers. WHY HAS NO ONE COME DOWN ON MRS EXTREMELY VERY LITTLE THING AS A HOMEWRECKER???? Now, it seems Mr Extremely very little thing was in California for the week and he "wanted his children for that week." Camille attends every single one of her children's activities and lessons and Mr Extremely Very Little Thing takes her to court to get the kids for that week. Camille informed the judge that Mr Extremely Very Little Thing would NOT participate in the children's activities, yet the judge gave him the kids that week. Of course Camille showed up for the children's activities, she never misses them. As she predicted, Mr Extremely Very Little Thing was NOT there. Why did he even bother, why did he want the kids???? Plain and simple, to stick it to Camille. Mr Extremely Very Little Thing (kelsey grammar) is a piece of c**p. I will never watch anything with him in it again.

1114 days ago


I hope these kids don't blame themselves for the actions of their parents, because that's the first thing a child does when their parents fight with each other. It sucks that some parents find that their egos are more important than the well being of their children.

1114 days ago

Joanna Pell    

this complaint about Kelsey is from a woman who has four nannies take care of her kids during her week, pre-divorce, and had a surrogate carry her children because she did not want her body to be ruined. Now she's the madonna figure? Please, someone hand me a violin.

1114 days ago


How dare that women expose her innocent children to the paparazzi! What kind of parent does that? She's a media whore and I swear she or one of her lackeys is in constant contact with TMZ and all the other outlets. How else would a camera guy just show up at a tennis practice or dance class? She is so obviously using these kids and I hope she pays big time one day!

1113 days ago


Kelsey is a pig--got another woman pregnant while he was still married to Camille.

1098 days ago
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