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'King of Infomercials' Don Lapre

Slit Own Throat with Razor

10/5/2011 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"King of Infomercials" Don Lapre died from a self-inflicted razor blade wound to the neck, law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

We're told jail guards found piles of blood-soaked clothing lining Don's bed in his Arizona jail cell. Sources say ... officials believe Don used the clothing to conceal the bleeding in order to thwart efforts to save his life.

Lapre was found dead in his cell Sunday morning. The autopsy was completed yesterday.

As we previously reported, Don's mother claims her son had been treated for severe depression after the TV pitchman was jailed in a vitamin fraud case. She also claims jail officials took away his meds, which may have played a role in his apparent suicide.


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Hate to hear about anyone taking their own life. It is so sad that people can think that the pain will never end. Praying for his family.

1112 days ago


I'M dabbing the tears from my eyes as I type....not booo hooo.Hope he gets a tiny apartment in he11

1112 days ago


THAT's gotta hurt!

1112 days ago


Yikes. That's gruesome.

1112 days ago

Bob R    

Don Lapre was a good and kind man, a gentle soul, with a huge heart. He always thought
of others before thinking of himself. He was a good family man, a great dad and he loved
his wife dearly. He had a drive that would have led him to success no matter what he did,
but Don truly believed that he could help people better their lives by giving them the
opportunity to own their own business. He created thousands of jobs for people and opened
up people to the thought that they could succeed on their own. Not many people made money
by investing in Don's business ventures! Let’s be honest the majority of people who
ordered his packages did so in a late night drunken whim and never even opened the
packages or gave the businesses a chance. Don bent over backwards to try and help these
people by calling them back and trying to guide them though the process of getting
started. That’s a lot better than you'll get from your broker or investment banker. They
where cheap easy to run low cost businesses for people who otherwise had no hope of ever
owning any business at all. Don's businesses where scams? I think not. Don devoted much
time and research into what was hot and current. In the 90's 900 numbers where hot and
a lot of companies where making a fortune so Don offered that to his people. Then when
the health craze was in full swing he offered the Vitamin biz to his people. He was an
encouragement to thousands of people who went on to own their own businesses in many
field. Don gave you drive and encouragement and a way to start and run a small business.
The US government has tried the same thing with its business packages that have cost us
over 500 billion dollars... How many people out there feel encouraged by them?...They
say that he bilked over 220,000 people out of over 52 million and only under 6000 made
money totaling less than 6 million that is an average of over 10 percent... The national
average of successful start up small businesses is less that 10 percent.... So Don's
businesses really did better than the US Small Business Administration... What a
shock... Don was a good man and never did anything that would be construed as breaking
the law. Don offered hope to the hopeless wonder if I can get an indictment on BofA for
fraud and malfeasance for mismanagement of my moneys... Or perhaps an indictment against
Fannie Mae for ruining my investments and leaving me with worthless property I can't
even sell...I know o*****uy that stole over 2 trillion dollars from over 300 million
people but he's not facing indictment... His name... George W Bush.. And how about
Halliburton and Cheney they stole 800 billion dollars to rebuild the Nation of Iraq and
they still haven't even fixed the roads or rebuilt the schools but they are asking for
more money... It seems the 800 Billion was spent on Corruption. I am very sorry for the
loss Don's family is going through and am appalled by the posts from people that comment
on what they have no knowledge of. Don you were a one of a kind man who lived his dreams
and tried to share them with others you will be greatly missed.

1112 days ago


I'm sorry her son took his own life, but his mother also thinks her son was innocent--if he believed he was innocent, he would of stuck around to fight the charges.

1112 days ago


You cannot put some people into the prison system their psyche cannot handle it!!! Make nicer jails for non violent offenders not a 4x6 cell with a metal toilet and bubba!

1112 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Rest in Piss, azzhole

1112 days ago

fred alexander    

its too bad the US justice system is so 3rd world. maybe that explains why they continue to go down in the G8 standards of progressive countries. screw the yankees, they are so bass ackwards

1112 days ago

Politico Pablo    

The fear of having to face all those he scammed was just too much for him. Jail official's screwed up, should've search his cell more thoroughly.

1112 days ago


He was allowed a razor blade in jail and they took away his meds? Sounds like he was set up to take his life.

1112 days ago


tbat is just sad that this poor man killed himself in such a heinous way.

1112 days ago


Good riddance scammer.

1112 days ago


Those of you commenting like you are experts clearly have never been unfortunate enough to be on the government'***** list. He did not steal--- people called him wanting to buy his products. The government just didn't like what he sold. Reebok was just fined a minuscule fraction of their net sales for clear, blatant false advertising--- no government take-down of that company. Why? They admittedly were untruthful in their ads, but our their executives heading to prison? Anyone calling their execs "s***bags"? Don't be stupid---- big Pharma is running this country. The vitamin business is a 6 BILLION dollar business in Europe.
Use your brain, and don't trust a word the media says--- it simply isn't the whole story but one very biased, self-serving side.

1112 days ago


Oh Boo-Hoo Whimper Snif...
No Loss!!!!!

1112 days ago
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