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'King of Infomercials' Don Lapre

Slit Own Throat with Razor

10/5/2011 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"King of Infomercials" Don Lapre died from a self-inflicted razor blade wound to the neck, law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

We're told jail guards found piles of blood-soaked clothing lining Don's bed in his Arizona jail cell. Sources say ... officials believe Don used the clothing to conceal the bleeding in order to thwart efforts to save his life.

Lapre was found dead in his cell Sunday morning. The autopsy was completed yesterday.

As we previously reported, Don's mother claims her son had been treated for severe depression after the TV pitchman was jailed in a vitamin fraud case. She also claims jail officials took away his meds, which may have played a role in his apparent suicide.


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If you are going to kill yourself, why do it a slow and painful way like that?

1076 days ago

Throwback kid    

Whatever happened to the King of infomercial scammers Tom Vu? is he still alive?

1076 days ago


He for the most part knew that people were gullible,and believe you me..if it sounds to good to be is usually a scam!!!!!

1076 days ago


You know so many poorly tasted comments. He was a man who made many mistakes but non the less still a human. To his mother.. I am sorry for your loss. Do not listen to all the lonely people on the internet saying awful things.

1076 days ago

Gwen Hankins    

We've become a callous nation--the man was in jail for a VITAMIN fraud case. No one is saying that fraud of anykind is acceptable. The man slit his own throat. Depression is a disease and last I heard compassion, at least for his mother, would indicate a level of humanity. This isn't funny. Someone died. Geese . . .

1076 days ago


Billy Mays was the king of infomercials. This guy is a clown

1076 days ago


Who is this guy. I never heard of him; but say what you want; if he hustled that many people out of that much money; he must have been damn good.

1076 days ago

Quinn Stone    

He could do the crime but not the time.He took the easy way out. Instead of feeling bad for Don Lapre,you should feel bad for his victims who lost money thanks to this guy. He was a thief, plain and simple.Good Riddance!

1076 days ago

Quinn Stone    

To all of you who feel sorry for this guy, let me point out that there are people out there with cancer and other terminal diseases fighting everyday for their lives.This guy made the conscience choice to throw his away.He is a coward and yes, a thief who betrayed people's trust with a fictitious, bogus product and ran like the bitch he is when the authorities came calling. To hell with him and those who defend him.

1076 days ago

this guy was no Billy Mays!

1076 days ago


My goodness you people make me sick, the guy may have fooled people, stole money but I doubt anyone went broke sending him money for vitamins, he didnt pull a berny, and you guys say he deserved this fate??, shame on you all, God please forgive this man and take his troubled soul to Heaven and please bless his family and help them thru this and while Im asking please forgive everyone who believes this man deserved this.

1076 days ago


You can see no more Mourning his death. Compared to Steve Jobs who is a hero in the Tech world, Don Lapre is a Fringe.

1076 days ago


At the end of the day he was a human being, who made a mistake, a human being who was a son, a brother, a father, a husband...a human being. Was it really necessary for the way he died to be published? Isn't saying suicide enough?

1075 days ago


It slices, but does it dice?

1075 days ago


i wish yau'll wud let mj r.i.p! he's dead and gone y dont you talk about something else president! damn we finally got rid of george bush and here he come and gas prices are still the same! high as hell! i voted for obama and i wish i never wud have!people still suffering because of jobs that dont pay enough..the cost of living in shreveport la. is high! i should run for president!!!

1075 days ago
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