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Michael Jackson

Bedside Lined with Pill Bottles

10/5/2011 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson propofol bottles
If it wasn't obvious Michael Jackson had a drug problem before -- this oughta do the trick ...

According to an investigator for the L.A. County Coroner's office, Michael Jackson's bedside table was lined with a pharmacy's worth of prescription pill bottles.

Investigator Elissa Fleak just testified -- she inspected MJ's bedroom the day he died, and found the above collection of pill bottles beside the singer's bed.

Among the pills -- a collection of sedatives Diazepam, Lorazepam, Temazepam ... the list goes on.

Fleak says she also found a blue bag full of Propofol vials -- the same bag MJ's security guard Alberto Alvarez claims he packed on Murray's orders ... before calling 911.


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Both MJ and Conrad are guilty. MJ for taking the medications however they were given. He had a choice he could've said NO to the medications. Obviously he wanted them. Conrad is guilty because he should never have given Michael the medications he was begging him for. Especially since the medications should never be administered outside of a hospital. A doctor should know when someone is addicted and not fuel the addiction!
Having said this, who had the greater responsibility to look after MJ? MJ himself or Conrad. I would never let someone give me medications like that, he had to know the risks! He had to know what he was having done was illegal. He could've simply said no. MJ is responsible for his own death as far as I'm concerned. Conrad is guilty of being a quack doctor and should have his license pulled and never practice again.

1092 days ago


MJ was a sad, pathetic man, who was a drug addict as well as mentally unstable! He along with Conrad brought about his death! Conrad will be convicted . MJ was no saint!!

1092 days ago


Imagine that....

1092 days ago


As with so many people who r addicted - those who raise their voice & try to 'intervene' - are often 'cut off' all together by the addict - who doesn't want to hear the 'voice' of reason. The fear becomes if the addict cuts me off / shuts me out - I have zero chance of being able to help. I can't imagine there is anyone who truly knew him & loved him (& even some of those that worked with him) that doesn't wish there was 'some way' they could have helped him. It's so very easy to judge (should have - could have - would have) family & co-workers when they are on the outside looking in - being on the inside looking out - I can only imagine - is much more terrifying.

1092 days ago


Is it just me or does ConRat seem way too relaxed and cool? I would think, that he would be nervous and sweating bullets or something - especially after the Prosecutor revealed all the drugs that ConRat tried to conceal. Also, I cannot wait to ConRat on the stand - the Prosecutor is going to have the Time of His or Her Life with HIM!!!


1092 days ago


Anyone who disrespects Michael, including TMZ can Rot. "DR." is going down. Needs his license revoked.

Also in regards to the crotch remarks: considering all the women singers who dance like whores for their male audience in music videos, I'm getting real tired of jealous lame men complaining because MJ was the only male since Elvis to give the ladies something to watch. Yeah it's a man's world and all about mens enjoyment and that's the problem. Its not audacious when the women do it, only when the men dance sexy is it wrong-haha. Double standards.

1092 days ago


....besides, i can't recall the bottles being lined up. I thought the bottles were found somewhat scattered and tossed throughout the bedroom. yah know, to make it look messy. I bet murray went back to holmby hills to scatter the bottles personally.....while hiding behind the guise of concern to the MEDIA that he was going to get some embarrassing cream that michael would not want anyone to know about. remarks like that should tell the world that murray was not a friend of michael's. murray hated michael. murray hated michael so much that he took one final attempt to humiliate him piblicly.

all these tapes of voice recordings are just character assination being used by was all planned. the recordings are not evidence that will clear murray. only a monrgrel would buy this as evidence.

only what happened to michael after he left the staples center matters. from the time michael entered his house until the time murray did not leave for the day to carry out the oxygen tanks. There's not a man associated with the case with enough balls to disect those hours(phone records and recorded footage)....that's where the conviction lies.......

i know, i know,,,,skip over all of it and start talking about the text messages, going to pee, dropping the phone on ms anding, the Amish, the price of canned bacon and butter from Holland, expiration dates on random discontinued no name brand products of Bangladesh distributed by slippery rock commercial roofing...anything other than the evidence.....right Chernoff?

What? no recording of michael talking under the influence of medication on the day he died???....Oh Nooooo just use a recording six weeks prior........i guess you gotta get your 666 in there somewhere. you failed at using Michael in life and you're trying to do it in only works on the deceived. the fans are not deceived!
act 1 and act obvious.

1092 days ago

American Mom    

Conrad murrey was the black market! He took this job with pure greed. It is unbelievable how much drugs were found in Michaels bedroom. The prosecution did good today convincing everyone that this was complete murder. I don't know if Michael was an addict however, no matter what, conrad murrey had an obligation to be the educated sober professional and completely failed at that. He sat back after injecting him with all this crap and taped him talking. Michael wasn't even sick and all that medical stuff was crazy. As for his family, he probably didn't let them just drop on in and hang out in his bedroom they were shut out. What a very sad situation. Michael was truely talented.I can not believe conrad murrey only gets 4 years if found guilty. Who thought of that? This reminds me of the movie Amadaus. In the movie the dude watched as he killed him slowly. Wow just unbelievable what goes on behind closed doors.

1092 days ago


all these tapes of voice recordings are just character "assassination" being used by murray

the fact that murray is going this route should tell the world that it's him who lacks character. recording your friend while he's under the influence of medication? murray is a no good snake. chernoff better pat that brothah down and make sure he's not wearing a wire.....murray is a dirty rotten snake.

my apolpgies to all the snakes on earth. you reptiles get a bad rap, but placing murray in your category is just too much....i'v crossed the line.........right? lol!

1092 days ago


i think everyone knows jackson wanted the drug, hence the reason he hired murray. jackson is not on trial though, so why some people feel the need to point out that jackson knew what he was doing etc is beyond me. Jackson has not been charged with his own death, murray has. Jackson paid the ultimate price for his weakness. That does not mean the person who supplied and adminestered the drug is not to blame. That man should have said NO. He must have been out of his mind to agree to such a dangerous practice no matter how much someone was willing to pay. That jackson wanted the drugs and was willing to pay is not a factor, he couldn't get it if there was not someone willing to supply and administer it, a doctor non the less. Why people keep harping on that he wanted it, its his fault, i'll never understand, but i hope none of you have any children or God knows what will happen to them......"oh well, you wanted to play with that loaded shot gun, i just gave it to you"

1092 days ago


I only see 7 pill bottles and a whole lot of vials and IV supplies. I thought Murray had cleaned up before EMS arrived?
Murray was so negligent on so many levels. I don't believe he was that ignorant. Involuntary manslaughter is an under charge he should be up for 2nd degree murder.

1092 days ago


If I'm going to except all this at face value, no way would I blame the victim. MJ had a problem sleeping and unfortunately went to extreme measures to ensure that he get some rest. He hired a Dr (obviously the wrong one) for a very generous fee of $150 grand a month. He only had one patient. His only job was to give him the stuff at night and make sure he woke up in the morning. Dr Murray worked the grave shift. So his ass was suppose to stay with him during the whole procedure and make sure he had absolutely everything needed to ensure that he wake up each morning. He failed miserably as a doctor in every way possible.

1092 days ago


Trial of the Century - Part 5...
This is just....TOO much.....
Sure, Michael surrounded himself with bottles and bottles of meds whether he planned to take them or not. HILARIOUS!!
First of all, Fleak did NOT say they found those bottles of Pills by his bed, they were found IN THE ROOM. They only found Lorazepam and vials of Propofol by his bed--on vial was under the bed....where someone CONVENIENTLY placed it, imo......
Funny how in all of their "reporting", TMZ left off the story that Michael's fingerprints weren;t found on ANY of the bottles....
Another VAIN attempt bites the dust.......(Insert Vincent Price Cackle here)

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