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Michael Jackson

Drug-Induced Rambling:

"I Had No Childhood"

10/5/2011 11:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson I had no childhood
Michael Jackson
wanted to dedicate his "This Is It" concerts to his children -- and in a heartbreaking conversation Dr. Conrad Murray recorded weeks before the singer died, MJ claims, "I love them because I didn't have a childhood."

You can hear MJ's voice in the recording -- slurred, incoherent -- explaining how he wanted to outdo The Beatles and Elvis with his final concerts, and go down in history as the greatest entertainer who ever lived.

Michael becomes extremely emotional while speaking about his children -- claiming, "I had no childhood. I feel their pain. I feel their hurt."

Murray recorded the conversation on his iPhone on Sunday May 10th, 2009 at 9:05 AM. It's unclear why -- but according to prosecutors, it documents MJ under the influence of "unknown agents." It also shows Murray was familiar with Michael in altered states of mind.

At one point in the clip, Murray asks Michael if he's okay -- and Michael responds, "I am asleep."

The recording -- a clip of which Prosecutor David Walgren played during his opening statement -- was uncovered by investigators after they seized Murray's device.


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Christina Aguilera Pours Her Ample Curves Into Skimpy Costume For Jackson TributeChristina Aguilera Pours Her Ample Curves Into Skimpy Costume For Jackson Tribute
Posted on Oct 09, 2011 @ 08:00PM print it send it
WENNBy Radar Staff

Christina Aguilera poured her very ample curves into a skimpy corset and fishnets as she performed at the Michael Jackson tribute concert in Wales on Saturday, and has the stunning photos.

With her oh-so-unflattering outfit plus her blonde hair extensions looking wild and unkempt, the 30-year-old singer drew gasps from the audience.

PHOTOS: Christina Aguilera Pours Her Curves Into Skimpy Costume For MJ Tribute Concert

And while her performance of Charlie Chaplin's 'Smile' - one of the King of Pop's favorite songs - was a hit, her ensemble hit a seriously bum note.

The too-tight outfit did nothing to complement her curves, which has earned her both praise and criticism in the past.

PHOTOS: Rags-To-Riches Bikini Babes!

She did change into a more demure outfit later for a second set, but it was her Lady Gaga-inspired get-up which stuck in the minds of the 40,000 fans who had turned up to show their support for Jackson's memory.

Aguilera joined the likes of Cee Lo Green, Jamie Foxx and Smokey Robinson for the show called Michael Forever.

PHOTOS: Christina Aguilera Unsteady On her Feet

As previously reported, Jackson's three kids were also there, with daughter Paris wearing a duplicate of her dad's famous Thriller jacket

1075 days ago


Michael Jackson's Kids Star In Tribute ConcertMichael Jackson's Kids Star In Tribute Concert
Posted on Oct 08, 2011 @ 05:43PM print it send it
INFphoto.comBy Radar Staff

Michael Jackson's children paid tribute to their father in a star-studded concert in Wales Saturday.

More than 40,000 fans turned up for the highly anticipated Michael Forever show, which took place at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.

PHOTOS: Michael Jackson's Kids Star In Tribute Concert

Prince, 14, Paris, 13, and Blanket, 9 all took to the stage to thank the audience. Paris was beaming while wearing a duplicate of her father's famous red Thriller jacket.

While performers such as Christina Aguilera, Gladys Knight, Leona Lewis and Jamie Foxx performed their hit songs, many of the Jackson family members did not make an appearance.

PHOTOS: Key Players In The Trial Of Dr. Conrad Murray

Jermaine, Randy and Janet Jackson felt the tribute was not appropriate given the ongoing trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, who is facing manslaughter charges over the death of the King of Pop.

However, Michael's siblings Marlon, Tito and Jackie did perform, billing themselves as the Jackson Brothers

1075 days ago


Hi Sofi,

I've been getting your responses and we seem to agree on a lot of things. Just think: Prince has less than 4 years to go before he can escape and get an apartment of his own. Perhaps at 17 Paris can pull that legal maneuver and have herself declared independent at the same time and move in with Prince, and then maybe they can go to court and tell the judge they want to take Blanket to live with them and Blanket can tell the judge that's where he wants to be. Then they can all get professional psychotherapy to help heal them from the years spent with Katherine, LaToya et al. They can also get the remedial education they'll need to get into college since there seems to be too much focus on fun and games and pursuing fame in the Jackson household and no emphasis on a thorough education. Then they can go to college, pursue their chosen fields, and become good philanthropic stewards of the enormous wealth they will have inherited, including building that children's hospital that was their father's dream. That is my dream for Michael's children

I'll be back in a few weeks. Ciao!

1074 days ago


Pegasus, Cherwood, Sofi, Anyone!

If you are posting on other MJ boards, please alert them to the following and ask anyone who knows how to alert both the Japanese fan clubs and John Branca/John McClain. The Jacksons are claiming to host a BENEFIT CONCERT FOR THE CHILDREN OF JAPAN, but NONE of the concert profits are going to that cause. The ONLY money being donated is the MERCHANDISING profits. This is a TOTAL CHARITY SCAM, and THEY ARE USING MICHAEL'S NAME TO DECEIVE PEOPLE !!!

OMG! Katherine Jackson and her clan are about to pull ANOTHER CHARITY SCAM, this time on the good and honorable people of Japan! Someone alert the MJ Japanese fan clubs and tell them to BOYCOTT!!

The Jacksons are claiming they are HOLDING A BENEFIT CONCERT for charity to help the CHILDREN of Japan affected by the earthquake, but NONE of the profits from ticket sales are going to charity -- ALL THE CONCERT PROFIT IS GOING TO THE JACKSONS.

The only amount to be donated to charity will be "MERCHANDISING PROFITS." That's right: people will have to buy t-shirts and mugs for any money to be donated to charity. After merchandising expenses are paid, the remaining profits will be donated "to help the children." The BULK OF THE PROFITS -- FROM THE CONCERT ITSELF -- GOES TO THE JACKSONS' BANK ACCOUNTS.

Here's how it was described in one article (CAPS are mine for emphasis):

Jackson Family announce ‘Michael Jackson Tribute Live’ concerts in Japan (Dec. 13 and 14)

Michael Jackson’s family are staging a BENEFIT CONCERT in Japan TO HELP CHILDREN affected by the earthquake earlier this year, as they know it is a cause the late star would have supported.

Katherine Jackson has announced the Tokyo EVENT WILL HELP A CAUSE that her son would have done everything he could to support. Speaking at a press conference...she TEARFULLY told media: “If Michael was alive, he would definitely have done something to help the victims of the earthquake in Japan. Michael loved children, he would have felt for those children who lost parents or homes.”

...The brothers can’t wait to get to the country and DO SOMETHING TO HELP THE JAPANESE PEOPLE affected by the natural disaster which hit the coast of the Far East country in March.

MERCHANDISING profits from ‘Michael Jackson Tribute Live’ – which will take place in Tokyo on December 13 and 14 – will be donated to ASHINAGA, a charity which helps children who lost their homes or families in the March earthquake.

THE JACKSONS ARE PULLING ANOTHER CONCERT CHARITY SCAM, this time on the peole of Japan. No wonder we have a reputation abroad as "THE UGLY AMERICANS." Jackson Family, YOU ARE A DISGRACE!

John Branca and John McClain, they are using Michael's good name for a CHARITY SCAM. DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1073 days ago


Sorry, did the link wrong the first time. Here is the link for you

1073 days ago


To TSIG & Canreadbutnotwrite:

There is a new book comming out on Nov. 1 about Michael Jackson.

JOSEPH VOGEL is the author of three books, including the forthcoming Man in the Music: The Creative Life and Work of Michael Jackson (in bookstores November 1, 2011). He writes about popular music and culture for The Huffington Post and PopMatters and lives in New York.

1073 days ago


Coroner Admits 'Unknown Liquid' In Michael Jackson's StomachCoroner Admits 'Unknown Liquid' In Michael Jackson's Stomach
Posted on Oct 11, 2011 @ 07:00PM print it send it
Splash News/WENNBy Jen Heger - Radar Legal Editor

The medical examiner that did the autopsy on Michael Jackson admitted under cross examination by Dr. Murray's lawyer, Michael Flanagan, that there was an unknown liquid in Michael Jackson's stomach, is reporting.

The jury listened intently as Flanagan questioned Dr. Christopher Rogers about the contents of Jackson's stomach. "There was dark liquid found in Mr. Jackson's stomach. It could have been fruit's unknown what the dark liquid was," Dr. Rogers said.

The medical examiner revealed that there approximately 70 grams taken from the King of Pop's stomach. Flanagan also showed jurors 9 1/2 Lorazepam pills from a prescription bottle of Michael Jackson's that was recovered from his bedside table.

PHOTOS: Key Players Of The Conrad Murray Trial

It was a very emotional day as Deputy District Attorney David Walgren showed jurors an autopsy photo of Michael Jackson. Dr. Rogers said the King of Pop was 5'9 and weighed 136 pounds and "he was healthier than the average person of his age.". The autopsy photo evoked tears from Jackson family members, and Jackson fans.

Court is in recess until tomorrow morning.

1073 days ago


1073 days ago


even when he was suffering of pain he was thinking about helping other. he's wonderful he's an angel. In these times people just think about themselves but MJ is different

1004 days ago
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