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Pierce Brosnan's Wife Sues

A Restaurant Hurt Me Bad!

10/6/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Keely Brosnan -- the wife of one of the best James Bonds ever -- has sued a Santa Monica restaurant, claiming she ate tainted food.

Keely claims she went to R & D Kitchen -- a fancy schmancy restaurant that has great burgers -- back in October 2009, and became "sore, ill and injured."

The suit does not say what Keely ate, but claims she "sustained serious and permanent injuries to her health, strength and activity."

She's suing for unspecified damages.



No Avatar


Oh for F sakes. Did she eat rice in the last 5 days? Did she touch a doornob, use a restroom, touch a ATM pad? Did the person before them maybe NOT wash their hands, and give her a COMMON stomach bug? Jeeze, some of these self entitled wacks will sue for ANYTHING.

1115 days ago


I also got perm damage from food poisoning. I wish her luck. I am sure she filed quite some time ago, the court system can drag its feet. Everyone on Kauai loves you!

1115 days ago


Looking at this picture she doesn't look too bad, so I thought people were just being cruel. Then i googled her. Damn just because they make bikinis in your size doesn't mean you have to wear them.

1115 days ago

Big D    

OMG, she suffered a double chin in that eating accident

1115 days ago


Keely was NOT a "skinny bone fake woman" before. Here she is in a Huey Lewis video:
What she is now is simply FAT...and that explains the enormous boobs now, too...FAT and unheathy!

1115 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

This is why I don't eat out anymore. A few years ago I ate at black-eye peas and the same night I had serious pains. It's best making your own food.

1115 days ago


I just knew there were going to be tons of fat comments over this, BUT the fact remains, food poisoning CAN have some pretty severe long term health problems.... I for one am thrilled that such a hottie obviously loves and adores his wife, overweight or not. Not something you see alot of in Hollywood types, Hugh Jackmans wife is no bone rack either. Real men love the person not the body... and NO I'm not fat...

1115 days ago


Once gorgeous Keely is now stuffing herself like a Thanksgiving turkey. For PR purposes, you might want to
lay low when drawing attention to stuffing your face with FOOD!

1115 days ago


For once TMZ kinda got it right, thank you for showing Keely's face and not putting the emphasis elsewhere. Would you people be saying those words directly in front of her? I doubt it. It really takes a genius to point out she's overweight and make that the focus. Restaurants do need to be careful with their process, they can cause some serious damage to patrons of any size.

1115 days ago

She's a fat cow, god only knows what she inhaled during her feeding frenzy.

1115 days ago


Why doesn't she just come out and say what she contracted?

1115 days ago

Mary P    

Wow - some of you are ridiculous. You aren't happy until she's stitched and stuffed and pulled which makes her only look "decent" not even good for a couple years before she starts changing over to Jocelyn Wildenstien territory which then you will start attacking her for getting too much plastic surgery!

Seriously, not everyone likes bottle blonds with scars all over their body from inserting and removing things that make people human. There are guys out there who's rather have the plumper girl over one that when you run your hands across feels like a giant hard skinned scar - which will all start falling down in a couple years anyway.

1115 days ago


I got food poisoning from Subway...did I sue them? Have fun trying to prove this lady.

1114 days ago


OH, get over it. People feel like they have to sue anytime something wrong like this happens and they get sick or grossed out or whatever. Like the gum in the food thing. It shouldn't have happened. But it did, and it does, and it will again. Now if you are so sick you end up in the hospital for a while requiring extensive medical attention and care or if you have been permanently damaged, that may be a different story. If not, put on your big girl panties and get over it. Wimp.

1114 days ago


I would be a little suspicious of a restaurant that calls itself "R&D"...

1114 days ago
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