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Sarah Palin

I'm NOT Running For President

10/5/2011 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin
just announced she's not running for President of the United States.

She made the announcement via a statement to Mark Levin, a conservative radio talk show host.

Palin said, "After much prayer and serious consideration, I have decided that I will not be seeking the 2012 GOP nomination for President of the United States."

Palin added, "In the coming weeks, I will help coordinate the strategies to assist in replacing the President, re-taking the Senate, and maintaining the House."


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Mumra the Ever Living    

I understand that she was the chick in the Tupac video.

1083 days ago


The best thing this country could do is to get rid of both political parties. Then people would have to pay attention to what each candidate says and decide who would be the best person to lead us.

1083 days ago


what will the media do now since palin is not running for president oh wait pick on another attractive woman bachman since hillary is unattractive and a democrat she will be safe from media scrutiny the media "sucks!!!!

1083 days ago

Ronald RayGun    

The only ones that are disappointed by this news are her allies in North Korea!

1083 days ago


THANK YOU JESUS! Thank you America~! Thank you thank you thank you! .

1083 days ago


She knew she did not have a chance. All of her dirty laundry has been aired. She now concentrate on "pimping" her talent-less daughter.

1083 days ago


So much for Caribou Barbie. Of course she didn't run for president. She actually came out of her land of delusion & realized that she didn't have a chance. Also:

1) Guaranteed she'll be served with divorce papers within 6 months.
2) She's a coward; she couldn't face all the bad press she's generated & have to deal with the media asking her questions (she doesn't want to be questioned about anything; it disrupts her napoleanic complex).
3) She's incredibly narcissistic. Being mentally challenged, she actually arrogantly believes that she's going to be a power broker in the republican party. Arrange strategies? I think not. And that aggravates her.

What she's really going to do is sit on the sidelines, out of the media attack zone, and give out communiques about her ideas of how things should be. And, make a buttload of money with little work. Which is fine with me, because it keeps this dimwit out of a position of power...

1083 days ago


Dang. I was hoping she'd run, make a complete ass of herself, and THEN GO AWAY forever. She's a complete idiot.

1083 days ago


Palin as governor of Alaska...dumped her State of Alaska, governorship to make more money. Sara Palin has made alot more money then her Governor salary ever could.

Palin, damn near 4 years later she still can't answer basic questions.

1083 days ago


Sarah -- Here's a newsflash for ya -- NOBODY CARES!!!!!!

1083 days ago


"after much prayer...." Basically God said, "for the sake of the nation, you will not run for President". Now I know for sure that there is a God!

1083 days ago

silverchixx, bububyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

1083 days ago

foxy brown    

dumb, dumb, dumb thank god what a looser

1083 days ago


Thank GOD !!!!!!

1083 days ago


Thank God!

1083 days ago
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