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In Shocking Audio Recording

10/5/2011 3:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Michael Jacksons' trademark high-pitched voice was all AN ACT ... at least that's what Harvey believes after listening to shocking new audio of the drugged up singer, which was recorded on Dr. Murray's iPhone.

Also, David Cassidy explains why it's taken him 37 years to sue over Partridge Family royalties ... plus MTV's Johnny Bananas has beef with a cartoon monkey ... and they both call in to explain their wild lawsuits. Plus, money can't buy happiness -- but it CAN buy Kim Kardashian another ridiculously expensive car.


(0:00) Why did Conrad Murray record a drugged up Michael Jackson? Harvey thinks it was simply a keepsake.
(3:20) We play a snippet of the disturbing recording.
(6:01) Did Michael actually have a LOW voice? Harvey thinks "Michael Jackson" was just an act.
(12:30) After hearing the audio recording ... do you think MJ could've accidentally killed himself while in that state?
(18:30) Kim Kardashian buys ANOTHER ridiculously expensive car -- is she just rubbing her money in our faces?
(26:02) Harvey's take on how money can't buy happiness.
(33:30) David Cassidy thinks Sony has been screwing him out of profits -- for 37 years! He calls in to explain why it took so long to sue.
(44:45) Johnny Bananas is suing HBO for using his name -- and he dukes it out with our attorney Jason over the merits of the lawsuit.


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Hey you may wont to have TNZ Live on at 1:00 so we can watch the murray trial !!! please !!!

1117 days ago


I think Murray recorded MJ because he KNEW on 5-10 he may have to CYA himself and the stupid DR didn't take into consideration his negligence - as a "professional" he is showing by recording this moment that he CLEARLY understood MJ needed help - and Murray CHOSE the money over taking care of MJ.

1117 days ago


los sigo siempre soy de argentina y para mi todo esto es un circo y michael jackson esta mas vivo que nunca besos de toda argentina para todos untedes los de TMZ

1117 days ago


I to think that MJ was talking about all of the children, Not just his children as being all of the angels. And for Kim Kard...... Lame... Nice to have that kind of money and it is her right to spend it as she sees fit but I think that with all of the drama going on with recession and the millions of people losing their homes and not knowing where their next meal is coming from.... What a slap in the face to people that are suffering due to the recession and all. Its sad.

1116 days ago


Harvey! That's OLD news! Lisa Presley told that story a
long time ago about Michael saying how everyone would be
shocked to hear his real voice because it's so deep.
I can't find the original story, but someone else online wrote this: Michael actually has a deeper voice in real life...his high pitched voice is part of his stage persona. Lisa Marie Presley also said this in an interview after she and Michael were divorced (not sure of the date though). Also, if you watch Michael's "private home movies" special, there's a clip where he's in the grocery store shopping (it was closed for the night), and there's a moment when he's looking for some gum...when he finds it, the camera zooms in on him, and he says something about "Not just red, but big red," and then laughed, all in a deeper voice...deeper than I've ever heard it.

1116 days ago


Many people didn't / don't understand that MJ was an illusionist. When he was the artist Michael Jackson (or "on stage", as he said himself), he acted that role. When he met someone, he'd speak with the high pitched voice for a few minutes, then he'd switch and speak with his normal voice. He spoke with his normal voice on the 'This Is It' announcement, though, and sang with his normal voice on '2000 Watts' (he used to sing all voices - chorus - himself), so it's nothing sensational or new. His voice got lower over the years, but he was still able to sing the high notes. Michael had a 4 octave voice range!

1116 days ago


Poor Michael didn't have a childhood!! After he moved out how many years did he act like a child, "playing" with children and having sleep overs. For how many years does the average person do this maybe 10 years (10-17 years old). And Michael was 49 when he died....come on. He needed some serious help. He was doing the drugs.

1116 days ago


harvey your just another bashire anything for ratings, but you could tell the truth for once about mj he was a wonderfull man nd deserves some repect. people always like to take the great down. its a shame

1116 days ago


It was impossible for Michael to have given himself 2 10cc syringes of propofol which would equal the amount the cororner found in his body with all those drugs in him. He could barely talk let alone load 2 10 cc syringes with a catheter port in his leg in a upside down position to Michaels hands. The cororner will be the one to send Murray to jail!

1116 days ago


If the Propofol was found under the glass table - as the investigator stated - then that pretty much proves that MJ did not inject himself. Because for anyone who has recieved the drug for a procedure knows - that you do not just wake up and pop up. You fade in and out for several minutes. Plus, with all the other drugs in his system - he would have been like a drunk. Had he tried to get out of bed to get the drug to self medicate - he would have collasped and odds are knocked the chair slightly out of the way and the stands and everything on them. They would not have been neatly placed. Also, had he collapsed or stumbled or whatever - Murray surlely would have heard the noise and returned to the room. So the self injection theory is BS! Besides, MJ was afraid of needles!

1116 days ago


Why the hell would a "Doctor" who's treating a patient record him under the influence? He was setting him up for future extortion. And is it even leagal to record someone who doesn't know your recording them in Cali? Why were these tapes even allowed into evidence? Wasn't Murry his doctor? What happened to patient/doctor confidentiality???

1116 days ago


I totally get what Harvey's saying about MJ's voice. I noticed it immediately when the first part of these recordings was released. It also now makes me wonder which voice he used when speaking to his children? And if he spoke in the normal tone, what the hell did they think he was doing when speaking like a child in public? So strange.

1116 days ago

Kathy Kenosha    

Michael's voice wasn't fake....
My own mother's voice went down a few octives when she was placed on tranquilizers. Think before you write these type of comments....geez!

1116 days ago

Flying Blind    

can't even brouse your website now without loud voice ads popping in and out ........ back to ROL I guess.

1116 days ago


Conrat said "I know you WOULD." This proves he KNEW he was going to kill him. He should be charged with murder in the 1st!!!!!! He recorded it because maybe he wanted to prove what he did to whoever wanted him to do it.

1116 days ago
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