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In Shocking Audio Recording

10/5/2011 3:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Michael Jacksons' trademark high-pitched voice was all AN ACT ... at least that's what Harvey believes after listening to shocking new audio of the drugged up singer, which was recorded on Dr. Murray's iPhone.

Also, David Cassidy explains why it's taken him 37 years to sue over Partridge Family royalties ... plus MTV's Johnny Bananas has beef with a cartoon monkey ... and they both call in to explain their wild lawsuits. Plus, money can't buy happiness -- but it CAN buy Kim Kardashian another ridiculously expensive car.


(0:00) Why did Conrad Murray record a drugged up Michael Jackson? Harvey thinks it was simply a keepsake.
(3:20) We play a snippet of the disturbing recording.
(6:01) Did Michael actually have a LOW voice? Harvey thinks "Michael Jackson" was just an act.
(12:30) After hearing the audio recording ... do you think MJ could've accidentally killed himself while in that state?
(18:30) Kim Kardashian buys ANOTHER ridiculously expensive car -- is she just rubbing her money in our faces?
(26:02) Harvey's take on how money can't buy happiness.
(33:30) David Cassidy thinks Sony has been screwing him out of profits -- for 37 years! He calls in to explain why it took so long to sue.
(44:45) Johnny Bananas is suing HBO for using his name -- and he dukes it out with our attorney Jason over the merits of the lawsuit.


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DJ Blur    

yeah I seen video of him talking in deep voice and he can sing deep too but maybe he was sick?

1083 days ago

hostage crisis    

I don't get what Harvey found so funny about "Peter5150". I'm sure it's because I'm in the UK and it's culturally specific. But what's the joke?

1083 days ago


I think TMZ is pathetic talking about Kim KARDASHIAN and criticise her and the money she is making, when TMZ has Kim shoe AD constantly poping in TMZ when I go to TMZ website. It makes TMZ ridiculous to talk about her and to help her make money with the publicity you make to her shoe website. Kim is paying a good PR and a good publicist to make you ridicilous like that.

1083 days ago


About Kim Kardashian: You would never say that about Jay Leno or any other male.

It is none of our business the way any one spends their money.

It is our business whether we want to watch the show, or buy their products.

1083 days ago


MJ was a drug addict... Plain and simple... Dr. Murray was the enabler. He got caught as the enabler, and or supplier/dealer. Doctor license or not. What he supplied to MJ is the same as a controlled substance and should be prosecuted as so. All this hipe for a drug charge that involed a death. How many cases are already on the books for this? It's all hipe and people want to make a name, and or exploit this case for dollars.

1083 days ago


It is not just Harvey that owes Michael and his kids an apology,but a whole lot of people out there. Mike was healthy and looked after himself,he hired professional people to look after him.Murray just made a huge unforgivable,disastrous,heart wrenching mistake.Mike was NO drug addict.

1083 days ago


There is new video footage of what Conrad Murray was doing on June 25th around noon:

1083 days ago


No, not an act. His voice changed over the years. Listen to it during the London O2 announcement...sounded nothing like the Michael in his youth.

1083 days ago


Children that are abused often speak in a baby voice when they grow up.

1083 days ago


Thank you for your interview with David Cassidy. I hope he wins in his lawsuit.

1083 days ago

CloBird are supposed to be knowledgeable about Hollywood.Anyone who followed Michael Jackson was well-aware that he did not always talk in the Motown-trained soft-pitched voice.He did not speak in the high-pitched voice when he introduced his Super Bowl act;he didn't use the high-pitched voice on several of his videos!

1083 days ago


do these cars even come in automatic? I assume this bimbo knows how to drive stick (like all girls should ANYWAY)..I certainly do, have ONLY owned manuals, current car is a 6 speed :) I hope Ferrari doesn't make automatic b/c that person wouldn't deserve to drive one

1083 days ago

carly wright    

How could Conrad, as a doctor not think about the consequences if this "treatment" went wrong. $150K is not worth what he is going thru now, I'm sure a lot of drs ran away from Mike when offered a this job, smh. If I were a dr I wouldve asked Mike is he crazy!! I'm not givin u no damn anesthesia, if u die the entire world is gonna wanna kill me........

1083 days ago


Michael Jackson was the best singer in the world because even though he had a low voice he could sing with a high pitched voice. That's incredible.

1083 days ago


Why tmz has no woman in its teams ?

1082 days ago
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