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2Pac's Family:

We Will Sue ANYONE

Who Tries to Sell the Sex Tape

10/6/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Afeni Shakur
's 1991 sex tape will NEVER see the light of day ... according to the rapper's family, which has now threatened to SUE anyone who attempts to distribute the footage.

TMZ spoke with a spokesperson for Pac's estate, who was VERY clear, "We will sue anyone who tries to sell a Tupac tape."

The rep insists ... only the estate has the power to authorize the use of Tupac's image for commercial use ... and there's NO WAY the sex tape will ever get the proper approval.

We're told Tupac's mother, Afeni Shakur, is aware of the tape -- and has told her spokesperson, "Get the legal team ready because [we] will not allow someone to put it out."

The rep tells us ... the estate is trying to figure out who is marketing the tape by attempting to identify the individuals who appear on film, including the leading lady, believing one of them might be the culprit.


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Wish the lady had taken the steps to prevent this loser from entering this world in the first place. Great job of parenting!

1078 days ago

Gsharon 710    

You go MaMa. The pic have now been available for copy. Tupac was a human and humans will do strange and exciting things for pleasure...right Harve?

1078 days ago


Didn'*****ch video, but can I join the lawsuit too? I saw the still pics and I still haven't gotten over it, traumatized to the max

1078 days ago


Oh, it's too late. Colin Farrell had a lawsuit in place yet his private video is all over the Internet due to it being posted for only a few minutes.

1078 days ago


The mother has loads of money from his questoinable criminal lifestyle to fight any immorality that her son did to maintain his preceived integrity? Talk about irony!

1078 days ago


just goes to show how this loser (yes thats right I called 2Pac a loser) has absolutely no respect for woman. So he got shot... was anyone really surprised? I am so over this guy.

1078 days ago


I know who's trying to distribute it and he's a fame whore. He bought it for very little and he's trying to get as much money for it as possible, but who is going to want to watch some grainy, 90's video? It will just end up on tubes and watched for free anyway.

1078 days ago


Pssst ...someone should tell his mother that the images have already been leaked. If she wants a peek tell her to check out TMZ.

1078 days ago


Maybe TMZ can just publish the sex tape frame by frame. Would that be ok for those that want to see it?
BTW I'm not one of them, I think this whole situation is sick. The man is dead, let him rest!

1078 days ago

sharleen mendes    

I cannot believe this....another sex tape recovered but I am curious about this comment from a few days ago I heard about Tupacs' death - P Diddy arranged for the hit & you know what? I believe it and that is the reason why his best friend is dead as well!!!!

1078 days ago


I dont understand how people are calling this lady money hungry. When she is just making sure people are not dirtying her sons name. This nam has had any thrown at him whe when he was alive. Cant we just let him stay dead in peice. If she was money hungry she would have asked them to negotiate it the deal with her because she is in charge of his estates. But she is saying it will not. leave them alone.

1078 days ago


Again who cares? He's a rapper known for thugging smoking weed and hanging out with porn stars. He wasn't a saint so this hardly is a surprise to anyone especially his mother.
Even when he was alive this shouldn't have surprised anyone; surprising it took this long to be leaked though.
He's a dead rapper who cares. He wasn't some hot chick so besides curiosity sakes wtf would you buy this??? porn purchasers tend to be straight males mainly. It's also not a full sex scene but a girl giving him a *******.

I seriously doubt this even a sexy video as he was drunk/high Anyone paying big bucks for the rights is a idiot as I seriously don't think theres any demand for this.

Is it katie holmes, sandra bullock,etc etc? No

Its a rapper getting blown? Yeah thats surprising. Catch me when they catch will smith or some celeb i'm not expecting

No thanks I'll pass. I suspect the buyer will overpay and make almost none of the investment back seeing as its just a bj by a rapper who was famous for a hedonistic lifestyle.

1078 days ago


@SLH you're kiddng right?

1078 days ago


Huh? I didn't know his mama was Randy Jackson???

1078 days ago

the real diva    

hopefully they can identify the idiots who are trying to market this sex tape and sue anyone who tries to put the sex tape is sick how it is being brought out in the open now, someone is money hungry. trying to make a few millions from it. hope the people who are doing it get their butts sued.destroy the tape and any known copies and put it all to rest.

1078 days ago
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