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Amanda Knox's Dad

The Lifetime Movie Is B.S.

10/6/2011 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1006_amanda_knox_father_videoAmanda Knox's father Curt Knox  claims the Lifetime movie that depicts his daughter as a violent murderer is "bulls**t" -- and there's a lawsuit pending in Italy to yank it off the air.

Lifetime originally aired the movie back in February -- starring Hayden Panettiere -- and Amanda sued shortly after, claiming the movie exploited her and contained several "implausible" scenes.

Obviously, Amanda's murder conviction has been overturned -- and Lifetime has since edited the movie to reference the updated ruling.


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Congrats Curt you raised an ugly little tramp.

1082 days ago


Thank You TMZ for telling me what "Lifetime" edited so i don't have to suffer that awful movie again.


1082 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

Curt inviting Raffaelle to visit. LOL. Why, so they can have another sex-fueled drug murderous rampage? Does Curt want to join in? I wonder if hearing all of Amanda's murderous sexcapades turned Curt on and now he wants a piece of that sick sociopathic slut he procreated? So disgusting. Wonder if Amanda will have "hot sex" with her dad...she's always up for new thrills.

1082 days ago


Curt hide your face, your daughter is butt ugly.

1082 days ago

Surfer Gal    

Hey, Daddy Dearest, Why was your angel buying bleach the morning after? You know, that thing that erases DNA.

1082 days ago


Your daughter is bs....lying little ****

1082 days ago


you have gots to be out of your mind. So fu_king ignorant. Your hate for Amanda is deeper because you did no research but read fake news.
1.Guede "...became a suspect in the murder two weeks after Miss Kercher's body was found, when DNA tests on a bloody fingerprint and on samples taken from the body were found to match samples which police already had on file following his earlier arrests."[61] A manhunt for a fourth suspect began on 19 November 2007 after a bloody handprint found on Kercher's pillow was matched to Guede.[5]:219 Guede had left Perugia by train a few days after the murder. Interpol had traced a computer that he had used in Germany to access Facebook and reply to a message from a Daily Telegraph journalist.[62] In his message, Guede had said that he was aware that he was a suspect and wanted to clear his name.[63] On 20 November 2007, the Bundespolizei arrested Guede on a train near Mainz, where he was apprehended for travelling without a ticket.[19] When questioned, he stated that he was returning to Italy to give himself up.[19] He was extradited to Italy on 6 December 2007.[64]

2.There was no forensic evidence directly indicating that Knox had been in the bedroom in which Kercher was murdered.[60...] Knox's fingerprints were not found in Kercher's bedroom, nor in her own bedroom.

3.The theory prosecutors Giuliano Mignini and Manuela Comodi first put forward for the motive in the murder involved a Satanic ritual orgy,[84][85] similar to the charges of belonging to a Satanic sect that Mignini had unsuccessfully leveled at 20 others in the Monster of Florence case.[86][87] The prosecution also posited it may have been a "cult sacrifice".[88] Mignini denied ever saying that Kercher was the victim of a "sacrificial rite".[89] Later, the prosecution hypothesised that Kercher's murder involved a sex game gone wrong,[90] or that the victim had refused to participate in an orgy,[91] or that Knox was motivated by "jealousy".[88] The prosecution also suggested that Guede went to the cottage to meet Knox, that Knox stole money from Kercher to pay Guede for drugs, and that Kercher walked in at the wrong time and was sexually assaulted and murdered.[92] At trial, the prosecution stated that Knox was easily given to disliking people with whom she disagreed and the time had come to take revenge on Kercher.[93] On another occasion the prosecution theorised that she fell victim to "a rage caused by smoking marijuana".[88] The defence stated that the prosecution had further changed their theory of motive to an economic one.[94] Rolling Stone, quoting a prosecutor as stating "[w]e live in an age of violence with no motive," reported that the prosecutors could not prove either motive or intent.

4.Problems with evidence against Knox and Sollecito

According to the New York Post:
The actual knife used to kill Meredith Kercher was never found.
DNA on another knife found at Raffaelle Sollecito's house had such a slight presence it could not be ruled an exact match to Kercher.
Experts said that Kercher's blood-stained bra clasp had been lying on a floor for so long that it was useless as evidence.
No DNA from Knox was found in the bedroom where Kercher was fatally stabbed.
No reliable witness could say Knox and Sollecito were in the house when the murder occurred.
Knox's lawyers argued that her purported confession to being in the house during the killing was not true, claiming she had made the admission under no sleep and extreme duress and stress.


1082 days ago


The only thing I've ever agreed with Nancy Grace on is her statement on the Knox verdict,What about her bloody shoe print?Ironic that the Black guy is the only one in jail,Knox is from a wealthy family,what ever they spent will be retrieved by way of book and talk shows.Eventually a fabricated movie that pleases the dad.Casey,Amanda and the hikers all lied.

1082 days ago


The only time I've ever agreed with Nancy Grace.Casey Amanda and the three hikers,all guilty.Amanda like Casey and hikers will be paid big time via bookdeals,talkshow circuits.So sickning.Ironic,the only one who's doing time is the Black guy.What about her bloody shoe print?

1082 days ago


Yeah, I bet he believes his daughter isn't a slut neither!! You really did a bang-up job raising that guilty POS! Innocent people don't lie or frame an innocent man for murder!!!

This is what I believe happened...Amanda Knox was jealous because Kercher was so likeable by others. Knox had to throw herself at guys for them to like her. Knox was fired at the bar that she was meeting all those guys that she was screwing. And the bar owner told her that he was hiring Kercher. Knox got mad at Kercher. She wanted revenge. She got her "boyfriend" and Guede to rape and kill her. She stole her money. And then she told police that the black bar owner did it.

Read more.....

1082 days ago


Alot of ignorant people making comments on here.

1082 days ago

Big Mamma Cornbread    

Free ....after are the odds...the other so called woman killed her daughter and disposed of the body with tied wrists and duct tape along with her so called POLICE WHILE INNOCENT MEN ARE BEHIND BARS SERVING 18-20 YEARS IN PRISON ONLY TO BE FOUND NOT GUILTY BECAUSE OF D.N.A.

1082 days ago

Big Mamma Cornbread    


1082 days ago


Her DNA on the bloody knife, her ex-boyfriends sperm on the victims thing's for sure, if I ever need a lawyer I'm gonna call Amanda's!

1082 days ago


Tell me I'm not the only one that realized they misspelled "role" at the end. Good job, Lifetime.

1082 days ago
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