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ESPN to Hank Williams:


10/6/2011 7:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hank Williams
The Monday Night party is over for Hank Williams ... ESPN has just fired the singer, days after he compared President Obama to Hitler.

ESPN had already pulled the song from Monday's game while they mulled Williams' fate -- but now, it's permanent.

ESPN released a statement, saying, "We appreciate his contributions over the past years.  The success of Monday Night Football has always been about the games and that will continue."

As we previously reported, Williams went on Fox News earlier this week, and referred to Obama and Joe Biden as "the enemy."

He later called his comments "dumb" -- but never really apologized for saying them.


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OK ESPN, you just lost a customer. You're over-reaction to the statement regarding Obama shows you have no balls. This guy has given the public the greatest opening to the games ever with his music. I expected you to have more courage. Shame on you!! Nobody likes Obama, but because he's black, you are all too afraid of being called racist to admit he has been a dismal failure. I voted for him. What a mistake. Never again.

1078 days ago


Former CNN anchor Rick Sanchez was fired for saying" the left-wing,liberal,East Coast Jews & Jon Stewart" controls the media",in a recorded interview. Was he Right?Wrong? Dosen't matter,his employers didn't agree.There is probably something in his contract,that gave ESPN an out.
After all, they sign his checks........

1078 days ago


To all the "What about free speech" comments. The constitutuion only protects and limits the GOVERNMENT from denying your right to speak freely. It doesn't protect you from your private employer. Read your contracts or your Employee handbooks people. If ESPN doesn't want to be associated with Hank Williams because of what he said, that is also their right.

1078 days ago


ESPN -- your fired!!!

1078 days ago


his freedom of speech has not been infringed upon. The government has not take his right to speak his mind away. What makes you people think you can say whatever you want and not have your private sector employer fire you? Learn what the Constitution actually means.

1078 days ago

good as gold    

Hank Jr was NOT fired.

The TMZ headline is FALSE. Hank Jr RESIGNED and released the following statement: "I have made my decision, me, my song, and all my rowdy friends are outta here. Its been a great run."

Thats a direct quote.

1078 days ago


You guys are crazy. He epitimizes MNF. Now they will get some yahoo like Madonna and I will qui*****ching until the game starts.

1078 days ago


@goodasgold Stop spamming that LIE, what do you work for espn PR department or something? You make me want to vomit. HANK WAS FIRED FOR TALKING DOWN THE BLACK MAN!

1078 days ago


Pretty damned bad when you can't speak the truth in the United States, without being ridiculed

1078 days ago


ESPN should've fired him when Disney acquired ABC and MNF. At the time they were dealing with the backlash of replacing Al Michaels and Joe Madden with Mike Tirico and the other less stellar commentators. I'm glad Hank finally gave them a good reason to let him go.

1078 days ago


Mr Williams does not acurately understand the first amendment......He DOES have the right to free speech in this country, he expressed himself and was not jailed or punished by the govenment..THAT is his protection under the first amendment.

NOW there is also what I will call "Freedom of Consequence" and that is to say if you are a celebrity who markets their name or endorses a product based on face and name recognition, you better understand the concept of Freedom Of Consequence.

Tiger Woods has the right to screw whomever he pleases, however, if he is being marketed as a family man for family products,. those who pay for his image have a right to discontinue using him as the image for their product.

In this country, you have the right to go in this morning and tell your boss "F**k off.: you will not be punished by the government...freedom of speech....you WILL, however, be fired...... but free to repeat the phrase all day long while looking for a new job......freedom of speech.....

1078 days ago


I'm really surprised of how many bitter old man conservatives are on tmz

1078 days ago


they should stop showing pittsburgh games with mendenhall

1078 days ago

Maxine Manus    

I have never commented on any story, blog, etc., but I felt compelled to in this case. What is happening to America where a person cannot express their political views with fear of being fired??? What happened to free speech?? It doesn't matter what Hank said, he made no threats,and no one has to agree or disagree with him, but he had the right to give his political views without fear of retaliation. What a shame this has happened, and shame on you ESPN.

1078 days ago


ESPN just like Obama dosn't have a proublem putting people out of work.

1078 days ago
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