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ESPN to Hank Williams:


10/6/2011 7:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hank Williams
The Monday Night party is over for Hank Williams ... ESPN has just fired the singer, days after he compared President Obama to Hitler.

ESPN had already pulled the song from Monday's game while they mulled Williams' fate -- but now, it's permanent.

ESPN released a statement, saying, "We appreciate his contributions over the past years.  The success of Monday Night Football has always been about the games and that will continue."

As we previously reported, Williams went on Fox News earlier this week, and referred to Obama and Joe Biden as "the enemy."

He later called his comments "dumb" -- but never really apologized for saying them.


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But yet the NFL is inviting Madonna to do the Super Bowl half--time show, after comparing Bush, McCain and Republicans to Nazis several years ago...

1059 days ago


ESPN finally does something right. This right-wing, dirty redneck can bash his head on the dashboard of his pick up truc*****il he passes out. I can honestly say that you right-wing nuts are beneath me. Screw you.

1059 days ago


Sounds like he's one of those redneck, gun-totting, anti-government [but give me my roads, police, and fix my potholes] types. Is it that he dislikes that folks are civil and rather they just get stupid and ghetto, like him. These men have lives and business to attend to, they don't have time to placate to the lower forms of "intelligence"

1059 days ago


Freedom of speech means the government wont criminalize you for your opinion, it doesn't mean you wont suffer consequences for saying stupid things.

1059 days ago


He DID NOT compare Obama to Hitler, what he said was that golf "meeting" between Obama and Boehner was like Hitler having a meeting with the Israeli prime minister. It was a meeting for show only and like one would ever listen to or agree with the other. All these idiots that keep saying that he called Obama Hitler are just plain wrong. Pulling Hank off of Monday Night Football was stupid.

1059 days ago



1059 days ago


Monday Night Football is 4th rate, the worst coverage of the NFL ever.

1059 days ago


I don't understand. I highly doubt Barack Obama would agree with Hank Williams being fired. There's plenty of people love President Obama and plenty that don't. Just because this guy voiced his opinion he got fired. ESPN is dumb.

1059 days ago


Hank is a good hearted man and person and great entertainer. He spoke from his heart and its all a big deal now. If he spoke against G.W. its all well and good why he,s white, speak negative against Obama and you hate blacks. Black people hate us and it shows more all of the time. Hank was fired i believe so ESPN idiots would not get a lashing for keeping him. Why alot of your athletes are you guessed it black. Its true and its all here and should not be we should all be upset we cannot speak out any more oh i mean you can if its white on white or a black on white thats all ok .

1059 days ago


The only reason these people got mad is because Hank Williams told the truth.

1059 days ago


Kimmy - Hank is a "good hearted man?" Really?? Really?? Do you know him personally?

He has been married FOUR times and has 6 children, 3 of whom want nothing to do with him. He has been in and out of rehab alot over the years. He has had NOTHING to do with his mother for over 40 years.

If that's your idea of a "good hearted man" then whatever. I guess it passes for those good ole Republican family values. right??

1059 days ago

suzanne robertson    

Those who were paying attention in Civics or Government or History class know that free speech is a two way street. While the government will NOT interfere with an individual's right to free speech, the public maintains the right to turns its back on someone who uses his right of free speech to make hate statements. The government will not punish one who make*****eful statements, but the public most certainly has the right to do so, which is what happened in this case It is the public - not the government - who is holding Hank Williams accountable for the manner in which he exercised his First Amendment right of free speech. This is how a democracy runs. Hurray for America! We all win when the systems works. Hank Williams exercised his right of free speech, and the rest of us exercised our right to turn him off and tune him out. This is basic stuff that is taught in Civics classes.

1059 days ago

Rikki Doxx    

How many times during the Bush administration has he been vilified a*****ler? How many assassination remarks were made against him? So now we have an almost Black president and it's verboten??? I say BS to ESPN.

1059 days ago


An artist fired by ESPN for giving his opinions on air.

Something any person with integrity, and a respect for American freedoms that works at ESPN should be ashamed of.

By Hank coming out and saying he quits, it is a chance for him to take a stand against the actions of corporate elitists who think they are above most other people. Hence, they will punish someone for saying something they don't like. Even though in doing so, they degrade America, its' Constitution and ESPN as an entity.

PEOPLE: The same people that 'fired' Hank are the people who manipulate YOUR views through their control of media infrastructure, advertising, entertainment etc etc...

Those of you who feel 'offended' by Hank being outspoken about the state of America and the quality of its' political leaders, I can only try to explain to you: You are a duped lemming. Or a weak minion.

Thanks again for speaking from the heart Hank.

Big Poppa

1059 days ago

Rikki Doxx    

That "a****tler" was supposed to read "a*****ler"

1059 days ago
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