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ESPN to Hank Williams:


10/6/2011 7:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hank Williams
The Monday Night party is over for Hank Williams ... ESPN has just fired the singer, days after he compared President Obama to Hitler.

ESPN had already pulled the song from Monday's game while they mulled Williams' fate -- but now, it's permanent.

ESPN released a statement, saying, "We appreciate his contributions over the past years.  The success of Monday Night Football has always been about the games and that will continue."

As we previously reported, Williams went on Fox News earlier this week, and referred to Obama and Joe Biden as "the enemy."

He later called his comments "dumb" -- but never really apologized for saying them.


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No Avatar


In America you are free to say whatever you want.....until it pisses someone off. What ever happened to sticks and stones?

1092 days ago


Putting aside freedom of speech, he never said Obama was like Hitler. People dont even bother to listen to what was said just hear the two words in the same sentence and freak out

1092 days ago


When you get a job you must follow the rules of your employer, if you don't like them quit...He should have READ his contract, follow it or your out!

1092 days ago


Whatever happened to freedom of speech? Just saying...every body is so worried about being politically correct and frankly like the posters everyone is entitled to an opinion - I guess ESPN was worried about losing viewers which surely wasnt going to happen from any avid football fan

1092 days ago

steve dalton    

Hank Williams deserved to be fired - you do not disrespect the President of the United States. You may not agree with him, his policies, etc.; but you do not speak with such hatred and vile language of the person who holds the office of the President.

1092 days ago

Donna Sheain    

Sounds like Hank was right, criticize the current regime and lose your job.

1092 days ago


So ESPN did what Hitler would do? I guess Hank is lucky he didn't get thrown in the gas chamber for making comparisons. Bunch of hypocrites liberals are. Boycott ESPN

1092 days ago


he was fired for making abusive comments, in this case they were political in other cases like gilbert godfrey it was insensitive. he's a moron, they chose to fire him, that's their right. i don't care what political party side you are on the whole interview was uncomftorable and if you can make fox and friends politically uncomftorable than you have really crossed a line.

1092 days ago


He didn't compare Obama to Hitler morons. He said Obama playing golf w/ Boehner and Cantor is like Hilter playing golf with Netanyahu. That's called an analogy. Comparing a SITUATION to another SITUATION, not a person to a person.

1092 days ago


If you watched the interview, he did not say the President wa*****ler. He made a comparison that got peoples attention. Personally, I myself find it appalling that the President is out playing golf or in Ireland drinking beer and we are over here falling apart. Seems like Donald Trump also thought the golf games were out of line too. I have to wonder if ESPN will stop airing all sports (boxing, football etc.) that have had a member of the team accused of hitting or raping a women or abusing animals?

1092 days ago


Hitler did bad things but not throughout his whole life did he do bad things. He did good at the beginning but let power get to his head. People need to get over some people using the name Hitler. Most times they are not referring to killing of people but someone controlling people. Acting like Hitler means telling people continuously what to do. Employees etc. don't like being told continuously what to do. I'm sure that is what Megan Fox meant and Hank Williams.

1092 days ago


I don't like Hank Jr, but what ever happened to freedom of speech? Nowadays, everyone is being punished for what they say-it's an opinion people. Why don't people go after the Jon and Jane Does that say the same thing that aren't in the public eye?

1092 days ago


I don't like Hank Jr, but what ever happened to freedom of speech? Nowadays, everyone is being punished for what they say-it's an opinion people.

1092 days ago


You should send ESPN an e-mail...

I am appalled that you would fire Hank Williams for expressing his personal opinion and exercising his freedom of speech. He was not representing your agency when he made the statement and did not do it in while on your program. Whether I agree with him or not is not the point here, his free right to speech is the point. And since your station wants to suppress freedom of speech I will no longer be watching your station or any of your affiliate stations. I will also encourage everyone I know to also boycott your stations.

1092 days ago


Nobody should ever be compared to Hitler!
I remember Joy Behar said Rumsfeld was like Hitler.
She directly made that comparison & she kept her job on the View.
Disney just messed up on this one. Where's the constancy?

1092 days ago
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