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ESPN to Hank Williams:


10/6/2011 7:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hank Williams
The Monday Night party is over for Hank Williams ... ESPN has just fired the singer, days after he compared President Obama to Hitler.

ESPN had already pulled the song from Monday's game while they mulled Williams' fate -- but now, it's permanent.

ESPN released a statement, saying, "We appreciate his contributions over the past years.  The success of Monday Night Football has always been about the games and that will continue."

As we previously reported, Williams went on Fox News earlier this week, and referred to Obama and Joe Biden as "the enemy."

He later called his comments "dumb" -- but never really apologized for saying them.


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ESPN should and does have the right to fire an employee if it deems it necessary however I do not agree with their decision. It was an un-thought through comment he later clarified and aplogized for(I can give hundreds of examples where this has happened and termination was not the result) but in this case it was. Now, if it was done soley because of media pressure and closeted politics, it is very very wrong. The question is..what is sincere and what is political game playing these days? I further become distrustful of the media and their agendas.

1114 days ago


It's so wrong to fire someone for having an opinion.

1114 days ago


he is absolutely right to react in such a racist, unamerican, and unchristian fashion! i have been waiting for such a person/candidate!
he should run 4 prez! i'll vote for him, satan, and anyone else who says the usa sucks! if he converts to being a muslim--and his comments indicate he's very close--he will be perfect!
hank williams jr for president!!!

1114 days ago

John Houghton    

First off your headline is incorrect. There was no comparison of Hitler/Obama. It was made in relation to the extreme differences between the political thought of John Boehner and Obama and how far apart they are. So I will now ban ESPN from my tvs. Too bad!

1114 days ago

mere citizen    

Zere vill be no freedom of speech Here! Vhat you think this iz? America?

1114 days ago

travis dunlap    

Rednecks,stop crying about the so-called liberal media and freedom of speech. This ignorant ******* just broke the first rule of employment, "don't mess with your boss' money! His firing was just about business, not personal!! Just try embarrassing your boss tomorrow- stay neutral like the athletes are forced too.

1114 days ago


Williams never compared Obama to Hitler.He referenced a meeting between Netanyahu and Hitler to demonstrate the absurdity of expecting compromise out of any meeting between the extreme leftist-Obama and Republican negotiators.And as for Obama and Biden being the enemy-wasn't it Obama whocalled for bringing a gun to battle the GOP?What abject hypocrisy!

1114 days ago


He's a complete jerk. He got his just reward for his big mouth. What makes people think we truly have freedom of speech. We do to an extent but when you cross the line there are consequences.

1114 days ago


boycott espn. liberals have done more to trample on our rights than anyone on the planet. liberals only believe in free speech when you agree with them.

1114 days ago


You people are just pissed off because Hank Williams told the truth.

1114 days ago


It was OK when the Dixie chicks said the things they said about Bush. ESPN, I'm taking you off my cable!

1114 days ago


whats wrong with telling the truth?

1114 days ago


Dear ESPN,

I fired YOU last year. I fired your tv network, your website and your radio network. Your incompetence for making sports enjoyable made the decision obvious. I wish you well in your future endeavors... well, I really don't care.

Since Monday Night Football has been on ESPN, I've only seen it ONCE... not just because Theisman sucks as a color commentator but because of the way the game is presented. Kornheiser is annoying as a flesh eating virus and probably has the same effect on people. In fact, even without MNF ESPN still is a waste of time. Oveall, it looks like they've completely adopted MTV's programming philosophy. Out of 24 hours of programming 23 and a half are filler. Their website is all "insider" crap and rumors and every few seconds you get a new pop up ad or video/audio ad playing somewhere on the page. Really not much to say for their radio shows, I'm not that interested in a near dead format anyways and when I have listened in the past the hosts were as boring as old people talking about their medications.

Hank Williams Jr. deserves better than the lackeys at ESPN, but I'm sure the checks were nice. Its just so pathetic when points of view are canned because they are not what some suit/skirt feels is "politically correct".

1114 days ago


Why should he be punished for telling the truth? The liberal media is doing everthing it can to suppress any opinion other than it's own. SO LONG ESPN. Won't be tuning in.

1114 days ago


it's too bad ole Hank feel victim to the propaganda machine from the far right, it just cost him millions, idiot!

1114 days ago
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