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Hank Williams Lashes Back!

You Didn't Fire Me

... I QUIT!!!!!

10/6/2011 9:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hank Williams
Are you ready for some controversy???

Hank Williams Jr. claims his departure from "Monday Night Football" was by his OWN doing  ... insisting he was NOT fired by ESPN.

Williams released a statement ... saying, "After reading hundreds of e-mails, I have made MY decision."

He adds, "By pulling my opening Oct 3rd, You (ESPN) stepped on the Toes of The First Amendment Freedom of Speech, so therefore Me, My Song, and All My Rowdy Friends are OUT OF HERE.  It’s been a great run.”

It looks like ESPN beat Hank by several minutes in posting its announcement about the separation.

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Hank, take your hillbilly racist redneck ass back to the hell hole you crawled out from. It is bigots like this man who drags this nation backwards but you do not owe anyone an apology except the Jewish people for comparing a vile filth such a*****ler, that you and the rest of the Tea Ba99ers love, to a sitting president. White Trash

1021 days ago

Bigger Texas    

No Detroit - I didn't vote for bush - but don't compare crap to more smelly crap - it's still crap!! And washout - I hope the same for BO

1021 days ago


Well just goes to show we need to put all the New Nuclear Reactors in the Southeast as there is no sign of intelligent life.

1021 days ago


This isn't a free speech issue. Man, there are a lot of dumb people out there. ESPN goes out thier way to keep politics out of thier network. Most of the right think they can just do what they want and hide behind the constitution.

1021 days ago


He was allready fired when he did the compairingson. He seald his faite at that time

1021 days ago


hahahahaha- boo hoo, you can take the man out of the trailer but not the trailer park out of the man!

1021 days ago


Hey Hank, why don't you actually read the constitution sometime. Only the GOVERNMENT (Congress) shall make no laws restricting free speech. It doesn't prevent a private employer from not wanting to be associated with someone they disagree with. So, they didn't step on your "First-Amendment toes." Next time read your contract and understand your responsibilites as a representative of the company you work for.

1021 days ago


He really IS dumb. Stepping on his First Amendment rights would be he was jailed for or in some way prevented from making his comments. He got to say what he wanted, but the First Amendment doesn't mean his employer or anyone else has to like or accept his comments, or keep paying him money when they disagree. He was wrong, and is paying the price.

1021 days ago


Funny how things get so blown out of proportion. If he had said they were like a dog and a cat no one would have had a second thought about it. His analogy was that they were from different sides of the fence, not that anyone was really like Hitler. We all need to stop taking things so literally and automatically going on the defensive every time someone says something we don't like or agree with. Chill people.

1021 days ago


Get over yourself Hank Jr. You were out of line with your comments...thus you were fired.

1021 days ago


I call BS on ESPN! Hank is clearly correct. He had every right to voice his opinion whether people agree or disagree with what was said. PLUS the fact that the conversation was taken completely out of context and twisted to create controversy! His first amendment right was ****tered and I stand tall with Hank Williams Jr. Like him or not, the man stands by his convictions, which is more than I can say for most of the people in this country who go along with the flavor of the month.

1021 days ago


DUDE SHUT UP WHILE YOU'RE BEHIND!!! Typical mental case, apologizing one minute and the next flies off when it doesn't pan out their way.


1021 days ago


What happened to Freedom of Speech? Are we willing to give all our rights way. Don't agree with what was said but he is allowed to say it.

Please understand what freedom of speech means and stop misinterpreting it. Yes, he has the freedom to say what he wishes. Our government is not going to arrest him for it. He can say what he wants. That is "freedom of speech". ESPN as a non-government organization has the "right" to decide who they want to represent them. Freedom of speech does not extend there. Freedom of speech only extends to the government and public citizens on government property. There are a few ins and outs on either side, of course, like being disorderly or profane, but that is the basic gist of it. Private, non-governmental companies and people on their private property have every right in the world to decide who is going to say what.

1021 days ago


I just had to repost this, it's too damn funny:
'Hank is a true good hearted AMERICAN! You cannot speak your heart no more hear in this country this pisses me off. If you dont like Obama and his crew just shut up cause you,ll get it from the blacks period. I lost so called friends over saying i dont like him. It is all about race. Hank fight this one i believe you,ll have alot of supoorters, this hill billy isnt stupid.'

Swear to God these hillbillies get dumber by the second. Can't talk, can't write, can't spell and can't think. No wonder these ignorant hillbillies still think trickle down economics works.

1021 days ago


Someone obviosly has never read the First Amendment which only protects someone from persecution from THE GOVERNMENT. A business can fire an employee who they think crossed the lines of acceptable behavior as established by the company or who in some way brought embarrassment or reflected badly on the company.

Besides, his whole post is soooooo high school. "She didn't dump me, I dumped HER! I did, too! It, it, it was a mutual thing really. I didn't get dumped!"

1021 days ago
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