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Homeless 'Harry Potter' Dog

Too Famous to Adopt

10/7/2011 8:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1006_shepherd_gsdr_exBerry -- the dog that played Padfoot in "Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban" -- will remain an orphan for the next few weeks -- because the people who run the rescue shelter where he lives have decided he's too famous to adopt.
10-year-old Berry's original owner (a stuntman) put the dog up for adoption because he was too busy to take care of it --  but a rep for the German Shepherd Dog Rescue in the UK tells TMZ, the charity won't let anyone adopt Berry until the publicity surrounding the HP movies has died down.

1006_PADFOOT_hp_SUBAccording to the rep, the rescue is worried someone will adopt Berry just for his star power -- not for his companionship.

In the meantime, the rep says, "We are busy home checking lots of new people ... and then will decide if one of them is good enough."



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That's bull. No one would have put 2 and 2 together. They aren't adopting the poor dog out so they can get publicity for their rescue..... poor dog.

1025 days ago


It's time for retirement in sunny fields, so that he can romp, play and be his inner puppy!

1025 days ago

Grouchy Smurf    

Sounds to me that the shelter is holding out until someone steps forward with a large cash offer for that dog. If anyone is exploiting the fame of the animal it is the shelter.

1025 days ago


Chances are that this dog is trained to do some unusual stunts if he lived with his trainer for so long and has worked in films. To not disclose his background... especially if has been trained to MIMIC aggressive behavior is actually against the law. So in reality they are doing the right thing...

1025 days ago


Why don't they not tell people looking to adopt that the dog is famous until after they have finished the paperwork and are getting the dog?

1025 days ago

Angelos smith    

Basically who is the Lucky person to adopt this Dog?
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1024 days ago

Shar Dog-Mom    

BTW, folks, Berry and his canine brother, Porridge are in a German Shepherd Rescue-approved, loving FOSTER HOME, and NOT in a *crumby caged shelter*.... and why on earth would the rescue just re-home them to the first possible-nutcase that comes along, they check potential homes for their rescue dogs quite carefully and must be doubly careful here due to the celebrity status of these particular dogs.

Another point to mention: their celebrity status, even though it complicates matters to a certain degree, will probably play a HUGE part in getting them adopted into a forever home much faster than would happen for other senior rescue dogs. Therefore, if the rescue kept the true identies of these canine actors from the public it would more than likely only hamper their efforts in finding a permanent home for them. Rescues have a tough enough time finding home for all their fosterlings, so why shoot themselves in the foot, so to speak....

Just sayin`....

1024 days ago

Shar Dog-Mom    

For those interested in reading the actual story instead of just whining about what they THINK is going on:

1024 days ago


I hope someone kicks his former owner to the curb when he slows down and might need a little more care. Nice way to re-pay ten years of loyalty from Berry. Jerk.

1024 days ago


i am a huge Harry Potter fan and i would adopt him in a heartbeat not because he was in the movie that doesnt matter but because he needs a good loving home. im a huge animal lover and it makes me sad to see that they wont let him get adopted yet and he has to suffer further in the shelter. :( i really hope he finds a good home to go to soon! <3

1014 days ago


They should never have said anything if they had kept the identity quiet then they would have been able to adopt shame on you for disclosing that information... Hopefully the dog will be adopted by a loving family

947 days ago


This sure was a nice publicity stunt for the rescue. "Look, we have the Harry Potter dog!" Then they get loads of interest and all of a sudden, the dog can't be adopted because he's "too famous."

Nobody bothered to point out hat the whole story is a lie in the first place. I don't know whether it was made up by the previous owner or the rescue, but it's a lie regardless.

Both of the dogs that played Padfoot in the Harry Potter movies came from Kilbourne Scottish Deerhounds. The dog in "Prisoner of Azkaban" is Solo Star at Kilbourne (better known as "Fern"). They used recordings of Fern wearing prosthetic erect ears to create the CGI dog you see in the film. The dog in Prisoner of Azkaban was Kilbourne Macleoud (or "Cloud") who was actually a live dog used in the film.

739 days ago


can you please check and see if he has been adopted please?

601 days ago
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