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Nancy Grace

Fart Fetish Group

Vying for Video Rights

10/7/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nancy Grace Fart Fetish

A fart fetish group has made an offer to ABC to license the rights to the infamous Nancy Grace "Dancing with the Stars" fart footage ... we repeat, a fart fetish group ... apparently, they exist.
A rep for the fetish site tells TMZ, the company made an official offer to ABC yesterday -- writing, "After viewing and hearing Nancy Grace's alleged 'toot' after her performance on 'Dancing With The Stars,' [we] would like to acquire the rights of the three-second footage." (below)

The rep adds, "We wish to acquire this for our members of our web site who are 'Flatulophiliacs' or simply put, 'Fart Fanatics'."

It's unclear how much the clip would cost -- or if it's even for sale -- but we're confident these guys can sniff out a good deal.


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Poor Nancy, how can anyone take her seriously after this. I'm sorry to say, but all that being nasty to people and humiliating them on national t.v. is all coming back to her. I say she should pack up her things and go home before something else embarrassing happens.

1121 days ago


can we please get back to more stories about the woman who died in her Beverly Hills house and was undiscovered for a year and they found her mummified corpse?
i want to turn the place into a haunted house and load her corpse into a spring-loaded gizmo that shoots her out of the closet with some of that scary music from the psycho shower scene. that would work out pretty well i think.
lets make it happen.

1121 days ago


Yes indeed when you google fart fetish you get over a million results. People get horny over girls passing intestinal gas.

1121 days ago


Thank you TMZ for giving me a good laugh at least once a day.

1121 days ago

Gsharon 710    

I can just imagine what group are the real fart fetish nuts...can you?

1121 days ago


TMZ, would you all GROW THE F*CK UP! Nobody cares about this stupid juvenile sh*t except you - you f**ing jerk offs.

1121 days ago


I think it was her dance partners stomach making the noise for Nancy didn't bat an eye but her partner was licking his lips and making a funny face. He was the embarrassed one not Nancy.
One thing I would like to protest was how did Chaz NOT get the boot this time when she is not a good dancer and Kristin Cavallari who is a great dancer gets sent home. Did anyone notice that after Kristin got the boot Chaz was hiding behind her partner because she knew that the wrong one was sent home and should of been her going. They are only keeping her on until her mom Cher shows up next week for ratings purposes. How sad!

1121 days ago


This is so funny I couldn't stop laughing

1121 days ago


IM SO SICK OF THIS.. Every single day there is more and more about Nancy Grace and her bodily functions. GET OVER IT HARVEY. IT'S NOT that big of a deal.

1121 days ago

Hugh Jorgan    

That's HOT! Fap Fap Fap

1121 days ago

Sonia Davis    

cnn should fire nancy grace......................

1121 days ago


Poor Nancy, how can anyone take her seriously after all these goofy incidences that keep happening to her on this show. I'm sorry to say, but I think all that being nasty to people and humiliating people on national t.v. is coming back to her....I think she should go home while she's ahead before something else happens.

1121 days ago


This is really pretty ridiculous. Disgusting, too.

1121 days ago


Listen again to the video, it is not a fart, it is Brook Burke's stomach growling, she kept holding her arm in front of her stomach that night to muffle the growls, clearly she is starving herself to fit into those dresses.

1121 days ago


This is downright funny!!Do they just listen to them or like smelling them? One thing for sure you can't catch an std.

1121 days ago
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