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Dr. Murray's Police Interview

What the Jury Hasn't Heard ...

10/7/2011 4:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The jury only heard half of Dr. Conrad Murray's dramatic 2-hour interview with police today -- in which Murray admitted he pumped Michael Jackson full of sedatives before he died -- and now, here's the other half ... you have to read it to believe it.

Among the highlights ...

-- Murray details an emotional encounter with Katherine Jackson just moments after she hears the news -- she asks him if he knows how Michael died. Murray says he doesn't.
-- Murray claims Joe Jackson never showed up at the hospital the day MJ died.
-- And ... Murray explains why security cameras caught him exiting the hospital at 4:30PM.

The jury will hear the remainder of the recording when the trial resumes on Tuesday.


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what are you talking about..why do you think anyone came and left during the night, why are you so hung up on it? If you were clear in your reasons it might be of interest but i just don't get where you are coming from here

1081 days ago


We love you Michael.

1081 days ago

Shady's Lady    

One can only wonder why is it Michael Jackson had the inability to sleep without multiple powerful knock out drugs. I can't help but think of the old saying people say when accusing someone of A-morale behavor "I don't know how you sleep at night" Maybe MJ felt guilty for being a child molester...just sayin

1081 days ago

Hate Man    

Murray & His Entire Family { Including All Of His Children } Deserve To ******* Die

1081 days ago


the reason Dr. ahhm Mr. Adams was not asked to be Mj's Dr. is obvious! The Man was shady and has no med lisence-Murry did!
I do beleive this should all be thrown out-hearing how bad Mj treated his help-leads me to beleive they are getting paid for their silence-come on-security has to go a block away to pee?????????? And the cook-wonder how bad he treated her that she did not give a rats ass to call for help!

1081 days ago


to me, looks like all should be looking to Mj's help for his death-not the Doc!

1081 days ago

Professor Chaos    

You know.. after seeing all the drugs he was on the other day, I wonder if MJ being a MAJOR drug addict played any role in his pedophilia or if he was just naturally attracted to young boys. Makes ya wonder, right?

1081 days ago


another thing-no working landline-no one is aloud in his presense! If Murry was not there......Mj could've been dead for days un noticed! I do beleive everyone did their best but in the long get what you ask for!

1081 days ago


This trial is about The Drs duty of care to a patient. Yes I am an MJ fan & yes i am one of few fans who has open eyes & can say YES He had an addiction problem. HOWEVER this drug should NEVER have been administered outside of a hospital setting. Justice for Michael & his family & for those around the world who stuggle with prescription med addiction while greedy doctors keep feeding the addiction & making a s**t load of money off them.

1081 days ago


Dr Killer just gets more stupid with each passing day. He just continues to dig his own grave. What a liar and a deceitful coward he is. His legal team are a joke. They make me laugh. Has any one of them ever been to a law school? They are all soooo amateurish.

1081 days ago


This doctor is really dumb. Clonazepam is not Restoril and it doesn't come in 30 mg tablets (although Restoril-also called Temezapam-does come in 30mg tablets) and Trazodone is not an SSRI. He doesn't know these basic things AND he gives propofol without equipment for intubation readily available? It's hard for me to believe that this guy really went to medical school, and made it through residency, and passed the required examinations......

1081 days ago


Why not?
I listened to Michael all my life, his songs, his great art.J 'I discovered the soul of Michael in This is it. Now I discover his anguish, in this trial.
And if we had all wrong?
I believe sincerely that this doctor made ​​a misdiagnosis!
The only thing that could have saved Michael is a lithium treatment.
For me, it is possible that Michael had a bipolar syndrome and lithium would have helped.
Why the trial does not require a diagnosis by a competent physician?
We could prove that Conrad Murray was wrong!

1081 days ago


Prayers for the Jackson family and Michael's children.May their bond of love give them unified strength. Much love for the family.

1081 days ago

Tony R.     

Hello everyone:
Michael Jackson the "King Of Pop" Knew that his life style would kill him at some point, Know they are trying to blame Dr. Murray for his death. there was a reason they call him Jack-o. R.I.P Michael but your drug addiction killed you, not Dr. Murray..........!

1081 days ago


couldn't he have kept jacksons legs up by sticking his pillows under them. In order to open the airway the head needs to be tilted back, you can't do this if his head is on a pillow, but murray says he didn't have anything to keep jacksons legs up. what about the pillows you presumably removed from under his head during cpr..

1081 days ago
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