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Dr. Murray's Police Interview

What the Jury Hasn't Heard ...

10/7/2011 4:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The jury only heard half of Dr. Conrad Murray's dramatic 2-hour interview with police today -- in which Murray admitted he pumped Michael Jackson full of sedatives before he died -- and now, here's the other half ... you have to read it to believe it.

Among the highlights ...

-- Murray details an emotional encounter with Katherine Jackson just moments after she hears the news -- she asks him if he knows how Michael died. Murray says he doesn't.
-- Murray claims Joe Jackson never showed up at the hospital the day MJ died.
-- And ... Murray explains why security cameras caught him exiting the hospital at 4:30PM.

The jury will hear the remainder of the recording when the trial resumes on Tuesday.


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If the doc had not vehemently said he felt a pulse, the paramedics had used the defibrilator ( don`t know how to write it)!
IMO it was much to late it happend in the early morning before all this calls and a little nap for the good doc!
. but why he make sure that noone help Michael?


1119 days ago


The police found a new video tape that shows what Murray was doing on June 25th 2009 around noon

1119 days ago


The worst thing you can do is feed an addict, Michael was a poly pharmacy. His body was feed wth multiple drugs. Who knows what reactions were going on. Modern medicine Kills, lets not forget Briitany Murphy, Health Ledger & the list goes on.. not illegal drugs but legal drugs that are the biggest killer in the USA today. Legalised drug pushers (MD's) are killing millions of people every year!

1119 days ago


Paramedics testified in the manslaughter trial of Dr. Conrad Murray today and it's fascinating reading for a medic like me. Murray was Michael Jackson's doctor and was reportedly the last person to see him alive. I've read some comments about Murray's incompetence and I have to say I agree with most of them.

Regardless whether he felt responsible or not, Murray should have called 911 immediately. If he hesitated in any way, there are only two reasons I can think of why he might do that: either he had something to hide or he felt he was better prepared to handle an emergency than the paramedics.

Was Murray Hiding Something?
If Murray felt he had something to hide, then he must have felt he was doing something wrong. I'm not saying I think that was the case, nor am I saying he was doing anything underhanded on purpose. However, there was testimony today that Murray's behavior that night suggested he wasn't being completely candid. Why not?

A couple of things that make me think Murray was hiding something:

He never mentioned propofol to the paramedics. That's the drug Murray gave Jackson to help him sleep. Richard Senneff, the first paramedic on the scene, testified today that Murray never once told the EMS crew that Jackson had received propofol. Senneff testified that Murray did say he gave MJ some lorazepam, a different kind of sedative.
He was seen stuffing vials into his medical bag. Both Michael Jackson's private chef and Senneff, the paramedic, testified that they saw Murray scooping up vials and putting them away. Why would he do that? The only reason I can think of is to hide what was in those vials.
Or was Murray Just Dangerously Over Confident?
The other reason Murray may not have called 911 right away is because he believed he was better trained to resuscitate Jackson than paramedics. That's a mistaken belief I've seen from many physicians. I won't belittle 10+ years of education and experience that is the absolute minimum for a competent cardiologist, but even that level of training isn't equivalent to the expertise of a paramedic responding to an emergency.

If your heart stops, a paramedic is more likely to save your life than a doctor.

Paramedics are trained to handle emergencies outside of a hospital setting. We are equipped to bring the ER to the patient, followed by taking the patient to the ER. We practice handling all sorts of situations, but the gold standard of emergency medical service around the world is the cardiac arrest. How we handle a cardiac arrest is our litmus test.

To a team of paramedics and emergency medical technicians, treating a cardiac arrest patient is a choreography of life saving. We practice it more often than any other type of situation, disease or injury.

Murray's actions surrounding MJ's death are on trial now. We are going to hear what he did -- and did not do -- for Michael Jackson on that night of June 25, 2009. Incompetence is for sure, but was it complicated by a coverup?

1119 days ago


Lies and omissions....Murray claims that he ordered the autopsy. LIE. When someone who is not elderly or chronically ill,if they die soon after admittance to the hospital,an autopsy is performed by law.Then Murrray's explanations of how he was helping the family also don't add up.LaToya is the one who took the children in to see Michael...Murray didn't even know that she was at the hospital at that time. Murray claims to have helped Jermaine write the press statement given to the public,even editing the statement per Jermaine's request...Jermaine says that he was handed a piece of paper to read by the publicists which he just read. And Murray's take on how he "helped" Katherine...Katherine says he wasn't much help because he couldn't tell her anything....the lies,the lies,the lies...Murray even tried to claim that Michael was nearly blind,that he had glaucoma...all because Murray did not know the Arnold Klein prescribed Bimatoprost(latanoprost) ,commonly marketed as LATISSE a liquid used to grow longer,thicker eyelashes.Murray really did not know Michael's full medical history and he has no idea what a lot of medications are used for because he doesn't keep up.Latisse is originally latanoprost which is used for glaucoma,but a side effect is lengthier lashes so the drug company was given FDA approval to sell some latanoprost as Latisse,just to grow lashes.Murray failed to keep up with Michael's other specialists,often claiming that he was the only one to treat Michael for certain conditions.Murray claims to have single-handedly cure Michael's fungal infection of foot and toe,but couldn't explain an anti-fungal medication's use--but Klein could.Michael had an infection on his leg--shouldn't Murray have known? What this interview proves to me is that Murray failed as a doctor,period.A doctor should take a full medical history and be aware of all medications his one and only patient is taking.That Murray's lawyers were present during this interview and were chiming in also gives me pause...

1119 days ago


Debra: 15 hours ago
Michael ask for drugs, is he not to be helt acoontable for his own actions, If it was not this Doctor, it would of been someone else...
Have you listened to a tape of Michael Jackson begging for propofol? NO. Just because Dr. Murray has told everyone that Michael begged him for drugs does not mean it is true.

1119 days ago


ktbell05: 16 hours ago
I LOVE how the fact that MJ requested them does not make a damn bit of difference. It if was an overdose on the streets nobody would care and thats what pisses me the hell off.
------------------------------------------------------------If I inject heroine to an addict on the street and kill him I bet I will go to jail. Dr. Murray injected propofol to Michael Jackson and killed him and I bet he will go to jail too. Michael's death was ruled an homicide not accidental death by a drug overdose. Stop blaming Michael Jackson the victim and start realizing that Dr. Murray is a killer.

1119 days ago



"Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive!"

- Sir Walter Scott

1119 days ago


Why haven't I seen a thread that freak Jacko was SLEEPING with a LIFE SIZED white, blonde baby BOY, repeat BOY DOLL? And had all kinds of baby photos (not of his test tube kids) in his bedroom? Read this article, and scroll down for the photo of the CREEPY baby doll he slept with:

1119 days ago


It doesn't make a difference if the verdict is guilty or not guilty, Murray will be known to the world as the man who took the greatest entertainer on earth away from his family, children and the world.

RIP Michael

1119 days ago


Dear Dr SELLOUT crappy worst doctor on the face of the planet. You ARE an idiot and dangerous. You sold Michael out and did not have the integrity to say NO because you wanted the money and the access and the greed. Effff you for not having integrity. You suck. So do your idiot supporters. You KNOW better. You KNEW better sad money was more powerful than a human life. You I am sure have no problem saying 'NO' in prison. Why not to Michael. You AZZZZZ

1119 days ago


What a walking liar this dr. is and he may have another
civil suit coming his way.

1119 days ago


Rogue Warrior:


1119 days ago
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