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Dr. Murray's Police Interview

What the Jury Hasn't Heard ...

10/7/2011 4:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The jury only heard half of Dr. Conrad Murray's dramatic 2-hour interview with police today -- in which Murray admitted he pumped Michael Jackson full of sedatives before he died -- and now, here's the other half ... you have to read it to believe it.

Among the highlights ...

-- Murray details an emotional encounter with Katherine Jackson just moments after she hears the news -- she asks him if he knows how Michael died. Murray says he doesn't.
-- Murray claims Joe Jackson never showed up at the hospital the day MJ died.
-- And ... Murray explains why security cameras caught him exiting the hospital at 4:30PM.

The jury will hear the remainder of the recording when the trial resumes on Tuesday.


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Dose Of Reality    

mymjj5.: 15 hours ago [in response to BNB]

Why didn't he have some sort of panic button to summon security immediately?
A: Why would Michael need a panic button if no one was allowed upstairs in the first place? He had security guards, a personal assistant, and what he believed to be a surveillance system to rival the ones used in the most upscale casinos in Vegas. Michael took all the precautions to ensure safety for himself and his kids. Michael simply trusted the wrong people. Your enemy is always the person closest to you. Every room in Vegas has a working phone, whether a person has a cell phone or not.
BNB reply: I was establishing a baseline of security. There were 2 guards in a shack outside. This is far from top level security for someone such as MJ. There are crazy people out there. Whomever was responsible for his security did a poor job.
Why no working phones with intercoms to get security, staff, etc. with buttons for 911 and police?
A: It's because he had an in home fulltime medical practitioner on staff to take care of him. Reportedly there where no phone or cameras beyond the first floor. No one has said what happened to michael's cell phone. Murray had a phone and chose to all everyone except 911. Michael trusted murray with his life......but of course blame the victim, blamed the deceased.
BNB reply: That's no excuse. It was a big house and most likely the systems were there but not operational. To not have these systems in working order is a sign that his staff was not taking care of things and he wasn't demanding that they do. Take his "issues" out of the picture a minute. Don't you think someone at his level should have the ability to call down to the kitchen or to "his kids" via intercom? What if one of the kids slipped and fell and MJ himself, since no one was allowed upstairs, had to call for help and let security know an ambulance was on the way?

If someone of his means did have health concerns, why wasn't there a defibrillator in the house? They are pretty common in many public places these days. Even though it wouldn't have helped. After all oxygen was present.

A: Oxygen tanks were there because Michael had respiratory problems dated back to the 80s. As for not having a defibrillator/AED machine, Michael did not have heart disease or any known cardiovascular problems. Besides the intent was to kill Michael. The murderer had no plans to revive michael. The murderer may have asked for certain equipment, but he never intended to obtain or use it.
You say he had respiratory issues, even so he was using a lot of oxygen. That alone would be reason to have a unit. It's relatively cheap, for him, and would be available to the many people around if they needed it. The point is moot though because it wouldn't have helped him.

You are implying Murray deliberately killed him, why? Why would he take money out of his own pocket and put himself in the position he is now? Why would he go though the nightly "treatments" for at least 2 months? If he wanted to kill him, there would have been a lot of easier ways that would have left him in the clear. Murray wasn't a complete idiot, he did need to get to the level he did before all this happened. It was negligence giving MJ what he wanted.

1078 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

MJ de-vilified propofol by calling it "MILK"
MJ de-vilified wine by calling it "Jesus Juice"
What the heck did he mean by "sharing my bed"

1077 days ago


Dr. Murray appears to be Dr. Death in Michael Jackson's demise. He grossly violated numerous laws and protocols as a doctor:
*Treating Michael Jackson with highly dangerous drugs without a specific diagnosis that required such medicine
*Treated Michael Jackson outside of the required hospital setting using intravenous drugs.
*Didn't have the proper equipment or staff to constantly monitor Michael Jackson's condition while under the influence of this drug.
*Didn't ensure that Michael's system was "clean" before reintroducing propofol into his veins.
*Did not immediately call 911 upon learning Michael Jackson was no longer breathing.
If I were a juror in this case, I'd have no mercy; would in effect recommend:
*Dr. Murray's license be permanently revoked
*That he serve maximum jail time allowed for involuntary manslaughter
*That any business ventures he might enter that relates to Michael Jackson....that any and all funds he would earn be donated to the trust for Michael Jackson's children.

1073 days ago
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