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Lindsay Lohan Sued

No Free Ride for Her

10/8/2011 4:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0916_lilo_EX_01Lindsay Lohan is being sued for not paying her limo bill ... but here's the fun part.  She racked up a $90,000 bill!

Elite Transportation Limo and Security Services claims Lindsay rode with them from February 2009 to May 2009. Elite claims Lindsay also booked limos for her friends and family.Some of the payments show a $6,000 an hour rate, which also includes security.

As for payments ... well, Elite says she pulled a Lindsay.  And with penalties and late charges, the $33,978 bill has now swelled to $90,585.79.

That's how she rolls.


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god shes an ugly piece of trash wow. i think i threw up a bit in my mouth when i saw this pic. goes to show how much a coke problem affects your youth.

1081 days ago


I can see that check to the dealership where she bought that porche from, bouncing, like tigger..

1081 days ago


Madisyn, I know what you mean--it's so frustrating! Glad to see you here, though. Cracktinis are good no matter where they're served! {-Boo}

1081 days ago


Stop, if it was for the fans she would have been gone a long time ago. the more we keep bitchin' the more she's there. she may have been a good actress at some time, but look how her family used her.. no wonder she' F'd up

1081 days ago


If I were the judge...I would actually laugh. What company in their right mind would provide a service to this girl without some sort of payment up front...or a credit card with an authorization on it and her signature acknowledging the services...PRIOR to driving her around. What a stupid organization....who obviously wanted the publicity and look how that backfired. Thats why so many companies by morons.

1081 days ago


"hello is Vikram there,I have a $90,000 dollar delinquent bill to pay" CLICK
"Hello is philipp there" CLICK
"Ali how much money have you made from modeling so far"
Ali replies "Lindsay I was going to ask you for money, the Dr. is REPOing my lips in the morning....

1081 days ago


6000.00 an hour, whatever, can't imagine! oh wait, yes i can, it's called greed! Lohan is apparently living beyond her means to impress who!!!

1081 days ago


stand by...every time the lohans get sued..they sue someone else.. three boys scared for their lives sued lindsay, lindsay sues ETrade, Holland sued lindsay...lindsay sued pitbull....Limo company sues lindsay,will she sue them back?

1081 days ago

Ghost Rider    

I hope her and her mommy get in a car accident they dont walk away from. That way we can quit hearing about them both.

1081 days ago

t jam     

sounds like ELITE LIMO owners are in KAHOUTS with the banks with those kind of late fees and penalities , guess this is huge RED FLAG or publicity stunt ,, '' reminder use taxi !!!!

1081 days ago


Why take 2 1/2 years to sue? I would nail the limo company and say, "if you do business with a 'Lohan' you get whats coming to you". But I'll give them the benefit of the doubt this once as it happened awhile ago. Still, she was pulling this crap years ago too, so good luck Elite Transportation trying to get your money.

1081 days ago


"In 2009 I gave the the $33,978 to my pay the bill..she must have forgot"
"why are they so icky? It is PAR for them to act this way.they know the money is in the mail"
"I just changed accountants,they must have made the mistake"
"The Limo down in compton cost $200.00 an hour,this company is gauging me"
sounds very familiar HUH

1081 days ago


Jay: about a minute ago

sounds gay to me!

This guy Jay is looking for a gay hook up or something..he keeps coming on my post telling me what gay sounds like (he must know from experience)...I do not remember the thread being about gay people do you?
Maybe he needs to find a thread from out mag...or goto RAMRODS to get his frustration out...

1081 days ago


I call BS. Late fees of $60......K on $33K, sounds like the mob. $60......00 an hour? So she rented a limo for 5 hours and they want $90K. I would give them $1K and tell them to go f themselves.

1081 days ago


the price of the limo seems excessive, but if that's the price on the contract signed, it should be paid. No fair trying to bargain after signing a contract for services already rendered. Lilo should take Liv Tyler's mom up on her offer to get her an Oscar in two years. She would do so much better with someone else managing her life. Who wants to look back and say they had the world in front of them and lost it for want of self control?

1081 days ago
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