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Dr. Conrad Murray

Explosive Interview with Police

The Blow-by-Blow

10/7/2011 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

“I have to sleep, Dr. Conrad, I have these rehearsals to perform.” That’s what Dr. Conrad Murray told investigators Michael Jackson said to him in the early morning hours of June 25th, 2009. Hours later, Jackson was dead.
In what's been the most anticipated evidence in the trial, the prosecution played the jury Dr. Murray's 2-hour interview with LAPD detectives, recorded 2 days after MJ died.
Murray told detectives he arrived at Jackson’s rented mansion at 12:50 AM on June 25, and headed straight to Michael’s room to wait for him to come home after rehearsals.  According to Murray, Jackson arrived at 1:05 am saying he was tired and fatigued.  Murray rubbed a cream on Michael’s body to treat his Vitiligo ... then gave Michael a 10 mg Valium pill.  Michael couldn’t sleep, so Murray says he then gave him 2 mg of the anti-anxiety drug, Lorazepam.

Jackson complained he still couldn’t fall asleep, so Murray gave him 2 mg of the sedative Midazolam around 2am.   MJ remained awake.  Dr. Murray said he suggested turning down the music in the room ... and meditation.   Murray said Michael “reluctantly" closed his eyes, finally dozing off around 3:15 am, only to reawaken at 4:00 am.
At 4:30 am Murray said Michael said, “I have to sleep, Dr. Conrad, I have to sleep."   Murray gave MJ another 2 mg of Lorazepam.   Again, according to Dr. Murray, Michael couldn’t sleep.  Jackson was still wide awake at 7:30 am, so Dr. Murray administered another 2 mg of Midazolam, yet Michael remained awake and complaining that he was going to have to cancel the “This is It” tour.
Murray said Michael began to beg for his “milk,” the slang for Propofol.   Murray agreed to give him 25 mg of the powerful sedative around 10:50 am, slowly infused over 3 to 4 minutes.  Murray said Michael finally fell asleep around 11 am.
Dr. Murray said he monitored Michael  long enough until he felt comfortable to leave the room, that’s when Murray told the detectives that he went to the bathroom and was gone for about two minutes.
Murray said when he came back, he found Michael not breathing with an accelerated pulse.   Murray said he began mouth to mouth on Michael, and then chest compressions with one hand.    Murray said he couldn’t take Michael off the bed to a harder surface, so he improvised by placing his left hand under the body.  Murray said while he was giving compressions, he called MJ’s assistant on his cell.   He said didn’t ask the assistant to call 911 because he was busy giving CPR.  Murray also told detectives he didn’t call 9-1-1 himself because he didn’t know the zip code for Michael’s house.
Dr. Murray said he lifted Michael’s legs in the air to get more blood flowing to his heart.  Murray told detectives that he then went downstairs to ask Michael’s chef to get security, who called 9-1-1.  Murray continued CPR until the paramedics arrived and hooked Jackson up to a pulse oximeter and got him intubated.
Murray told detectives paramedics were talking to UCLA medical center and ready to give up, but he begged them to transfer care to him because Michael was his friend.   Murray rode with Michael in the ambulance to UCLA, where Murray said they worked on Michael for about an hour.
After Michael was gone, the ER doctor asked Murray what happened, and he told her that maybe it was a massive pulmonary embolism.  Murray told detectives he didn’t sign the death certificate because he didn’t understand the cause of death.
As far as Michael’s use of drugs, Murray told detectives he was surprised at Michael’s knowledge about all the different pills and medications he took.   Murray said he first learned that Michael used Propofol when he asked Dr. Murray to help him get the drug.   Murray said that Michael gave him the number of another doctor who would be able to provide it to him.   In the interview, Murray said he called the other doctor, who said, “Michael loves that drug.”
Murray said he gave Michael Propofol every night for 30 days, except for three when he was trying to “wean him off.”  Murray insisted that in the three days before Michael’s death he was trying to wean him off “milk,” giving MJ more Lorazepam and Diazepam to bring down the Propofol.    Murray said two nights before MJ’s death, he had given him no Propofol and thought he was “onto  something.”
The next night, that wasn’t the case.

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child molester ass Mike! it trips me OUT how people can flock infront of the court house like they knew him personally, crying, carrying signs and all that BS!!! Same people that thinks he didn't touch those young boys SMH then settle for $20+ million out of court. Why not spend $1 million to sue their ass if they were making all this up....Mike's gone RIP he was a good entertainer but life goes on... Strip Murray of his license NO JAIL TIME and let's see who's the next to O.D

1115 days ago


Murray told detectives he arrived at Jackson’s rented mansion at 12:50 AM on June 25, and headed straight to Michael’s room to wait for him to come home after rehearsals. According to Murray, Jackson arrived at 1:05 am saying he was tired and fatigued.
If michael called murray at 1:00 am complaining of dehydration, how did murray arrive before Michael made the call?

If rehearsal ended at 1:00am with the dancers and it takes 23 minutes (according) to mapquest to go from the staples center to holmby hills, how could michael arrive home at 1:05 am?
We know micchael did not immediately leave the staples center as soon as the dance step was completed. You nutzies writing this stuffare not helping the defenceone bit! C
Clearly you have not been paying attention to eyewitness accounts of the last 24 hours of michael's life as told by those who had nothing at stake except their dream job and/or the loss of a dear friend.....

....aint nobody talkin 'bout yo double talkin tufaceas either Kenny-O!!! you've proven yourself NOT 2b a friend of michael's.

1115 days ago


If there's no conviction, Prince, Paris, and Blanket should have some alone time with dr murray armed with 3 plastic baseball bats......and take turns wamming the *&^%$ out of his ***! Or at least until they get tired of swinging upside murray's empty head!

1115 days ago

Barb. A.    

rainbow4321: 3 hours ago

I tried to answer your question the best I could on the previous page.

1115 days ago


I think murray was scared that's why he didn't call 911, he knew giving michael all those drugs, especially propofol at home was a no no!and nothing there to monitor michael geez!

1115 days ago


Murray rubbed a cream on Michael’s body to treat his Vitiligo
Murray a cardiologist, reduced to a glorified goofer rubbing cream on his client's body,(just nasty), bringing breakfast, and changing oyxygen tanks on the daily....I'm not buying the cream rubbing by murray. Debbie Rowe did it well over a decade for Michael.

Although vitiligo is usually not harmful medically and causes no physical pain, its emotional and psychological effects can be devastating.

So what was the cream for? Every portion of Michael's body that was exposed was completely void of pigmentation.
The areas listed in the coroner's report would not be noticeable by anyone who had a life. Murray is just a nasty low life liar!!

1115 days ago


First he says to the police that MJ's pulse was 120 beats per minute, then in the next sentence he says his pulse was 'thready'. Sounds like an inconsistency to me.

1114 days ago


Oh Conny, you just can't tell the truth can you? You don't even know what the word means. Everything this quack says only contradicts something he's said before. Lies lies and more lies. This trial should be stopped now. The judge should have "words" with Conny's legal teamn and advise them to give up. What a waste of tax payers money.

1114 days ago


Michael's death was ingeniously self-staged.

- and because he knew it would lead to Elvis-ness.

Michael'd had enough, says as much in his own words.

50's relatively late to make it to Icon-status, but Michael got in just under the window.

In its' own way, it was the greatest Comeback of them all.

1114 days ago


Prayers for the Jackson family and Michael's children. Their bond of love will keep them strong and united. Much love for the family.

1114 days ago


with propofol found in trace amounts in the contents of MJ's stomach i don't think he infused himself at all. i think in his altered state he orally ingested as much as he could in the absence of the "good" doc. i'm not a coroner, but the medication is so quickly absorbed and metabolized... is this a possible route of ingestion that we are overlooking? on an empty stomach he might have had time for it to pass through the duodenum sphincter, into his intestines and bloodstream in a flash. am i the only one who has questions about this finding?

1114 days ago


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1114 days ago


It`s sad that Michael is dead. I remember when he was a little boy on his way to stardom. I doubt that Dr. Murray killed Michael. Why would he?

1114 days ago


why do we have to destroy 2 lives?I love Michael Jackson, but he's dead, & i think he would not have accused dr. Murray of manslaughter or other charges. Michael J won't be brought back to life,why destroy dr. Murray?i'm sure he's a good human being, who's helped a lot of people, he's just at the wrong place at the wrong time,trying to help MJ. at the end of the day,the only people benefitted from this trial are the teams of lawyers representing both parties, the longer the trials, the richer they get, if dr. Murray did something wrong, if MJ were still alive, i think he'd not have pursued this trial & would have forgiven him.

1114 days ago


mjfan, do you really think jackson would be ok about being dead...he trusted murray. what they were doing was wrong but when you have a trusted medical practitioner i guess you think you will wake up. he didn't. He obviously hired someone who was willing to do anything for the money and thought the cardiologist would be able to revive him should anything happen. The doctor should have called 911, he called everyone except 911. He was reckless, careless and negligent. Even when jackson was in obvious trouble he did not do what even a person without a first aid certificate would do which is call 911. Jackson would be p*ssed off for sure. that doctor let him die.

1114 days ago
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